Best Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse 2022


Growing up, most people in my generation dreamt of being the next Michael Jordan. Today’s kids are growing up dreaming about playing games like Overwatch and FIFA professionally for a living. But how does one go from gaming hobbyist to pro gamer!

It takes more than just raw talent or knowledge – you need to have access to all the best tools that will help your gameplay reach its maximum potential:

professional-grade headsets so you can pinpoint every sound and hear footsteps around corners; high-quality mice with new optical sensors so that no pixel goes unseen on-screen; keyboards designed by gamers for gamers which provide an edge and look really cool sitting atop any desk.

You need a high-quality mouse to control your character in League of Legends and other games. Your grip, weight, and size all affect how you move around the map.

For example, if you’re using a light mouse with an easy-grip that is small enough, so it doesn’t slip out easily from under your fingers while playing on slippery surfaces like glass coffee tables or desks covered in papers, then maybe this isn’t for you because those are common occurrences when gaming.

Have you ever had a moment in gaming when your mouse slipped out of your hands! I know that feeling all too well.

But what about the style and weight of our movement controllers, such as mice! Depending on grip size, we can control how soft or sharp our moves are during gameplay.

If it’s tough to hold onto one, though (especially after hours into playing), then get yourself some wrist guards here. 

Fingertip grip gaming mice have been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that they’ve become popular.

These types of mouses are to be used with your finger instead of the palm and provide an amazing feel on any surface or game type – no matter what you’re doing in-game!

Read below about some great examples so you can find one perfect mouse for all your needs (which is important if this article isn’t enough).

Fingertip grips offer much more precise control than wider hand placements do because there’s less movement from side to side when using them, which will give players smoother movements across surfaces and games.

This design has also allowed gamers who use their palms as well as fingers during gameplay.

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless – Best Overall



Logitech consulted with 50 esports professionals to create the perfect gaming mouse; it is made with them in mind.

The G Pro Wireless is Logitech’s second-most expensive wireless gaming mouse but has over 12 hours of battery life and a range up to 30 feet away from its connected computer or laptop.

At the top of our list, we have an impressive device that will bring your gameplay experience into another dimension: this product comes courtesy of Logitech!

Made specifically for gamers who are looking out for their best interests (no matter what type), they sought professional help when designing the ultimate tool – first by bringing together leading players on boards worldwide then asking them what would be needed so as not only to win tournaments but also maintain long periods.

Logitech is a popular brand for mice which makes them expensive but worth it. The nature of their products means that you get what you pay for, and this mouse does not disappoint with its features, making it the perfect gaming accessory.

Though the price is a little higher than other brands, this high-end Logitech mouse will be perfect for any gamer. With its lightweight and long battery life, you’ll never have to worry about running low on juice during a long gaming session.

  • Lightweight Build
  • Strong Battery Life
  • Soft Components for Smooth Gameplay
  • Extremely Small Build
  • Pricey

2. G-Wolves Skoll

The G-Wolves Skoll is a sleek and well-priced mouse that will give your fingers maximum output. This ergonomic design has been made with speed in mind, using the honeycomb build for its backbone.

With seven buttons to customize depending on what game you want to play, this device can help take gaming one step further while still providing comfortability during long hours of gameplay.

The G-Wolves Skoll is a daring mouse that will not only help you reach your full potential but also put in the work to provide an ergonomic layout and customizable buttons for any game.

This lightweight mouse is perfect for those that prefer a light touch.

Not only does it have the benefits of being easy on your wrist, but you can also use this precision instrument in any situation without worrying about breakage or damage to the device since it’s so durable.

This mouse is lightweight and delicate, so don’t get too angry while playing, or it will break. It’s best to use this when you’re calm and want precise control over your movements.

  • Extremely Lightweight Build
  • Wired Controls
  • Select Buttons for Performance Enhancement
  • Ergonomic and enhanced Frame
  • Somewhat flimsy material
  • Average lifespan
  • Somewhat Clunky

3. Glorious Model O



Glorious Model O is a high-quality mouse made for people who use their fingers to control the cursor on the screen. It is affordable and ergonomically designed, which makes it very comfortable to hold while using it.

The Glorious Model O is a mouse that comes highly recommended for its high-quality materials and ergonomic grip. It’s also praised as having an affordable price tag with strong ratings on Amazon.

The materials of these mice are not the best for prolonged usage. The cost may be worth it, but some reviews have shown that the mouse can break within a few months or require time to register button presses from your PC.

There might also be an issue with programming running slow on these devices, which could lead to decreased gameplay and productivity overall.

One of the major concerns about this mouse is that it breaks too easily. For its price, many have criticized how after just a few months, they are already noticing wear in their controller, and button responses don’t always work properly, which could lead to gameplay issues.

  • The pocket on the strap is extremely convenient.
  • The zippers move with relative ease.
  • The bag is light in weight.
  • The pockets organize your possessions neatly.
  • The strap is comfortable.
  • Pricey
  • Issues with longevity

4. Razer Viper Ultimate – Premium Pick



Rader Viper Ultimate gives gamers the most competitive edge. With its sleek design, precision control, and multi-surface performance, it’s easy to see why this was one of our top picks.

The most popular question on everyone’s mind these days seems to be, “what is the best gaming mouse for me!” Options abound.

One such option; The Razer Viper Ultimate – A stylishly designed claw grip scroll wheel wireless/wired ambidextrous wired mouse boasting an extreme level of accuracy thanks largely due to 12000 DPI 4G laser sensor technology and Omron switches rated at 20 million clicks per button press. 

Gamer mice for PC on this list. The only downside to owning a mouse like this, aside from spending an obscene amount of money on it in the first place, is that you have to buy new batteries every now and again, so make sure your charging station has enough battery space.

It is a game-changer with dazzling graphics and immersive sound. It’s one of the top-performing systems on this list, but it comes at an exceptionally steep price.

  • Well-known Brand
  • Simple Schematic
  • Strong Reception for a Wireless Mouse
  • Medium Size and Weight
  • Extremely Pricey
  • Little RGB Lighting

5. BenQ Zowie EC2 – Budget Pick



The BenQ Zowie EC2 is a mouse that has been garnering rave reviews for its high ratings among users. What makes this one of the best fingertip grip mice!

For starters, its ambidextrous design appeals to both left and right-handed people looking for an ergonomic mouse with infinite DPI settings on most surfaces.

The BenQ Zowie EC2 is designed to fit comfortably in your hand thanks to its superbly crafted shape, while also providing you with all the functions needed through right-clicking or scrolling as well as having two buttons at your thumb position so you can easily browse web pages without needing extra hands.

With features like these paired up against other brands’ similar products such as Logitech.

The BenQ Zowie EC2 is an interesting mouse for those who want to hone their skills in the competitive gaming world. Despite its drawbacks, it is not enough to deter players from its solid performance and intuitive design that will help gamers improve faster than if using a more traditional mouse.

The reasons for preferring this high-quality ambidextrous top-tier professional gaming equipment over other options on the market today; however, one of them has definitely been longevity!

Not only do you get amazing quality with minimal wear and tear issues, but we all know how much value there can be found when investing in a product such as this now rather than later.

  • Simple Design
  • Well-made material
  • Reinforced Wired Mouse
  • Well-known Brand
  • Overly Simplistic
  • In-between Claw and Palm Grip

6. Steelseries Rival 600



Family-owned and operated for over a decade, Steelseries is one of the leading brands in gaming peripherals.

When you’re shopping around for mouse options, don’t forget about these little guys! With multiple color schemes to choose from (snow white pictured), there’s no need to settle on an uninspired look just because your favorite team isn’t represented. 

The ANT M1 is a heavy but well-built mouse. It has some downsides, such as the clunky feeling and potential for wear over time due to removable parts, but it’s still one of the best mice on the market–despite its weight!

The downside to this mouse is that despite being made with premium materials like aluminum and copper (as opposed to plastic), many reviewers found that when adjusting weights from 96g all the way up 128g, there were noticeable changes in how smoothly they could glide across surfaces.

Despite these minor complaints, however, most users agreed that it was hands down one of their favorite gaming peripherals because even though not everyone can afford them now or maybe looking at alternatives right away.

With the Rival 600, you will find a mouse that suits anyone’s needs. It can be customized for any hand size and withstand constant adjustments without getting damaged in its design, unlike other mice on the market.

The durability of this product makes it perfect for gamers who like variety when they play their games or want a change from time to time with weights and buttons.

  • RGB Colors are aesthetically pleasing
  • Simple buttons, sleek design
  • Lightweight but well built
  • Too free of a scroll wheel
  • Not great for larger hands

What To Look For In A Fingertip Grip Gaming Mouse

One of the first decisions you need to make when it comes to gaming mice is whether to go wireless. Wireless mice are great for those who don’t have any issues with battery life, and as long as there’s no interference, then they can be used on just about any surface.

As a result, gamers should find one that will work best for their hand size, button preferences (some prefer more buttons than others), grip style (palm-grip vs. claw-grip), etcetera.

Customize your gaming experience by choosing the right mouse for you. Features like buttons and size are important to consider when shopping around because a good mouse can make all of the difference in gameplay performance.

There are many different types of mice out there, each with its own pros and cons. For instance, if you’re playing a game that requires precision movements or high-speed clicking for targeting abilities like League of Legends or CS: GO, then an ergonomic mouse is perfect for your needs.

But what if the gameplay doesn’t involve much movement!

A claw grip might be more comfortable because it allows gamers to use three fingers instead of one finger on WASD keys and still have room in its palm area so they can stretch their thumb down onto the left mouse button without having to bend them over awkwardly (which could cause hand cramps).

Types of Grip

The mouse that you use to play your favorite game can be the difference between victory and defeat.

That’s why it is important not just to look at a gaming mouse as an object but also its ergonomics; in other words, what type of grip style do they provide.

There are three types: palm gripper (ergonomic), fingertip or claw grippers (claw grip) – these two grips have many similarities while being distinctly different from each other -, and finally fingertip only, which gives no support for either side of your hand.

Although all three styles offer advantages unique unto themselves, there will always be one best-matched with any given player’s preference.

Mouse with palm grip

  • Hands with low tension
  • Tracking and tracing made easy
  • Encourages elbow and shoulder aiming
  • Rapid clicking increases inefficiency
  • Micro Adjustments are difficult to make quickly

The most popular style of the mouse for gamers. This allows your hand to contact the mouse with fingertips, fingers, or palm, which will allow you long sweeping motions without strain on wristwear and tear as you play for hours.

The Trackball Mouse can be used when it comes to FPS games such as Counterstrike: Global Offense that requires fast movements from left click shooting all over the screen in a short period of time while using 1st person perspective where this trackball sensor works best because its slower response rate doesn’t hinder accurate play (it’s more like an extension of your fingertip).

This type also benefits those who have carpal tunnel syndrome by allowing their arm/hand placement to permit natural stress release through arm movement.

A new type of mouse has been created that solves the problem of raising your hand up to click on objects quickly.

With this patent-pending invention, you’re able to keep your fingers laying fully down and still do rapid clicking motions as well as precise pinpoint movements for things like drawing or painting.

It is more difficult to play games such as League of Legends or DOTA 2 because these games require players to concentrate more and raise their hands high enough to use the full range of motion across each finger.

Mouse with the claw grip

  • Repeated quick clicking is great
  • Micro-adjustment capabilities improved
  • Uses both arm and wrist, aiming
  • Stressful
  • Fatigue and wear-out are more common

This is an ergonomic mouse that has been designed to take full advantage of the natural grip. The two front buttons are made with better spacing so both hands can click them, and they’re placed closer to the center in order for your fingers more easily meet up on their own accord.

This allows you greater precision and faster clocking speeds in games like League Of Legends or Overwatch when needed most. The Claw Grip Mouse is a revolutionary new way to click and use your computer.

It’s designed for optimal comfort, with the two front buttons positioned close enough together so that you can rest your pointer finger in-between them while still gripping the mouse firmly between your middle finger and thumb.

This makes it perfect for games where there are rapid clicking tasks or heavy lifting of items – like when playing an RPG.

The most recent technological advancement in gaming mice is the palm grip. It’s a compromise between both finger and palm grips, which provides you with two different worlds of gameplay to take advantage of without sacrificing your comfort or hand health.

The design behind this type of mouse is revolutionary because it offers gamers an opportunity for increased mobility while also providing adequate support from their fingers and palms that allows them greater control over their gameplay experience without wearing down on either component too much as they would if using just one gripping style exclusively.

The claw grip is not always the best choice because you run into some problems. The Claw Grip may seem complete, but it has heavy fatiguing over extended periods and high tension when gaming.

You can’t use your entire hand to move the mouse, which puts more stress on your wrist than your arm while gripping tightly for micro-adjustments that lead to quicker fatigue of both arms and hands.

The Claw Grip is a great way to improve your grip and posture, but it can also cause fatigue if not used correctly.

If you’re going for extended gaming sessions, the arm fatigues just as quickly as the wrist when using this grip position because of how intensively used our fingers are in order to make micro-adjustments during play that would otherwise be handled by an elbow or shoulder joint.

The Claw Grip mouse is great for gamers that swap between games like League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and CounterStrike: Global Offensive.

The comfortable grip gives your fingers a break from the strain they may feel when using other mice with more traditional designs.

The ergonomic design on this PC gaming peripheral offers comfort to tired hands in order to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress injury during gameplay sessions lasting hours at a time.

Mouse with fingertip grip

  • Control of low tension
  • Wrist movements improved
  • Easy to grip, fast
  • Move your arms no more
  • Fatigue of wrist caused by heavy use

For a more natural and relaxed mouse experience, try an index finger grip. This type of grip is used by those who get tired or uncomfortable using their palm to control the cursor on the screen.

By lifting your hand off of the mouse completely, you are able to use only one digit for movement, which can reduce fatigue from prolonged periods in front of a computer monitor. Lastly, mouse tip grips are called fingertip style, where they are the complete opposite it’s Palm Grip Mouse Style.

You can adjust minuscule details very quickly using your fingertip grip. These types of games require quick reflexes as well as an understanding of how each game is played so even small changes can have significant impacts.

FPS and Real-Time Strategy (RTS) titles are good examples as even small movements can alter the course of battle in mere seconds.

For other genres such as Role Playing Games or First Person Shooters with more emphasis on accuracy from marksmanship rather than dexterity, one should opt for a palmar grasp instead, which mandates less hand movement but also leaves it vulnerable to slip-ups during tense moments since fingers tend not to stay put like they do when using Fingertips Grip.

The downside to this type of mouse is that after long periods of use, it’s easy for the wrist movements to get tiring and uncoordinated.

Despite how fast they might be at first glance, those with a less-than-perfect sense of rhythm find themselves fumbling when using these types because their quickness often becomes too much in an instant.

Size/Shape of Mouse

A mouse is an essential tool for any gamer. A quality gaming mouse can have a significant impact on accuracy and in-game performance, which makes it super important to get this right before you start spending your hard-earned money.

The first thing to consider when purchasing one of these devices is grip shape; there are three main types: palm grippers, fingertip grips, or clawing the device.

Next up, Size matters! Depending on what they’re designed for – travel mice generally measure less than 9 cm long, while competitive gamers need something more substantial with larger surfaces like those that include extensible side plates as well space-saving designs such as ergonomic curves. 

There are two types of mice, small and large. Smaller mice may be suited for people with smaller hands or if they want to move the mouse quickly around their desk space.

Larger mouses can fit in larger hand sizes more comfortably while having a wider surface area which is better for those who use both fingers and palms when working on-screen.

The size difference of mice is what makes it so that they can be used for either palm or fingertip gripping. Short and thin may be appealing to some, while long and curvy may be appealing to others – both have their pros!

It’s mostly understood that the smaller ones work best when you need precision with your mouse-clicking skills.

Understanding the size of a mouse is critical to find one that fits comfortably in your hand. Your hands are different sizes, and you should take this into consideration when buying a new computer peripheral, such as a mouse or keyboard.

You wouldn’t want it too small so that it slips out of your fingers during use; but on the other hand, if it’s too big for just casual use, then there may come times where they’re uncomfortable after extended periods – our bodies can only handle discomfort temporarily before we need something better suited for us.


The weight of a mouse is an important quality for you to consider when looking at purchasing one. Some may be made with metal out-trigging, whereas others might have lightweight components.

The last thing that makes the decision difficult is if it has a larger or smaller frame size – what works best really depends on your personal preference.

The weight of the parts in your mouse can help determine exactly how comfortable they feel for someone’s hand and what type they prefer overall: some mice will use heavier metals while others opt for lighter materials like plastic.

Whether you’re after more traditional styling or something modern, just remember this variable as well before making any decisions about which ones to pick up from store shelves.

Have you ever wondered why some people play with heavy mice, and others don’t! It might be because of how they grip the mouse.

Palm grippers will have more success using heavier mice than claw or fingertip users, as their hands are constantly moving over a larger surface area, so if it is weighted too heavily, then fatigue can set in quickly.

But for palm grips, these movements are smooth and consistent, which allows them to game longer hours without any problems.

Claw grip mice are designed to make it easier for your pointer and middle fingers to stay at the same level when pressing down on buttons.

If you have smaller hands, look for a lighter-weighted mouse so that those two digits can work more easily together.

If you have big hands or need heavier weights, then there is no problem with using something heavy as long as most of its weight is centered in the back, where both fingertips will be working independently. Mice are delicate instruments.

The slightest misstep can make the difference between a clutch victory or an embarrassing loss in your favorite game of League of Legends. So before you invest, do some research and find out what’s best for you.

The best mice for fingertip grip are lightweight and easy to maneuver. The type of mouse you use should be light because it will rely more on your fingertips than anything else, so a heavier one would only increase the pressure applied to those five fingers through which all movements occur.

Some mice have a weight that is perfect for some people, while others cannot be as ideal. For example, those with larger hands may prefer a heavier mouse to find comfort in its higher grip and easier control of the cursor when playing games or editing videos.

However, if your hand is smaller, you might need something lighter, so it doesn’t feel too heavy on your arm after long periods of usage.

Many gamers know that finding the right weight for their gaming mouse often depends entirely on how big their hands are; however, this same principle also applies to other types like drawing programs where users typically use one finger at a time instead of two (or more).

It’s important to test out what feels best before investing in any large purchase.