Best Flash Drive For PS4 2022


A PS4 flash drive is a device that can be used to back up your photos, videos, and games from one console. Aside from this, it enables you to transport data between two consoles if necessary without needing an internet connection or any other special equipment. 

You may have noticed when playing certain video game titles on Sony’s Playstation 4 (PS4) system there are some limitations with space for saving content like saved files as well as captured screenshots and gameplay footage.

But fortunately, these restrictions do not affect all PlayStation VR (PSVR), PC Room(PCRoom) or Share Play users who might require additional storage options beyond their internal hard drives in order to store more media such as music, movies and TV shows which they would otherwise need access.

PS4 gamers should always have a flash drive on hand. Flash drives are the best way to back up data from your PS4 or move it between consoles, and they’re also useful for playing games that need more storage space than what’s available in your console’s internal hard disk.

Flash drives are a much more efficient way to store data than using external hard discs. The reason for this is because the flash drive’s compact size makes them easy and convenient for storing information, like photos or music files, on the go without having wires get in your way of what you’re doing. 

Moreover, they can be plugged into any device that has USB ports available with no need to connect an extra power cable which saves time from not being able to do anything else while waiting. 

Thumb drives have revolutionized the way we transport data. They are small, easily accessible, and portable with their tiny size only increases your ability to take them anywhere you go. 

The fact that they don’t require any wires in order to connect makes it a perfect solution for any gamer looking to play on the go or at home without having messy cords all over the place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For a Flash Drive to work as a storage solution (e.g. installing games directly on the drive), it must have at least 250GB. Your flash drive can be used for game saves and screenshots regardless of its size.

NOTE: In reality, 256GB USB flash drives bought on the market only provide about 247.5GB of actual usable storage space, so they cannot be utilized for PS4 extended storage purposes due to different calculation methods. As a result, you should use a 512GB or larger USB drive for PS4 to increase storage.

Best Flash Drive For PS4

We all know the feeling, you need a flash drive, and there are so many to choose from. The thing is, it can be difficult when they’re not different enough for us. 

When we don’t have time to do research on which one would work best with our device – like if your PS4 doesn’t accept anything other than USB 2.0- then picking just any old drive might seem tempting but that’s where this list of top five choices comes in handy because these drives will give you everything you need or want out of them without having to go through hours upon hours looking around online before purchasing what could end up being a completely wrong choice (well unless if it’s too big). 

1. Corsair Flash Voyager GTX



  • Read and write at very high speeds
  • (0-70 degrees Celsius) Good operating temperature range
  • The case made of zinc alloy
  • Corsair SSD Toolbox optimizes it
  • Storage capacity of 1TB


  • The price of the flash drive is high compared to others
  • A case is easily scratched on the outside


USB: USB 3.1 | Memory: 128GB-1TB | Size: 0.42 x 1.04 x 3.07 inches | Weight: 1.82 ounces | Read/Write: 440MB/sec read and 440 MB/sec write speed

 The price tag might be intimidating, but many consumers will find the device worth it when they consider its fast speeds and versatility. 

This flash drive only needs 4 seconds to transfer an HD movie from one computer to another or 3 minutes even with large files without experiencing any lag in speed whatsoever. It won’t break your bank account either. 

The Corsair Flash Voyager GTX is perfect for those who are willing and able to afford them because of their top-notch performance at all ranges: readability/writability as well as responsiveness during transitions between devices like laptops and computers that share data seamlessly through USB ports. 

The Corsair Flash Voyager GTX is a high-end flash drive for gamers that don’t want to get the run of the mill. This one will be pricey, but it has everything you would need in terms of speed and quality. 

With 3D NAND memory, this device can reach 440Mbps for both reading and writing data which makes it an excellent option when looking at other devices like these on store shelves around town or online browsing stores such as Amazon’s website. 

What makes the Corsair Voyager GTX so good is its built-in software that lets you take full control of your drive. You can format, partition, and optimize it for whatever use you want to put it towards. It has a strong casing made from zinc-alloy with aluminum accents which will keep your data safe as well as make sure there’s no risk of overheating or damage due to temperature fluctuations. 

This Corsair CTL3X-4GBP2 is a versatile USB drive that features an aluminum case with zinc alloy accents and great performance. The toolbox software can help you optimize the device for your needs, ensuring it will last as long as possible. 

It also has a superior temperature range of zero to seventy degrees Celsius, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. The Corsair Flash Voyage GTX is the best flash drive on the market, with USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatibility. It is the best flash drive on the market without a doubt.

2. HyperX Savage




  • Speedy reading and writing
  • Compatible with USB 3.1, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0
  • Storage capacity of 512GB
  • A beautiful and durable case attractive and durable case


  • Pricey compared to most other flash drives


I/O Port: USB 3.1/3.0 | Volume: 64GB-512GB | Dimensions: 3 x 0.92 x 0.48 inches | Weigh: 1.60 ounces | Data Transfer Rate: 350MB/sec read and 250MB/secwrite

Gaming flash drives such as this Kingston HyperX Savage are available from Kingston Digital. The PS4 can store all your games on the drive without requiring you to use a hard drive or external storage device, saving you time and space. 

With its sleek design, this thumb drive will be eye-catching when you need it most but discreet enough that no one else knows what’s inside.

You’ll find reading speeds at 350Mbps with writing speed coming in 100 Mbps less than expected so as not to bog down other important processes during gameplay with 250MBps. 

The Kingston Digital HyperX Savage is more than enough flash drive for all your data storage needs. It will transfer files quickly and can also function as external storage on systems without a lot of space available. 

Directly off the hard drive with no lag. The black case is eye-catching, while its red X logo symbolizes the power that goes into every product created by Kingston Technology Company (the company behind this Secure USB 3 compatible thumb drive). 

If you’re looking for performance coupled with aesthetics, then make sure you have one of these in your pocket or laptop bag at all times. 

3. Samsung BAR Plus 




  • A fast read and write speed
  • Compatible with USB 3.1, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0
  • A reliable and durable product
  • (-25-85°C) A fantastic temperature range.


  • There is only a 256GB storage option available


Device Type: USB 3.1 | Internal Memory: 32GB-256GB | Size: 1.58 x 0.61 x 0.47 inches | Weight: 0.04 ounces | Data transfer rate: Up to 400 MB/s read speeds

Do you want to enjoy your PS4 with the best gaming experience? You need a speedy flash drive. 

The Samsung BAR Plus is perfect for gamers because it has sped up to 400Mbps, and can store 256Gb of data. It’s one of the fastest USB flash drives at its price range, so don’t wait any longer and start enjoying those high-quality graphics today by getting this amazing USB 3.1 flash drive now from us here at SuppliesNSolutions. 

One of the best flash drives on the market, Samsung BAR Plus is a force to be reckoned with. This USB 3.1 drive has an impressive 256Gb capacity and some of the top speeds for its price range in both reading/writing speed (up to 400Mbps). 

If you want something that will work seamlessly with your PS4 or other devices needing this level of storage then look no further than The SAMSUNG BAR PLUS.

Samsung flash drives are tough as nails. They stand up to temperatures that even your console can’t handle. Drop them, freeze them or fry ’em – it just doesn’t matter; they’ll keep all of the information you left off the last time you used one. 

The Samsung metal USB sticks are so durable that they can withstand the heat of a PS4. The flash drive has an operating temperature range from -25 degrees celsius to 85 degrees celsius and still works.

The Sony Flash Drive is not only fast and durable, but it’s also water, shock, magnet, and x-ray proof. This means that you can take this flash drive through anything: the ocean for up to 72 hours or submerging in a pool of water until your heart’s content. And if you get sloppy with handling? 

No worries. A thorough testing process has been conducted, so we know they are sturdy enough no matter what situation comes their way. The best part about this incredible device, though might just be its durability against shocks and magnetic fields too; meaningless worrying on your end when carrying around sensitive data like passwords or credit card numbers since these won’t break after an accidental fall off the desk. 

This flash drive is water, shock, and magnet proof. Despite being immersed in seawater for 72 hours, it can survive 15,000 gausses of pressure. The data on this device will be safe from x-ray exposure as well. 

This durable piece of tech has a sleek design that’s perfect for your PS4 console–you’ll never break it again if you buy one today.

4. SanDisk Ultra Fit




  • Speedy reading and writing
  • Quite affordable
  • Encrypts data
  • Up to 512 GB of storage
  • Supports USB 3.1 and 3.0


  • Physically fragile
  • When overused, the product becomes unreliable


USB Type: USB 3.1 | Storage: 16GB-512GB | Size: 1.17 x 0.56 x 0.2 inches | Weight: 0.45 ounces | Speed: Up to 130 MB/s read speeds

SanDisk Ultra Fit is a great option for those looking to save big on storage space without sacrificing speed. It’s compatible with USB 3.0, which means it won’t slow down your PS4 or other devices that don’t have the newest standard yet (unless you’re really pushing data back and forth). 

By using SanDisk SecureAccess software, you can protect your files with 128-bit AES encryption in case of theft–that’s good security. SanDisk has been making flash drives since 1989 because they know how important having enough storage is these days. 

So if you want just one drive but need something small, so it doesn’t take up too much room, then this might be what you are looking for: an affordable price point. 

The case of this flash drive is made out of composite material, so it’s not long-lasting when put to the test. However, if anything does happen, there’s a 5-year limited warranty which should help in any situation where your PS4 Flash Drive might break on you. 

At that price point and with all its features, this could be the best option for someone looking to encrypt their data or protect files from being seen by others without authorization. The sleek black design of the SanDisk Extreme is a great buy for those looking to protect their data on PS4. 

It’s not as durable, but it does offer protection with high-speed performance and encryption features that make sure your sensitive information always stays safe.

5. Samsung FIT Plus




  • Speedy reading and writing
  • Compatible with USB 3.1, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0
  • Durable and reliable
  • It is very reasonably priced


  • There are only 256GB of storage options available.


USB Type: USB 3.1 | Storage: 32GB-256GB | Size: 0.9 x 0.7 x 0.3 inches | Weight: 0.16 ounces | Speed: Up to 400 MB/s read speeds

The Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus is a fast, durable flash drive that features strong read and writes speeds of up to 400Mbps. The high transfer rates will allow you to play games without experiencing any lag time or glitches. 

Like the other Samsung MFA3 device listed here, the Samsung MFA3 is resistant to temperatures down to -25 degrees celsius and up to 85 degrees celsius with no problem whatsoever. 

A flash drive designed by Samsung for business, the MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus is built to last, with transfer speeds up to 400 Mbps and temperatures that can withstand -25 degrees Celsius or 85 degrees Celsius. 

It’s also compatible with USB 3.1, which makes it even more reliable than other Samsung drives on the market.

When you want to buy the best budget flash drive for your PS4, look no further than this little miracle. It can survive in seawater for up to 72 hours and still be functional and withstand 1,500 gravitational acceleration without breaking a sweat. 

This is going far beyond any other device on the market. The durability of these devices is unmatched, with 50 Roentgens not even scratching its surface (literally).

The company put an emphasis on making sure their product was durable enough, which paid off because they have created one of the most reliable thumbs drives out there. 

They’ve tested it so that you don’t need to worry about whether or not your data will make its way to where you wanted them to.

Flash drives for the PlayStation 4: What to Look For

Do you know that PS4 you love? The one with all the games and controllers, your favorite movie to watch when you’re feeling down, or a great game for family night. It has tons of memories stored on it right now, but what if something were to happen where those memories are erased from its hard drive?

What is there left in this world without our precious moments captured through pictures or video clips? Well, thankfully, an easy solution exists. We create every day living life as best we can.s. 

You may have seen these little devices called flash drives before; they allow us to store things like songs and videos, so even after years go by, they still exist somewhere out there waiting patiently for their turn at being watched again because nothing ever truly gets. 

If you want to get the most out of your PS4, look for a flash drive with sufficient storage and durability. You also need it to be compatible with USB 3.0 or later formats, so if you have an older computer, make sure they are backward-compatible too. 

And finally, find one with easy navigation features like ones found on Netflix’s website when searching through titles.

Amount Of Storage

Buying a storage device can be stressful, but not when you know what to look for. You need more than just space – there are also different options in drives and sizes. For the PS4, you will want at least 250Gb of memory (though preferably 8Tb). 

Storage needs are a variable you need to consider when buying the storage device. Flash drives range in sizes from 8Gb all the way up to 2Tb, so be sure that your flash drive is larger than 250 Gb and no bigger than 8 Tb for PS4 compatibility.

The storage device you get is entirely up to your needs. If you are looking for a cheaper way of storing data, more space in the flash drive means it will be more expensive and vice versa. 

For example, if someone only uses 1Tb then they should buy an 8Gb instead of buying 2 Tb because even though both devices have 4 times as much memory than what was needed; one costs four times less money per gigabyte and has double the amount available so there would not be any waste on either side. 

In this day and age, there is an overwhelming plethora of storage options available to us. When you are unsure of what size will suit your needs better, than it may be best for you to research the different sizes before making a purchase.


When looking for the right flash drive, it’s important to look at durability. Using your device a lot and carrying it around with you all of the time (plugging in/out), then make sure that it’s durable enough not to break. 

To figure out how strong any given item is going to be before buying, check reviews or feedback from other customers. It’s also advisable when doing this research to buy brands that are well known for making dependable devices like USB drives. 

This is an area where people tend to get confused by definitions- “durability” can mean different things depending on what type of object we’re talking about: electronics vs construction equipment, etcetera.

What is the best way to go about finding a durable flash drive? Pay attention to other people’s feedback, or read reviews from reputable companies. 

Reading the specifications of an iPhone XR case isn’t going to tell you much about durability, unfortunately, especially because it is important to protect your iPhone with an XR case. 

If you’re planning on using this phone cover often and will carry it back and forth with you frequently as well as plugging in/out of different devices- then one key thing when purchasing would be how long-lasting the material feels like before significantly breaking down under stress – which can vary depending upon what type of materials are being used.

Format System

The format system of your flash drive can be a little confusing if you don’t understand it. 

To keep things simple, PS4 only excepts FAT32 and exFAT drives, but do yourself a favor and go with exFAT because this format is far superior to FAT32, which has its limitations- such as not being able to transfer files over 4Gb in size on the Playstation 4 (PS4). 

While this might have been sufficient for smaller games like those played on older models of console systems or even portable devices – where fewer data would need transferring at once-, newer consoles are more resource-hungry, so they require much larger amounts of memory space than what could fit into under four gigabytes before due to their expanded game library sizes and high definition graphics.

When it comes to filing transfers with your PS4, you will need a flash drive that uses the exFAT format system. This is because this latest technology can support large files up to 50Gb in size, which would be more than enough for any data transfer between your console and another device. 

The FAT32 standard used by older devices only supports 4Gbs worth of maximum file sizes, so there’s no way it could handle such big files without corrupting them or crashing altogether while trying.

The most recent and fastest format system for flash drives is exFAT. This type of formatting can allow the transfer of files that are up to 50Gb in size, which easily supports PS4 file transfers even if they’re as large as 16Gb. 

So when you’re looking at thumb drives for your console, go ahead and look specifically for ones with this particular format on them.

Interface Connection

The interface connection is the port that controls how fast data can be transferred. 

For example, if you are looking at a USB 3.0, you’ll find your transfer speed of 4.8Gbps, and for USB 2.0, it will only have 480Mbps transfer speeds – but this won’t work with PS4 games because they need to download faster than slower rates like those in some older models such as 1 or 0 versions (such as). 

Sure not all flash drives come equipped with these levels of connectivity; anything under 3 GBPS isn’t compatible enough to play off when trying out storage extensions on a PS4 system, so really try to consider one by checking its compatibility first before purchase. 

To get the best possible experience playing PS4 games, you need to use a USB 3.0 or higher flash drive preferably with at least 32GB of storage size for your gameplay data as opposed to using an SSD which is much more expensive than standard hard drives and can’t be used in place of it without reformatting (which will delete all saved game files on the system) since they are formatted differently. 

The interface connection is what controls how quickly information moves between devices that communicate through this type of port. For example, if you’re looking into purchasing a USB 2.0 external hard drive, then 480Mbps transfer speed would be expected, but 4MPbs isn’t enough when trying to play PlayStation games off one. 

Closing Thoughts

The best flash drive for PS4 is one that won’t lag, break easily or work with your console. 

For maximum storage capacity, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re buying from top-notch quality manufacturers like SanDisk who offer 256Gb drives which are compatible with USB 3.0 or 3.1 speeds, as well as exFAT formatting–especially if this will be used solely for games. 

You want to find a flash drive with high read and write speeds. The faster the transfer rate, the quicker your games will load. If you have one of these speedy drives on hand when transferring data between console and device, it won’t take as long because we’re talking about moving bits in less time. 

That’s not all, though: if you get lucky enough to own an Xbox One that comes equipped for USB 3 ports (because they are so rare), this is something else worth considering before making any purchase decisions. 

There are several factors to take into choosing which flash drive to buy for your console. For one, you’ll want to find something with high read and write speeds, so it takes less time transferring data between the two devices (especially if you’re trying to download games onto your system). 

Another thing is compatibility – not all USB sticks will work on consoles out there; make sure yours does before investing in one. 

There’s more than just speed when considering what kind of memory stick should be used for gaming purposes: Compatibility needs consideration as well. 

Not every device can accept USB storage solutions from different brands or with varying formats like SD cards have- but this list has found some great options that meet both criteria.