Best Controller For Rocket League 2022


To find the best controller for Rocket League, you need to know what type of player and how much time they spend playing. Suppose someone is a solo standard or Snow Day chaser.

In that case, precision is important, whereas if they are constantly chasing after something in soccer (RL) like aerials or dribbles, then latency reduction will be more crucial. 

With a controller designed for Rocket League, you can do aerials and ramp up slowly in dribbles.

Regardless of whether solo standard or chasing the hockey puck on Snow Day (oh yes, we love snow days), it makes things easier when precision is improved and reduced latency. It’s also very easy to set triggers thanks to the customization:

Best Controller For Rocket League

Do you think that your old controller is due for replacement? Do you feel like it might be time to make the switch from a keyboard and mouse setup, or are you just looking for an upgrade in general? Let’s go over some tips on how to find the perfect fit. 

Most people have their own preferences when picking out controllers, depending on personal preference. Some players prefer using Sony Playstation DualShock 4 Controller, while others gravitate towards Xbox One Controllers because of its analog stick placement (DS4). 

We recommend trying different types before making any decision so that you can see what works best with your gaming style. Starting out with an Xbox One, this article will help guide the way. 

This piece is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to get their hands on a controller that feels like it was custom-made specifically for them. 

If you’ve been using keyboard and mouse setups in other games but want something more immersive or easier to play, then switching over to consoles should be your next step. But how do I know what console controller works best? 

There are many options available, so here’s some helpful advice when choosing one: First, choose between playing via DS4 or X1 controllers. The position of the analog stick can make all the difference depending on which game genre you prefer.

1. DualShock 4 Controller



  • Rocket League native support
  • Low latency
  • Input lag is zero
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • The front is illuminated by LEDs
  • Speaker built into the device
  • Other controllers have additional customizable buttons
  • but the batteries last shorter than their competitors


Features: No | Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac | Weight: 12 ounces | Connectivity: Wireless | Color: Snow White, Gold, Green Camo, Black, Red, or Blue

It may surprise you, but the Sony DS4 is our top pick for Rocket League on PS4. You might be surprised by this for people who are used to playing with other controllers like Xbox One’s, but there’s one specific reason why we chose this over all of them: customization options. 

Another thing that sets it apart from its competitors is how many pros use their own version of it in tournaments (we can’t name everyone here). 

Several pro-gamers have been seen competing on behalf of teams such as Vogan, Greazy Paschy, Jacob Espeon Amoney Fireburner – just for starters. And these names aren’t even scratching the surface; the point is made.

The choice between wired and wireless controllers is personal, but many gamers prefer a wire-free controller because of its convenience. 

For example, if you need to charge your battery while playing video games at home during the day or night, having Bluetooth enabled on your phone can be very helpful. 

Wireless performance isn’t too bad either as long as you are willing to overlook some shortcomings like limited battery life; however, there is another downside: input lag that may cause players not to react fast enough for their gameplay experience. 

When it comes down to selecting whether one would rather have a Wired Controller vs. Wireless Controller (or vice versa), Wireless Controllers offer an advantage due mainly to its convenience factor by allowing users freedom.

The DualShock 4 has a lot of great features, but it’s not perfect. You can still use the trackpad or buttons as you see fit, and they are all buttery smooth. Sony’s recent back button attachment allows for more customization options with an OLED screen that displays your current configuration. 

It may be pricey, but this additional addon makes up for its price in sheer functionality,which ultimately benefits every competitive gamer out there looking to get those extra edge-of-your-seat moments when playing their favorite game on PS4.

2. Razer Raiju Ultimate


  • Aluminized construction
  • Controls with beef and space
  • A great ergonomic design
  • DS4-style design
  • There are four customizable buttons
  • RL performance is top-notch with the Wired one
  • There is no way to customize shoulder buttons (bumper stickers)
  • Bluetooth input lag and latencies


There are 4 Extra Multi-Function Buttons | Compatibility: PlayStation 4, Windows 7 and Above| Weight: 13.12 ounces (without cable) | Connections: Wireless & Wired | Color: Black With Razer Chroma | Runtime: 11 Hours of Battery life

It’s been a little while since the PlayStation 4 first launched, but you might be surprised to hear that there are still plenty of options for controllers. 

One controller, particularly the Razer Raiju Ultimate, has four additional customizable buttons on it and an even meatier form factor than your average PS4 Controller. 

The aluminum casing makes this one feel like some premium hardware all day long. So if beefy controllers appeal to you more than sleek ones, then check out what Razer’s got going on with their new product line up and see how they can upgrade your gaming experience today.

Rocket League is a fast-paced game with plenty of action. But don’t worry about your thumbs getting sore and tired from all the button mashing you have to do – Raiju Ultimate features two analog joysticks which allow for more precise movements, as well as thumb touches that can be swapped out if they are uncomfortable.

Among the most popular games in recent memory, but its controller can be a pain to use. Thankfully Razer’s Raiju Ultimate controller has two joysticks that are easy on your thumbs, and they come with several different options, so you don’t have to give up any comfort if need be. 

The face buttons also feel great under your fingers and offer tactile feedback like no other gamepad out there – once again giving you all the control without sacrificing anything for it.

So, you’ll never know if this controller will be a hit or miss. There are four multifunction buttons on the M1 and M2 that can change your settings between L2 and R2 while still holding onto the handles; meanwhile, these two other multi-function buttons (M3 & M4) allow for easy customization of button configurations as well as profiles to make gameplay more comfortable. 

The Xbox Elite Controller is the perfect controller for gamers who want to take their gameplay and competitive edge to the next level. The back of this high-tech device features two custom paddles, which can be used as buttons or modifiers that are fully remappable through a button interface located on top of the controller. 

With adjustable thumbsticks and D-pad with hair-trigger locks, you will have more control when playing your favorite games.

The Xbox Elite Controller is designed by Microsoft in response to feedback from pro gamers about how they wanted it improved upon; these improvements include interchangeable dashes where one set acts like triggers while another set act like bumpers but still maintain all other functions such as A/B/X & Y input options meaning.

Wireless controllers offer better results. It’s not subject to latency or input lag like wireless ones are- you might as well be playing with a cordless phone instead of an Xbox One. Battery life is also less of an issue because there isn’t one. 

The Razer Raiju has plenty of customization options for any gamer out there and is easily among the best controllers on this list so far. 

When it comes down to which type gives you your desired outcome in terms of gameplay, then we have found that going wirelessly just doesn’t cut it when compared against its counterpart – especially given all the added benefits such as freedom from having wires around whilst gaming.With customizable buttons and a variety of inputs, the Razer Raiju is one of the most well-equipped controllers on this list. 

And while its wired model offers better performance than its wireless counterpart, they both offer remarkable input that makes playing games feel realistic in every way possible.

3. Xbox Elite Series 2



  • Metallic construction with customizable weight
  • The underside of the paddle has four remappable buttons
  • D-Pads and thumbsticks are removable and swappable
  • The sensitivity of the shoulder buttons can be customized
  • You can remap all the face buttons
  • The wireless mode has very little latency
  • You can customize it to fit your RL playing style thanks to its extensive customization options.
  • The most expensive controller is currently available.
  • The Xbox app’s buttons can’t be remapped easily
  • Not compatible with Xbox 360


Features: 4 Paddles On The Back Of The Controller | Compatible With: Xbox Series X, Xbox 1, Windows 10| Weight: 345g (+/- 15g)| Connectivity: Wireless & Wired | Color: Black | Battery Life: Up To 40 Hours

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is a huge upgrade for all of those gamers looking to play Rocket League. Microsoft has put in the time and effort into taking care of some problems that plagued previous versions, such as broken bumpers or peeled grips on this new controller. 

The biggest change with the elite series two from other controllers is Bluetooth connectivity which means you can connect your device wirelessly without any hassle- simply by pressing one button. 

There are also plenty more options when it comes to customization so there’s no need to worry about what color scheme will work best for you because they have thoughtfully created an array of options just waiting for your picky needs (and maybe even a few really weird ones too).

The new Xbox One controller has been redesigned to be more comfortable for long hours of play. The metal accents are still there, but they’ve wrapped the controller in a rubberized grip that is more comfortable to hold. It’s also lighter than its predecessor, so gamers can keep playing comfortably without getting fatigued from holding onto heavier controllers all day. 

The Series 2 Xbox controller is a huge improvement over the original. It’s wider but feels more ergonomic and comfortable in your hands with its rubberized grips. 

The metal accents are still there, and as four paddle buttons that can be remapped for even better control during gameplay.

The controller is modular in design, so if one of the buttons breaks down, you can replace it with a new button that snaps on magnetically. 

Additionally, there are two types of thumbsticks and two different D-pads to choose from depending on your playing style or preference.

The slider button on the main trigger lets you customize sensitivity to fire quickly or slowly. For example, in an FPS game where there is a lot of action going on, and accuracy matters less, speed can be good for quick firing. 

In other games like Rocket League, precision with timing may mean the difference between winning and losing. It’s important that your triggers are set to play how YOU want them. You are able to change the sensitivity of each trigger by sliding a button on top. 

This is great for if you want one to be very sensitive and another less so, depending on your preference in-game. Shortening or lengthening how much pressure needs to be applied can help with frantic moments when it comes to downtime. 

The Hair-Trigger Sliders allow you to make adjustments as needed between short presses and long ones.

Just in time for the holidays, Xbox is releasing its newest controller. This amazing new hybrid of professional and casual gaming will be available on November 3rd for a whopping $149. 

The Xbox One controller is sleek, professional-grade, and designed for both the Xbox One and PC. It’s not compatible with an original 360 console, though. Even if you don’t want to spend that much cash on a new toy, it’s still worth checking out this beauty of a gamepad.

4. Scuf Vantage 2



  • 9 out of 10 eSports pros use pro-grade controllers
  • Improved build quality
  • The underside of the device has four paddles that may replace the primary face buttons.
  • A saxophone button and a trigger button are connected to each other
  • It is possible to adjust the trigger sensitivity
  • There are D-pads, thumbsticks, triggers, and anti-friction rings available for customization.
  • Although the design is reminiscent of the DS4, it looks more like the XBOX One controller.
  • Comparatively expensive to the standard DS4 options
  • Wireless headphones/mic do not work (Sony restrictions).
  • Due to its discontinuation, it is hard to find


Extra Buttons: 4 Interchangeable Rear Paddles and 2 Removable Side Action Buttons | Compatibility: Playstation 4, Windows 7 and Above| Weight: 7-10oz| Connectivity: Wireless & Wired | Color: Black

The Scuf Vantage 2 is a phenomenal and customizable gaming controller that will give you the ultimate edge in Rocket League. Its poor build quality has let down the PS4, but not anymore. 

With this gadget’s perfect construction, it’s sure to make your gameplay experience flawless during those heated moments on the field or court. 

At first glance, the DS4 resembles an Xbox Elite more than anything else; if you’re looking for something similar to what fans of Microsoft consoles enjoy with their hand controllers, then look no further because this device will suit all your needs when playing awesome games like Rocket League.

For all the Elite controllers, customization is key. You can swap out trigger styles, joysticks, and even D-pad options to find your perfect setup in RL as well as FPS games like CS: GO. 

There are also four paddles on the rear, which correspond with face buttons so you don’t have to press them quickly–just tap a paddle instead. You can swap the trigger styles, joysticks, and D-pad on this controller. 

Four paddles correspond to the buttons in front of you, so instead of pressing them rapidly with your fingers, you just tap these pads. 

You also get two Sax triggers which activate long presses for any button behind it – amazing. This is such an awesome addition if you’re playing RL or CS: GO.

The Vantage 2 is a super high-quality controller that is both strong and durable. It can be customized for your preferences, whether you want it more sensitive or less so. The thumbstick dead zones can even be adjusted.

This gives players who are used to using other controllers like this one something new in terms of feel and playability. The Vantage 2 is a programmer’s delight for gamers with customizable thumbsticks and triggers. 

The quality of the buttons is comparable to that of its predecessor, which makes it an easy transition if you have used them before.

5. Steam Controller

  • Budget-priced alternative to DS4
  • It can be customized completely
  • Underside: two paddles
  • Bumpers and triggers that can be customized
  • To simulate the KB & M setup, use touchpads instead of analog sticks
  • PC gaming better than PS4
  • The touchpads rather than analog sticks offer a steep learning curve
  • Full functionality requires Steam


Extra Buttons: 2 Rear Paddels | Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac, SteamOS | Weight: 19.2oz| Connectivity: Wireless & Wired | Color: Black | Battery Life: Up To 80 Hours

It’s unusual to see a video game controller that doesn’t take after the Xbox One or PS4, but don’t let this unassuming design fool you. Steam Controllers are popular choices for Rocket League players because it can be customized and mapped, so if you’re willing to go through the learning curve, some features like shooting are automated at your disposal. 

With its large trackpads in place of analog sticks, all buttons laid out conveniently before player hands on either side with an awkward-looking lone stick jutting off from bottom halfway up-this unconventional beauty has caught many gamers’ attention over these past two years since release. 

No. It’s not a classic controller, but the Steam Controller is one of the most popular options for Rocket League players who are willing to go through an initial learning curve and customize it by mapping some functions in this game.

Valve has the right idea when it comes to gaming, and its new controller is no exception. The Steam Controller features two paddles on the rear as well as bumpers that can be customized like a regular gamepad. 

This versatile device also includes trackpads for all your directional needs instead of thumbsticks found in other controllers such as Xbox One or PS4s DS4’s design is mostly plastic, but they’re not alone are Microsoft and Sony with their own controllers. 

But what Valve does differently here is add haptic feedback into its mix- you’ll never have to guess where your thumbs should go again. The new controller for the Steam Machine, called “Razer Wildcat,” features great sensitivity and haptic feedback. 

It has two trackpads instead of thumbsticks on this design which is not much different than what we use with Xbox One or DS4 controllers today. 

Steam Controllers are considered by a lot of Rocket League players to be the most affordable, customizable controller for PC use. Even if it doesn’t work for you, it’s certainly one of the best options.

Buying Guide

Rocket League is an extremely difficult game that will require hours of practice before you start to master its intricacies. 

The stock controllers that are available in most stores can be used to learn the game, but the advantage at even the tiniest will help you reach championship levels. You can gain that advantage from a good controller. 

The problem is that there are countless different opinions, a lot of the subjective, and it is difficult to choose one. To make our selection, we’ll look at some of the features that professional players consider when selecting controllers.


Having the ability to customize and remap the face buttons and bumpers is hands down, the most desired feature by Rocket League players. 

You can even reconfigure every button on some of the higher-level controllers, even the touchpad, which is part of the stock DS4. As well as changing the sensitivity of the triggers, you can also assign a button or paddle to the face buttons (more on this later), which means that you won’t need to use the same finger multiple times. 

The face buttons can be used for jump and slide, for example, if some users use a boost on L1, throttle on R2, and scoreboard on R1. Try this if you have had trouble getting the aerials right. In addition to changing the buttons, thumbsticks, and triggers, customizable controllers allow you to adapt them to your preference.

Additional Buttons

It is not necessary to add additional buttons. You can play the game much better if you have them, especially paddles. Many players won’t be able to switch back to a controller without paddles once they’ve experienced the ease of tapping paddles. 

It’s possible to access the paddles without using your primary fingers, as the paddles are attached to the underside of the controller.


Rocket League players might experience lag when using wireless controllers. Having just a couple of milliseconds of lag or delay can make all the difference in the world during a ranked match when you are trying your best to score that incredible goal. However, most of the controllers in this list have low latency.

Our focus has been on the ones with problems. With most controllers, latency will not be an issue for casual gaming. Only if you play professionally should you be concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend using a controller to play Rocket League?

A: While it ultimately comes down to preferences, most people prefer and recommend a Rocket League Controller over a keyboard and mouse.

A controller is much more suited to the game’s mechanics than a keyboard. We recommend learning how to play with a controller for those who are just beginning to play the game.

Is a controller used by Rocket League pro players?

In the vast majority of cases, professionals use controllers. However, there are a few pros who use keyboards and mice, like Lauty and Genocop.

Is it a good idea to switch from keyboards and mice to controllers?

Despite the fact that most players use controllers, that doesn’t mean you should use one too. Alternatively, you can play using a keyboard and mouse if that is your comfort level. 

Although it may be a little more difficult to play at a top-level using a keyboard, it is absolutely possible to do so. Getting used to a controller will take time, however, even if you decide to switch. You won’t become a better player by changing to a controller.

I want to play Rocket League on my PC, but I need to connect my controller. What do I do?

Most controllers can be connected to a PC via USB, so all you have to do is connect your controller. It is now possible to start playing. 

Playing with a wireless controller requires your computer to have some kind of Bluetooth connectivity, and the controller must be connected via Bluetooth.

Is Rocket League compatible with Mac OS X?

Sadly, both Mac and Linux users will have to say goodbye to the March 2020 update. Rocket League does not support these operating systems anymore. Playing on these operating systems won’t be as easy as just downloading the game. 

Rockets League’s support article on Mac and Linux may be helpful to you if you are still interested in trying to play on those operating systems.

Closing Thoughts

In Rocket League, it is important to ensure that you’re using a controller with the perfect size and shape for your hands. Our research found that there are many different controllers on this planet, but ours were some of the most popular. 

We hope you find one from our list. In recent years, video game enthusiasts have been debating whether or not they should play their favorite games with an original console or by way of more modern means like PC gaming. 

In general, those who prefer playing via traditional consoles often cite nostalgia as well as lag-free gameplay when defending their decision, while others insist these days there’s no real difference between either option other than personal preference since both options offer near-identical graphics quality at best in addition to. 

With that, we conclude our list of controllers for the Rocket League. If you feel like there’s a controller missing from this list, then head to the comments section and tell all your friends about it. We want to hear what they think too.