Best Budget 1440p Gaming Monitor 2022


When you are playing a game and can’t see the action, it doesn’t matter if they have had all of their tech upgrades.

The best gaming monitors won’t do any good for someone who just sits in front of them with blurry vision.

High-end 1440p (resolution) screens may be expensive but this isn’t always necessary to enjoy your favorite titles on-screen.

There is actually an impressive list of budget-friendly options available so that gamers don’t need to spend more than what could make sense for themselves or even less.

High-resolution graphics will allow players better visibility into whatever world they find themselves exploring but high price tags associated with these versions often prevent people from being able to take advantage as much as possible.

The best budget 1440p gaming monitor, there are a few key features that make all of the difference.

Panel type for example is important as this will determine what sort of picture quality you can expect from your device in terms of color accuracy and contrast ratio.

Refresh rate also goes hand-in-hand with panel type since monitors typically have higher refresh rates on panels like VA which work well at displaying subtle colors than they do TN panels where response time determines how high its refresh rate should be set.

This means if you’re looking for an LCD monitor with excellent image clarity then look no further.

If you want a budget 1440p gaming monitor. To get the best one, look for monitors with a resolution of at least 1080p and refresh rates better than 8 ms. Screen size, panel type, and shape should also be based on your personal preference.

Best Budget 1440p Gaming Monitor Comparison Table


The features that gaming monitors provide can vary widely, as you will see. For example, a 1080p monitor may have more pixels per inch than an IPS display with 1440p resolution which offers better color accuracy and viewing angles.

Here’s a comparison of the top 5 best-selling displays available on Amazon to help guide your decision-making process:

1. AOC CQ27G1 – Best Overall

AOC’s gaming monitor is the top choice on this list. This model, in particular, CQ27G1 from AOC, comes with a 27″ screen that offers gamers an ideal size for their needs.

The 26-inch display also provides options to pick between curved and flat screens depending on the personal preference of each gamer. LG’s 27UK650-W monitor has everything you need to enjoy a distraction-free viewing experience.

The narrow borders are perfect for those who prefer their screen to be as large as possible, while still maintaining an elegant appearance on your desk or entertainment center shelf.

This incredible display is also height adjustable so it can fit perfectly in any room setting with ease. With one DisplayPort™ 1.2 port, two HDMI 2x ports (supports [email protected]), and an audio jack this advanced device has all of your connectivity needs covered.

This monitor has a frameless 3-sided design that is perfect for maximizing the visual experience. Wall mountable or put on its stand, and it will fit any desk due to height adjustment capabilities.

The ports include one display port and two HDMI 2.0s which are proven standards of connectivity in today’s market with high-speed transmission rates so there is no lag time when playing games, watching movies, or streaming your favorite TV show live. 

When it comes to picture processing, this monitor has a very high speed. As it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1 ms, you’ll have the best clarity in your games with the least amount of lag.

  • There are several screen sizes available
  • Options for curved and flat screens
  • Curvature of 1800R
  • VESA-compatible
  • 44 Hz response time of one millisecond
  • FreeSync technology from AMD
  • LowBlue technology
  • Corners/edges may seem dim
  • No tilt adjustment

2. Philips 325E1C – Premium Pick



The Philips 325E1C is an affordable option for those who are looking to save some money and still have a great viewing experience. It’s 32 inches, but there are also 27-inch and 34-inch options available in this series.

The curved screen on the Phillips offers 1500R curvature which provides you with excellent contrast ratios that will make it easy to see all of your content no matter what brightness setting you’re at. 

The monitor is able to analyze and adjust colors for the best visuals possible

. The 75 Hz refresh rate allows for smooth graphics, and 4ms response time provides seamless images with no blurriness. It also features other ports such as HDMI 1.4port (for ultra-high-definition), DisplayPort port 2×2 (DP) 1.3+1×1(MDP).

This means you can plug in your gaming consoles or laptop straight into the screen – no need to use an additional adapter!

You are also able to tilt this display however it suits your needs most, which will be very convenient especially during marathon games sessions on console against friends online! There’s even a hidden storage spot under the stand of cables where they won’t distract. 

  • You can choose the size of the screen
  • Options for curved and flat screens
  • Displays more colors than typical monitors
  • Low Blue and anti-flicker
  • Smart Contrast
  • 75Hz and 4ms are required
  • VESA-compatible
  • Hidden cable storage
  • 1500R curvature
  • A height adjustment is not possible
  • due to difficulty finding the right size mount




If you’re looking for a gaming monitor that won’t break the bank, then take a look at VIVOTEK’s latest offering.

The company has designed this 27-inch curved VA panel screen with top of the line specs in mind and gamers will be pleased to know it is priced similarly to other brands like Philips or Samsung despite its excellent features such as 3000:1 color contrast ratio, 96% sRGB gamut coverage, FPS/RTS optimization to accentuate details in dark areas on your game screens and visual customization options too.

With 1500R curvature preventing glare from ruining your viewing experience while blue light filter technology prevents eye strain during long hours behind PC monitors – there are many reasons why we think every gamer should have one.

144 Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync, and Low-Framerate Compensation (LFC) to prevent lag or motion blur. It also comes with the GAME PLUS feature that overlays targeting crosshairs for sniping, spell casting, etc. The multimedia capability is amazing too.

  • Several screen size options
  • Good color and contrast
  • VESA compatible
  • Low-bezel design
  • AMD FreeSync and LFC
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • 1500R curvature
  • No height adjustment
  • Curved screen only
  • Audio quality is not the best
  • Menu may be difficult to navigate
  • 6 ms base response time

4. Acer EB321HQU



This Acer gaming monitor is the largest on this list at 31.5”, and it offers high-quality details in a 16:9 aspect ratio for all of your video game viewing needs.

The wide viewing angles give you accurate color display up to 178 degrees, so every detail will be crystal clear no matter where you’re sitting or what angle you’re coming from.

Additionally, this monitor also has PIP and PBP functions, so it lets you multitask easily with an adjustable settings button right there when needed!

With Display Widget features included as well, adjust any setting quickly without having to go into complicated submenus – perfect if we need those last-minute adjustments before starting our next round. 

The monitor has a sleek design with enough curvature to make you feel comfortable.

The screen is large and crisp, making it easy for your eyes to adjust from one page of text or photo on the web browser over to another without waiting too long for images in between.

You can easily customize this display so that it fits within both your comfort zone as well as what’s aesthetically pleasing by adjusting the brightness levels, contrast settings, color saturation options (NTSC), and more.

The BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 27-Inch Gaming Monitor has a lot of great features including the ability to adjust backlighting, tilt, and VESA mount. It also offers good speeds with low response times for an immersive gaming experience.

The monitor is a 72% NTSC color gamut which means you can enjoy vibrant colors as well as crisp graphics on this screen.

  • Viewing angle is wide
  • Easy multi-tasking
  • Using AcerVisionCare
  • Tilt can be adjusted
  • for VESA-compliant displays
  • 60 Hz refresh rate with 4.
  • (good or bad) Larger screen than recommended
  • No height adjustment
  • Heavy

5. VIOTEK FI24D – Budget Pick



VIOTEK delivers a budget-friendly option for gaming monitors with the FI24D. This 24” screen has reasonable speeds and excellent graphics, making it perfect as your first monitor or spare if you already have one.

The VIOTEK FI24D is a 24” gaming monitor that offers excellent value for money. It has fast refresh rates and crisp sharp graphics to make your games come alive.

This monitor is the most advanced gaming display to date. It has a tilt adjustment feature that will let you experience your game in an entirely new way and also offers one DP 1.2 port, two HDMI 1.4 ports, as well as audio input so you can get even more out of it!

The large monitor size lets you see all activity on-screen while still providing low lag times thanks to its fast response time speed which means less motion blur for when playing quickly-paced games such as first-person shooters or real-time strategy games like Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.

This VESA mount compatible gaming monitor includes many features including easy OSD adjustments with specific optimization modes (GAME PLUS) and FPS/RTS optimizations built into this.

This monitor may not be perfect, but it does have some redeeming qualities. The response time is a little slower than the recommended rate (14 ms). However, this difference in milliseconds might go unnoticed by most people.

Additionally, there’s an overdrive feature that allows this screen to reach 6ms which enables smoother gameplay and visuals with AMD FreeSync technology to help eliminate stuttering or tearing during gaming sessions.

This monitor has a slower response time than recommended, but it is only milliseconds away from the ideal. In addition to this flaw, there are other features that make up for the slightly longer waiting period: an overdrive feature and AMD FreeSync which help ensure smooth gameplay.

  • Low-cost
  • Viewing angle for widescreen devices
  • Anti-glare and low blue light filter
  • VESA-compliant
  • A refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • ATI FreeSync
  • Optimization of FPS/RTS in GAMEPLUS
  • Response time of 14 ms
  • is unadjustable

Choosing a 1440p Gaming Monitor on a Budget

You’ve probably heard of the newest craze in gaming, virtual reality. Does one have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy this new fad? Absolutely not!

Virtual Reality has been hugely popular among all ages and demographics – so gamers should take notice that this is their chance for an upgrade

. So what do you need for VR compatibility! You will want at least 1440p resolution (or 2160×1200), 60Hz refresh rate or higher, Low pixel response time (< 5ms) with low input lag (< 10 ms).

There are plenty more specs but these ones seem most important when it comes down to finding yourself immersed within your favorite game while having little distraction from outside noise or light sources around you.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate, or the rate at which a monitor updates an image on display per second. For a competitive game, you should look for 60 Hz at a minimum;

However, the higher your refresh rates are (up to 240Hz) will make gameplay more fluid and responsive – especially when playing games like Fortnite or PUBG where every millisecond counts. 

Response Time

Display monitors respond to input in a fraction of the time that humans do.

The response time, or how long it takes for one pixel on your display screen to change from its original color into another, can be measured in milliseconds – 1 millisecond being best and 5 ms as an acceptable minimum requirement with 10 considered average.

A longer response means blurred images and inaccurate colors while shorter means more responsive actions such as quicker mouse movement across screens without ghosting – meaning you’re less likely to lose track of where exactly your cursor is at any given moment.

Display monitors process input by responding within fractions of seconds which are much faster than we’re used to; this is why many gamers care about their monitor’s responsiveness so much.

Screen Size

Monitors are one of the things that you should consider.

The first is the size of your monitor and how big or small do you want it! Some people like smaller screens while others prefer bigger ones with larger viewing areas in order for them not to be straining their eyes from seeing too much at once.

Generally, 24″ and 27″ screens are thought to be perfect because they don’t take up a lot of space but let’s the user see everything without any need for extra scrolling which can lead to some users eye strain over time as well when being on the computer screen constantly.

The second thing about monitors goes back to what resolution would work best for yourself since higher resolutions mean more clear images even if scaling down so we recommend 1080p.

Blue Lighting

Your electronics emit blue light from their screens. There are some people who suffer from eye strain, headaches, etc. caused by the fact that it can simulate daylight at night which is known to cause migraines for some sufferers.

However, you may not need a new monitor if you’re able to adjust settings on what lights are blocked out – like bright tones such as blues or greens and dimmer colors such as reds and yellows so they don’t trigger any pain symptoms but still allow them to see things just fine in low-light situations without much issue.

Along with those annoying ringing ears, you may experience headaches and eye strain from playing video games. It is possible to reduce your risk of getting headaches or migraines by turning off your screen’s blue light! This will also help protect your eyesight while gaming in the long run.

Height and Tilt Adjustment

The best monitors are adjustable, which can come in handy for different people. You will want this if you live with someone who is short or tall and always has to have the monitor adjusted – especially when they’re sitting on a couch!

It also comes in very useful if you play video games where your head needs to be tilted down at an angle instead of straightforward like reading text.

This isn’t super important but it might affect how much useable space there is around the desk area depending on what size chair/couch one sits while working (or gaming) at their computer.


You’re looking for a new monitor to make your video game experience more immersive and believe you have narrowed it down to one of these five choices.

With the resolution 1440p, each of them offers 2560 pixels on its surface horizontally and 1,440 vertically which is perfect for playing games like Starcraft II or League of Legends.

The minimum requirement in this category would be 1080p meaning that all monitors listed are high-quality gaming screens with graphics sharper than most TVs.

This article will help you choose between 5 different monitors so that you can decide where best fit into your budget while still getting an amazing display quality when playing popular competitive online multiplayer titles such as Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch ̀or Riot Games League Of Legends.”

Curved vs. Flat Screens

There are many advantages to curved screens. One of the most important is that they free up more space for you to see your game, so instead of squinting at a screen with limited visibility, you can take in all the visual information available on one giant display.

A curved monitor can be a great alternative to flat screens for gamers. They are less inclined to cause eye strain, and some people prefer the aesthetics of this type of screen over that offered by their traditional counterparts. However, not all games may work as well on one or both types so it’s best if you experiment with what works before making your final decision. 


As you can see from above, the curvature ratings for these curved screens are 1800R or 1500R. Radius measurement, with numbers translating directly into millimeters (1,800 mm or 1,500 mm).

For these rates: A lower rating is good for those who need to be closer than a meter and higher for anyone sitting at 2 meters from their screen.

Curved screens offer a more immersive viewing experience, but you’ll want to take into account your viewing distance before buying one.

Curvature is measured in mm and 1,800mm or higher can cause strain on your eyes if you sit too close (1.8m). If not then 1800R will be fine for sitting closer to the screen since it’s only 1500mm.


Gaming monitors with the best possible resolution, 1440p are worth considering. However, there are other important factors to take into account when deciding on which model to purchase.

The screen size and input options also vary from one product to another so make sure that these features work well in conjunction with your needs before making any decisions about what type of display quality would be most appropriate for you. 

As someone who wants their game experience at its peak performance level as often as possible then investing in an excellent high-quality gaming monitor should be a top priority since they offer not only impressive visuals but can improve efficiency during gameplay too by providing accurate responses time even if latency may come up.