Imagine if every time you wanted to buy something on Amazon, you had to read a million reviews.

That would take forever! Jignal provides authentic reviews for products so that you don’t have to waste your time.

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The Story Behind Jignal

Nicholas Potts (Founder at Jignal)
Nicholas Potts (Founder at Jignal)

I was always an introvert. The only thing that has ever been satisfying to me is the Internet.

I loved being able to find anything on it, and he found what he knew would be his calling when he stumbled onto Amazon reviews about products people were looking for feedback on.

It became his obsession and finally one day, Jimmy started Jignal–a website where customers read reviews of whatever they wanted to talk about or share a personal experience with others who might have similar interests.

I have been writing for 5 years on the internet and am very familiar with Amazon products, including Kindle, Fire, and other devices.  My experience includes writing product descriptions for Kindle eBooks on Amazon.com . I also have written product reviews for Amazon products on websites such as CNET, PCMag, CDN, and eBookNews.com.