Best Cheap Racing Wheel Stand 2022

When you want to take your game of racing and drive up a notch, it is hard to imagine not having the right equipment.

If that means getting an actual car or spending $200 on a steering wheel for home use, then so be it, but if space constraints keep you from using either one at work, there’s still hope!

Racing wheels are expensive pieces of kit that make them inaccessible for most people without adequate storage room in their homes, but what about those who have limited desk space!

You can purchase stand-alone stands, which allow gamers with a little free area under their desks to place all necessary controls neatly out of sight beneath while also providing excellent stability.

Racing wheels are having a moment. With so many options, it’s hard not to buy one and race your friends in real life!

But without the right racing wheel stand, you’ll never experience an authentic racing sensation—which is why we recommend going with this cheap but high-quality option that will revolutionize how you play games forever.

With so many choices out there for gaming accessories these days like new Xbox controllers or PlayStation 4 headsets, picking up just any old product can make playing video games seem more exciting than ever before!

You have spent countless hours on long car rides home wishing you could be driving away instead of sitting in traffic – now all those fantasies can come true thanks to the Best Cheap Racing Wheel Stand.

All racing wheels are not created equal. Some may be too expensive, or they may just have the wrong features for your needs.

However, with a cheap stand from Racing Wheel Stand Store’s selection of top-quality stands and mounts that match up to any wheel you purchase (be it Logitech G25/G27 Wheels or Thrustmaster T300RS), you can experience driving like never before.

But is your old desk enough to get the racing experience you want! Think about it, can you really enjoy sim-racing with a steering wheel on top of an old wooden table.

No. The reason why there are so many people looking for ways to make their own rig at home or buying one pre-made has been because they know that what’s coming out of these rigs just doesn’t compare.

Racing enthusiasts will tell you that the wheel stand is worth every penny. With a desk, your racing experience won’t be as awesome or immersive because of all the other distractions around it, like books, paper clips, and more.

Why Buy A Racing Wheel Stand?

The racing wheel is one of the most important pieces to have when playing games. The force feedback from it makes you feel like you’re really part of the game and gives a sense that there’s no fake input because your hands are moving around on this surface with so much power.

But, if for some reason or another, even though I don’t want to think about how bad things can get; but just in case they do happen: having a stand will keep all those vibrations at bay while not sacrificing comfortability either since adjusting height depending on where exactly we need our console installed could be tedious work.

Want to make the most of your car racing wheel! Sure, but a good stand is necessary to make it possible. The force feedback from these new models is immense; one wrong shift and will send vibrations all over the place.

Make sure yours stays securely in its position with an adjustable height setting to keep it steady even during intense sessions.

Whether you’re a casual racing fan or an avid racer, owning your very own gaming wheel is not enough. A game stand where you can position the steering column in different angles and heights to suit your needs will be needed as well.

Below are five of our favorite options that come at affordable prices for anyone who wants their driving experience to go smoothly:

The GT Omega Wheel Stand offers its users full flexibility because it has three height adjustment settings, so they may find one that works best without feeling restricted by lack of space on account of being too high up from the ground;

This product also features gas shock resistance which ensures strength when securely holding heavy items like wheels while ensuring comfort thanks to padded foam grips.

Best Cheap Racing Wheel Stand Comparison Table

When you’re looking for a racing wheel stand, it can be difficult to know which one is best. There are many options, and no two of them will work the same way or offer the same features.

The five cheap racing stands below each have their own pros and cons, but they all do an excellent job at providing the stability that’s worth considering when choosing your next purchase.

Many people purchase racing wheel stands, but some are hesitant because they think it will take too much time to figure out the right stand for their needs.

However, this doesn’t have to be difficult at all! Here is a list of 5 cheap racing wheel stands that you can find and compare, depending on your needs:

1. The GT Omega APEX Racing Wheel Stand – Overall Winner



GT Omega is a leading gaming brand around the world. They offer a range of products, such as racing wheel stands and other accessories for games like Project Cars 2 or Forza Horizon 3.

GT Omega strives to provide higher customer satisfaction by listening carefully to their feedback – this includes requests from gamers who want improved after-sales service in areas such as live chat availability on weekends so they can have a more convenient browsing experience.

It offers a variety of gaming solutions. As one of the leading brands, its best products are chairs for gamers and racing wheel stands – all with an eye on customer satisfaction that includes after-sales support.

Durability & Quality

Using steel-box tubing, the GT Omega APEX gives the stand an incredibly strong build. The tough frame can safely bear Force Feedback pressure to make your gaming experience more ergonomic.

The GT Omega APEX has a heavy-duty construction, so it won’t break easily under high levels of force feedback during gameplay or other intense actions like rapid head movements and shakes.

Steel-box tubing is used to build the GT Omega APEX to withstand the pressure of Force Feedback. The strong build can give you not only a long-lasting gaming experience but also ergonomic comfort and stability while playing games.


The GT Omega APEX racing wheel stand is compatible with Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec wheels.

Even if you don’t have one of these brands or a specific model in mind for your purchase yet, the universal design will support any type of car that may be on track at home.

The GT Omega Racing Wheel Stand accommodates the most popular gaming steering-wheel models by Logitech®, Thrustmaster®, and Fanatec™ out there while also supporting all other types to make sure it fits just right.

Get your hands on a racing wheel stand that will support any and every type of racing wheel. Whether you have Logitech, Thrustmaster, or Fanatec brands in tow, the GT Omega APEX is here to keep up with all your needs.

Whether it’s an old-school Logitech steering wheel from decades ago or one made by popular brands like thrust master, this universal race car holder can support them all flawlessly for hours of unrelenting high-speed driving fun.


The GT Omega stand is the ultimate chair for gamers who want to have a smooth gaming experience. With its highly adjustable and tilt features, it provides you with an easy time playing your favorite games on any sofa or in front of your computer screen.

In your home or office, this racing wheel stand will be perfect because it folds into a compact size within seconds so that there’s more room to move around.

When you’re sitting on a sofa or gaming chair, this GT Omega stand can seamlessly adapt to your position.

The highly adjustable APEX racing wheel stand and its tilt feature provide smooth gameplay for both heel-toe driving enthusiasts as well as those who don’t have enough storage space in their room.

  • It can be mounted on both the right and left side
  • Decent pricing
  • Compact storage
  • Highly compatible
  • Strong build
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Rubber-grips for stability
  • Not for professional-level gamers

2. Wheel Stand DD – Next Level Racing



With a strong brand name, Next Level Racing has excelled in the industry for years.

The company also partners with Thrustmaster, Sony PlayStation’s official license holder, to provide gamers across 40+ countries access to high-quality products that elevate their gaming experience. 

What we love about Next Level Racing is its constant innovation in design and technology. They are always looking to provide the best products for their customers with an eye on quality, comfort, performance & style.

Next Level Racing is the industry leader for innovative designs and cutting-edge technology. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they’re constantly improving their products to provide world-class quality items.

Quality & Durability

The DD stand is like the Batmobile of gaming desks. It’s built with supreme-quality carbon steel that has been laser cut and welded by robots to be strong enough for great braking force but still gives you smooth game time using it.

The strengthening bolts prevent any flexes while on pedal sets, so your experience will never lack – trouble-free.


A wheelstand that is compatible with all major brands, consider this wheelstand. It’s perfect even if you have wheels of an alternative make.

The next-level Racing Wheel Stand will work with any type of racing wheel and can be used on most surfaces, including carpet or hardwood floors. The best part about it! You don’t need to buy another one if your other brand dies because these are compatible across many different types.

You can obtain a highly compatible product from Thrustmaster, PlayStation’s official licensee and partner. Next Level Racing Wheel stands are compatible with all major brands, including Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and more!

If you have a wheel brand other than these three, you can still use this premium product.


The DD stand is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort during your gaming sessions.

The adjustable height and angle can suit any gamer’s sitting position, so you don’t have to worry about an awkward gaming experience with a sore back or neck!

With a few adjustments on your pedals’ distance, too, soon enough, those long hours won’t feel as exhausting anymore. Height and angle can be easily adjusted on this stand according to your preferred seating position so that it’s perfect for any gamer!

Additionally, you’ll be able to change how close or far away from each other are pedals based on what feels best for your legs without having a large distance between them.

  • Handbrake plate
  • Supports Direct Drive wheels
  • Wheel-locking
  • Unique features
  • Strong and steady
  • Best with DD wheels
  • It cannot be folded

3. Dshot Racing Wheel Stand – Budget Pick



Dshot has been providing gaming-related products for years, and they’ve got the reviews to prove it. Dshot is a brand that provides gaming solutions for several years.

At affordable prices, they offer racing wheel stands and comfortable chairs with plenty of features to get the job done.

They offer everything from racing wheel stands, chairs, and even computer storage solutions! With Dshot, you can find all your favorite high-quality items at an affordable price.

Not only does the Dshot wheel stand provide you with a stable, durable base for your gaming peripherals, it also has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to use no matter how long of playtime.

The rubber feet on all four corners are designed specifically to help keep the device from sliding around during high-speed moments in gameplay (no one wants their expensive accessories falling off), while its modern and sleek look will make any gamer feel like they have just stepped into an exclusive club.

Quality & Durability

Your Dshot wheel stand will last long. It is made of top-quality alloy steel that can withstand great Force Feedback, making it a perfect addition to your game console.

The pedal plate also has the high-pressure capability, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality found in this product for an immersive gaming experience.

The Dshot racing wheel stand is a great investment for anyone who wants to save time and money

. Besides being quick to assemble, the high-standard alloy steel tube will never rust, so you can expect your product to be as good as the new Year down the line!

And best of all, unlike most stands on today’s market that require regular maintenance due to their rough surface texture, which tends to collect dirt more easily than smooth surfaces – our sleek design ensures quick cleaning requiring next-to-no effort at all.


The Dshot wheel stand is a budget-friendly product that offers more features than you might expect. This device can support leading brands like Logitech and Fanatech, as well as Thrustmaster racing wheels despite its low price.

The Dshot wheel stand is a budget-friendly product that offers more features than you think. Despite the low price, it can easily support top brands like Logitech and Fanatech and remain compatible with Thrustmaster racing wheels.


Whether you want to play your favorite racing games from the comfort of a couch or in an office chair, this wheel stand adjusts easily and is lightweight.

Not only can it be adjusted for height but also pedal distance, so there’s no need to worry about being out of space when playing solo at home!

If storage becomes too much trouble, then don’t fear because not only will it fold into one quick step thanks to its lightweight design, but you’ll never have any troubles with adjusting either the angle on both pedals as well as wheels which conveniently match up with your gaming position.

  • Rubber Feet for higher stability
  • 1-step assembly and disassembly
  • Considerably cheap than other options
  • Stiff height adjustment

4. Wheel Stand Pro G



With the Dshot wheel stand, you can play from a couch or an office chair, and it can be adjusted for your height.

Not only does it have high and low settings, but you could also adjust the distance between pedals (and probably wheels too) depending on where in front of the TV screen/monitor is best situated—more so if there’s not enough room!

The easy fold-up design means that storage will never get cramped with this sturdy accessory.

The Dshot wheel stand is a multi-use piece of equipment. You can play video games from the couch, or you can use them in your office chair. Adjusting its height to meet your needs only takes seconds and folds up neatly for easy storage when not used.

Wheel Stand Pro is built to protect your floor from scratches and offers a two-sided mounting option.

This makes it perfect for any gamer who likes their pedals on the left or right side of their wheelstand base, especially if you’re not satisfied with one position over another. Never worry again about scratches on your floor!

The Wheel Stand Pro offers the option of mounting shift gear for both left and right-handed gamers. Additionally, it’s made from a sturdy material that will keep you in place during gameplay with its strong bolts.

Quality & Durability

The Wheel Stand Pro G offers high-quality, durable products that are made with European manufacturing standards.

Not only does the company manufacture top-of-the-line wheel stands in Europe, but they also take quality into consideration before sending them out for sale to ensure their customers have a seamless experience from start to finish.


Hubsan is the leader in drone technology and has been creating quality drones at an affordable price for years.

They have a great line of beginner to advanced level UAVs, such as their Hubsan X4 quadcopter with FPV camera that’s perfect for beginners looking to get started or pilots who are just trying out aerial photography.

The Stand Wheel pro G gives you everything needed so your gaming experience can be taken from merely good enough into something more like racing on TV.

The Stand Wheel is the perfect companion for your racing wheel. It will support Logitech’s line of pedals and shifters, as well as their wheels.

The Stand Wheel pro G was designed to be compatible with all major brands’ various components – not just one brand.


While playing, you will be sure to have maximum comfort with the Stand Wheel Pro G. Do you want to know how! A variety of height options for the wheel are included so that players can choose the perfect angle for themselves!

With adjustable tilt angles on the sides of the pedals as well, there’s no need to worry about discomfort when using this accessory.

And because its compact size makes storage easy and convenient, having this wheel stand will not create any storage issues for you – in fact, it’ll save valuable space too.

The Stand Wheel pro-G has been designed specifically around ensuring player comfort during use by being fully customizable from a pedal distance or tilt angles right down through adjusting heights according to which suits best.

  • Tempered steel build
  • Handcrafted
  • Rubber anti-slip
  • Compact
  • Easy assembly
  • Pedal-tilt feature not available

5. Extreme Sim Racing Wheel Stand SPRO



Extreme Sim Racing is dedicated to providing durable and comfortable products for home simulators. The company has been in the business for over ten years, which makes them one of the most experienced players in this market.

Extreme Sim Racing strives to manufacture top-quality products that are also affordable, so it’s no wonder they’re loved by consumers everywhere.

Their experience spans 10+ years, and their dedication means you don’t have to worry about a product breaking down quickly or not being able to handle your gaming needs well enough: these guys can take anything thrown at ’em.

Extreme Sim Racing is a brand that strives to offer its consumers top-quality products on the best budget possible.

The company has been praised and loved by its customers. They claim to manufacture durable and comfortable furniture for home simulators so gamers can enhance their gaming experience.

Quality & Durability

The stand is a tube of carbon steel, and it has gone through many tests to prove that the shape offers more stability.

The SPRO can support high-Force Feedback pressure with no problems at all. The SPRO is the most stable stand on the market. It’s made of high-quality carbon steel and comes in a tube shape, which can hold more pressure than other stands that are square-shaped.


The Extreme Sim Racing wheel stand makes it easy for you to find a perfect fit and support your entire racing setup.

With the highly compatible wheel stand, you can use any of the different types of wheels from Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, or SPRO that are on offer – as well as pedals and gear shifters.

The Extreme Sim Racing stand fits with all of your racing wheels, be it from Logitech or Thrustmaster. It also has a special design for pedals and gear shifters to make sure you’re fully equipped.


With the new Sim Racing seat X, you can enjoy a racing experience like no other. Not only does it provide a chair for you to use, but also its stand is easy to use and unfolds into a compact shape when it’s not in use.

The stand is easy to mount on a desk or another seat, including the Sim Racing X seat. It can be folded away anywhere without taking up any space at all.

The racing wheel features a highly adjustable mechanism, making it extremely comfortable for gamers to use.

The product is equipped with adjustable locking knobs and angle adjustment features, giving the gamer the ability to customize the height and tilt of the device to suit their needs.

Additionally, this product is made for serious gaming as it has an ergonomic design meant for hours on end without discomfort, thanks to the soft faux leather grip pads. It provides an unsurpassed level of comfort for gamers with its profoundly adjustable mechanism.

The product comes equipped with optional locking knobs and angle adjustments, so the upper bar can be adjusted to suit a gamer’s height and personal preference. Additionally, the wheel deck has tilt settings that are customizable according to individual preferences.

  • Five-year warranty
  • Wheels and pedals can be adjusted
  • Stores extremely compactly
  • Extremely durable
  • Easily assembles
  • Steel tubing is not as stable as square tubing

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to unbolt the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD in order to fold it?

The DD stand is not the most convenient piece of equipment to transport, but it does have some merits.

The casters on this Next Level Stand make rolling around a breeze for anyone who wants to set up and break down their act quickly, as well as those with physical disabilities that prevent bending or squatting

. The DD stand has been an industry standard since 1938, and its popularity shows no signs of waning – so what are they good at!

They’re sturdy enough when properly positioned in soft ground (preferably sand); you don’t need any tools besides your own hands; they can be used solo by one person without too much difficulty, especially if there’s another table nearby.

Will I be able to use the left foot brake without any issues?

The Wheel Stand Pro G is a great accessory for those who want to take their racing gaming experience to the next level.

The stand has an adjustable backrest that can support different heights and versatile rotating arms with locking clamps that allow you to easily mount your wheel of choice – even if it does not have its own clamping system!

However, before choosing this product as a permanent fixture in front of my TV, I was surprised by how low-profile the middle pole is when mounted on the carpet; games like F1 require lots of left foot braking, which wasn’t possible without constantly leaning over or risking injury from kicking up dirt into the gearbox.

The Wheel Stand Pro G offers players the option of sitting upright while playing.

How much weight capacity of the GT Omega APEX Racing Wheel Stand to hold a Double Drive wheel?

The Apex wheel stand is the best of its kind. It’s compatible with all major brands and can withstand even a DD wheel! You might feel slight jerks if you’re trying too hard to go fast, though.

The Apex Wheel Stand from Playseat has become one of my favorite things in my gaming room because it doesn’t wobble like many other stands I’ve seen do before.

I love how sturdy and durable it feels, which lets me play for hours without worrying about anything happening to make me lose control or get injured while playing games such as Forza Motorsports 7.

Another great feature about this product (aside from being affordable) would be the compatibility between different wheels.

Can the height of the Dshot racing wheel stand be adjusted easily?

The Dshot stand is a reliable and effective option for gamers who play computer games at their homes.

The aluminum material construction makes it sturdy, durable, and lightweight.

The wheels can be adjusted to fit your body type as well as adjusting the distance of pedals, so you are comfortable while playing video games in front of your TV or monitor screen from anywhere on your couch.

The DShot Stand by GameRanger Technologies has an adjustable depth adjustment feature that enables users to take into account their own personal needs when racing, yet because this process isn’t quite smooth-sailing every time causes some inconvenience.

Still, with its robust engineering that ensures longevity through most conditions.

Is the Next Level DD stand worth the high price?

If you’re looking for a premium stand, look no further than the Forces of Nature Stand. This is one of few stands that can handle high Force Feedback and Direct Drive with ease!

When it comes to long hours on your desk or in front of your TV, this sturdy stand will have you sitting all day comfortably without any issues.

Built-in handbrake plates ensure safety at every turn while providing an added feature not found elsewhere: whether using pedals or joystick steering modes – these convenient brakes help keep things under control even during large crashes and sharp turns.

Final Verdict

Choosing a cheap racing wheel stand is quite exciting, but at the same time, it can be very confusing. You don’t want to buy one again and again – investing in just once will last you for years!

So how do you decide which of these stands would work best with your particular needs! There are many things that should go into consideration before making such an important decision.

Besides price, compatibility, as well as support, needs to be considered carefully before any final decisions are made.

Additionally, make sure the height doesn’t inhibit comfort or ease whilst playing games on this type of device – know what exactly suits your personal preferences better by reading up reviews beforehand to avoid surprises when deciding between two similar products.