Best Foot Pedal For Gaming 2022

Being able to control gaming with your feet is a great way for gamers who are tired of always being seated.

Foot pedals will allow you to have more fun and freedom while playing games on their consoles or P.C.s, which can be especially helpful when one wants the experience to feel as realistic as possible without having any limitations in movement. 

Foot Pedals really take immersion into virtual worlds up another level because they give players an extra set of controls that don’t require them to sit down all day long.

With this setup, two or more functions can be performed by your feet, so there’ll never be missed opportunities again.

Many people enjoy gaming as a pastime. It’s also an industry generating billions of dollars each year and growing at exponential rates in the developing world–especially China,

Where P.C. gaming has become mainstream with over 100 million gamers logging on to play every day.

As this demand grows for online-enabled games like Minecraft or League of Legends from their creators as well as third party developers who offer mods (modifications), these players will need hardware such as keyboards;

monitors which are usually connected by HDMI cables; mouse(s) used for inputting commands into a game while your hands remain free to add so much more! So why not use foot pedals. Foot pedals can make the entire game feel just more authentically fun when you delegate all.

Foot pedals for gaming can be an easy way to control your character and have more fun while playing.

This review will give you a look at the top two-foot pedal options available so that all of us gamers are able to find one perfect for their needs.

Foot pedals allow players who use them to feel like they’re actually in on the action – especially those with quick reflexes or high dexterity levels.

You can react quickly without needing both hands free- some games require as many moves per second, meaning even if you could play faster by using just one hand: there’s no time left over until someone else comes along ready for battle.

Best Foot Pedal For Gaming Comparison Table

Foot pedals have been a popular investment for gamers, and it is important to take your time in the decision-making process.

Make sure you research all of the features that each foot pedal has before purchasing one, so you don’t get any surprises at home.

How about getting a foot pedal for your gaming needs!

Perhaps you should look into it. You’ll need to consider the features and pros of whatever type of product you’re looking at before making up your mind.

Make a list of the games you play most, and then determine which foot pedal best suits your needs. When you determine what kind of pedal is most suitable for you, you can make an informed purchase.

It’s also important to ensure that it fits well with your budget! You’ll save yourself some headaches down the line if you pick one up now while they’re on sale at such an awesome price point.

A foot pedal for your gaming needs may vary based on what kind of game you play. By making a list, it is easier to find the perfect one that will fit all your unspecified requirements and budget. 

Gamers should be sure to invest in a foot pedal that will suit their needs, whether it is speed or accuracy.

We have reviewed the best gaming pedals for you, so read on ahead of this article if looking for more information about what attributes make up a good gaming pedal and answer any questions you may have as well.

1. Thrustmaster T.F.R.P. Rudder – Best Overall



The best foot pedal of 2018 is the X.B.O.X. Gaming Foot Pedal. This incredible tool contains two large pedals that are compatible with your P.C. and most joysticks out there. The only time you may need to buy an adapter for it will be if you’re using a PS4 or other gaming console.

It’s also battery-powered so enjoy as much competitive gameplay as possible without having to worry about running out of power. For gamers, the best solution to a frustrating controller is having an extra set of hands.

The Gamers Gear Dual Pedal FootSwitch will make your gaming experience that much more enjoyable and intense.

It has two large pedals for your feet with dual action capabilities compatible with virtually all joysticks out there on both P.C./Xbox One systems as well as PS4 consoles–making it perfect for any gamer interested in winning. 

The SMART Rudder is a gaming foot pedal that allows for high-quality steering.

The Sliding Motion on Aluminum Rail Tracks provides the player with an easy way to engage in games of different styles and difficulties levels while still maintaining accurate control over their movement through air or water-bound vehicles like planes and boats, respectively;

this means aerial combat, as well as civil flight, are possible without difficulty by using differential brake pedals!

This also ensures lightning-fast response time from your input device so you can be sure every move counts when it comes to winning against other players online during multiplayer battles.

For a more immersive gaming experience, you can use this to simulate flying or driving and even for playing flight simulators in addition to being able to fly planes in simulations of survival escape missions like D.C.S. World War II Battle, the video game, has many other uses too.

  • Ergonomic, easily steerable rail track
  • Compatible across devices and joysticks
  • Sensitive rudder for precise steering and maneuvering
  • Detachable footrest for versatile gaming functions
  • Perfect balance offered by rudder axis
  • Great value for your money
  • Setting Up and Configuration is slightly tricky

2. The Logitech G PRO Flight Rudder Pedals are our top pick.




With ample customizable buttons and a responsive feel, the Logitech G Pro foot pedal is a top-rated gaming accessory that will work on any Windows P.C.

Our personal favorite Logitech G Pro foot pedal for gaming is a USB 2.0 compatible accessory that works with multiple Windows versions, including XP64 and Vista.

One of the coolest features that this pedal has is the ability to customize it depending on what you’re playing. Gamers can change up a variety of things, including brake and rudder levers for flight simulation games, through Saitek Smart Technology software.

Flight simulators are great because they allow gamers to feel as if they have control over their aircraft, just like in real life, with pedals under their feet.

This customizable pedal allows gamers to create the perfect controls for their games, which can be in different styles like space simulations and flight simulations. For example, you could control a plane’s brake with your feet just as if it was real life.

The pedals are made with non-slip material to help you stay in control. It also has a handy toe break for safety and convenience when braking or slowing down, whether it’s slippery outside or not. 

The steering wheel is sensitive to the slightest changes in direction. Additionally, brakes can be differentiated so that they are clear and recognizable for each function of the pedals.

An advantage of using this pedal is a resistance dial which allows you to fine-tune your pedal’s sensitivity according to how much control you want over it, from hypersensitive all the way up through resistance if needed.

The rudder is sensitive to the slightest movements. This function can be customized with a dial so you are as in control of it as possible and will not have any trouble steering your car around tight corners or obstacles.

  • Light body that is easy to move
  • It is part of an entire virtual cockpit with other accessories
  • Height-adjustable footrests
  • Smooth, sensitive navigation
  • Realistic experience with toe brakes
  • Aesthetic design with a sleek body
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Short cable
  • Longer braking distance

3. Budget Pick: Infinity USB Digital Foot Control


The best budget foot pedal on the market is large and gives you enough space to switch from fast-forwarding, rewinding, and playing.

This model has a strong click for every press of the button that lets your feet know when they are making progress through their playlist.

For those who don’t want any extra bells or whistles but just need something reliable with good control, this may be your go-to choice.

With a large body, this foot pedal gives you all the keys to controlling your playback from your keyboard. With features like play key and rewind, it fits any need for an inexpensive option that doesn’t skimp out on quality.

With the Petalite, you can enjoy hands-free foot massages even if your phone is in another room. There’s no need for installation or worry about compatibility with either of these operating systems.

This small device only weighs 2.5 pounds but stays put on any hard surface as you move around, which means that it won’t be slipping away from underfoot when doing household chores!

One of the biggest advantages of the Petalite pedal is its ability to connect wirelessly up to 100 feet via Bluetooth technology regardless of whether your computer runs a Windows O.S. or an Apple one–

You’ll never have to fear accidentally disconnecting yourself while using the Petalite pedal because it has such strong connectivity you can move your foot around without having to worry about the pedal slipping due to how small and light it is.

  • Lightweight and can be moved around easily
  • Durable and designed for heavy-duty gaming
  • Easy on your pocket
  • Can switch your feet without lifting
  • Strong and sturdy body
  • No customized software for foot pedal

4. Control Pedal to Control 2 USB Devices – iKKEGOL



Imagine playing video games with your feet. This isn’t a crazy idea; this iKKegol USB foot pedal is the latest innovation in gaming technology and has two different pedals that can be used for mechanical purposes, even outside gaming.

You’ll easily simulate keyboard shortcuts with one slot while using the other to play your part in a game-filled experience. 

Once you purchase this appliance, it will reduce your load by not having to repeat the process each time. Additionally, it can be used for various body sizes and weights.

The base of the machine is made with aluminum which means there’s heavy-duty support in place – up to 100 kg! In addition, it comes with an entire year warranty period just in case anything goes wrong during its use or if something needs fixing before returning back into usage again.

You’re destined to enjoy what makes this product so compatible because you’ll be able to pair it easily on Apple, Linux, Windows systems without any issues. 

  • A foot pedal that is affordable
  • Durable and sturdy product
  • It installs easily and comes with a software package
  • Strong enough to withstand heavy weights and force
  • Product with uses outside of gaming
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems, including Mac OS and Windows O.S.
  • Pedals that are small
  • There is no variable foot support for natural foot placement

5. PC USB Foot Switch Keyboard Pedal



The PC USB foot pedal made it onto our list because of its versatility and affordability, which is perfect for gamers who are just starting out with food pedals.

It may be the best introductory product available that lets you in on the basics of how to use your feet when gaming. This foot pedal is great for beginning gamers. It’s also a versatile and affordable option, which allows you to learn the basics of how food pedals work in gaming.

It features a plethora of ports for connecting more than one switch at the same time. This allows you to optimize your key functions and use them with Mac, Linux, Windows, or Android, among other systems.

It is best used as an easy substitute for keyboard shortcuts. With this foot pedal, you can control the keystrokes on your keyboard by pressing buttons with your feet. You’ll save loads of time and energy if you’re a streamer who wants to start gaming or someone who just enjoys using shortcuts while playing games online.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Configurable easily
  • The responsive pedal
  • Connecting is simple
  • Advanced maneuvering and steering are not possible

The Best Gaming Foot Pedal

Do I need a foot pedal for gaming!

The most important thing is to know what purpose you’re using the pedals for. If they are just being used as an accessory, then there’s no reason why you would ever have to buy one; however, if they’re your primary input device of choice – like in racing games or flight simulators-then, it might be worth investing into one that provides more than simply moving forward and backward on command (one with additional buttons).

There are many different types available out there, so make sure to read up on them before deciding which type suits your needs. Foot pedals for gaming are a versatile, useful piece of equipment. We break down the best foot pedal models to help you find what will suit your needs.

Unexpectedly, a foot pedal can make the difference between winning and losing in your favorite video game. You may not even realize you’re gaming with it until someone asks what’s under your feet! Choosing one wisely is important, but don’t worry- we’ve got all of the information you need right here.

What are some great features for my next foot pedal!

Let’s dive into this topic now – they will probably come up sooner or later if they aren’t on your radar already! Foot pedals have quickly become popular accessories since they were first invented; who doesn’t want an extra edge when playing their favorite games!

Some gamers have a tough time with games that require intense keyboard combinations. If you are one of these people, then using foot pedals to toggle between commands can really help your gameplay and save some frustrating errors.

Which foot pedal should you use for gaming! The answer to this question is up in the air because there are so many options.

Should it be one that provides an authentic experience like replicating a simulation or making maneuvering and steering easier with your feet. You might want something different, but let’s talk about what they do before deciding which will suit you best.

Foot pedals come in two major varieties: those where control movement of the car can be done by pressing on them, as well as cars with gas-powered jets made by real companies such as Honda (with their Jet Ski).

There are a variety of different foot pedals for gaming. Some will add to an authentic experience by replicating simulations that you can compare to real-life scenarios, while others lend your feet control and make maneuvering much easier than ever before.

Which type do you need! Read on as we answer the most asked questions about these helpful peripherals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Pedal For Gaming?

How do you like to play! Are you a casual gamer who just enjoys the occasional game of Tetris on their phone or are more hardcore and looking for an intense gaming experience where every button press counts in order to win! If it’s the former, then good news!

The best foot pedals out there today have been designed with small movements in mind while still giving gamers enough control over steering that they can feel immersed in each level of gameplay without having to worry about directional sensitivity. You can decide how intense you want to play in any given game.

If the gameplay is more complex, there are usually multiple levels of force that affect steering and maneuvering. In this case, it’s good to look for a responsive foot pedal with exceptionally fast performance so your lightest movements will be translated immediately into the game.

Another option is to find a pedal that lets people change how sensitive their gamepads are depending on what they’re playing at any given time.

For example: if someone wanted something really sensitive when playing an action title like Uncharted but also needed things less touchy during some of the slower-paced parts, then this might be a good idea.

Is It Easy To Use A Foot Pedal?

When it comes to foot pedals, what you want is a pedal that has its own memory. This way, all your settings will always be there, and they won’t change on their own without any input from you.

The best thing for this would be one with in-built software because then when the time does come where something needs changing or adjusting, it’ll just happen automatically. The most convenient pedals have built-in memory, which instantly stores configurations as needed, so users never need to configure anything constantly themselves.

Furthermore, these types of devices should also include an internal software program since, at some point down the line, adjustments may need to be made or new features added.

Imagine your windows and mac software being able to seamlessly switch between devices. That is not the case with most pedals, but it will be a reality soon due to new in-built memory functions that are starting now.

New technology promises seamless transitions for all of our favorite programs on both Macs and Windows machines.

This means you won’t have any program inconsistencies when switching from one device or another – they’ll be completely coordinated as if by magic, just like their name suggests. 

What is the best way to get a foot pedal that lasts for a long time?

When considering a foot pedal for gaming, also look for options that require little maintenance, plus consider durability and weight.

Will you be using it for long hours or exerting a large force on the device! When comparing devices and looking out for warranty periods.

For those who use their devices heavily or inflict heavy force on them often, finding an option with weight specifications and comparing it to how much you’re likely to exert may be necessary too.

How can I buy a foot pedal if I switch between multiple systems?

In the case of foot pedals, it’s important to find one that can work on multiple systems. The more compatible your device is with different pieces of software and hardware, the larger range you’ll have when using it for gaming purposes.

Also, make sure to pay attention if any other peripherals like joysticks are supported by what you’re looking at; they may not be as versatile in their compatibility so take a look before buying.

Looking for a foot pedal that can work with multiple computer systems is key when you’re playing games.

The more compatible your device, the larger range of gaming accessories it will be able to control while in use.

Since gaming keyboards and other devices are becoming increasingly popular, make sure you find one that’s highly compatible so there won’t be any compatibility issues.

Where Can I Buy a Foot Pedal That Fits My Feet?

If you’re a gamer looking for an ultimate gaming experience, then these foot pedals are your best bet. Different sizes are available to suit each gamer’s needs, and they have adjustable rests so that the feet fit comfortably while playing.

Multiple foot pedals suit multiple foot sizes. Some are made very small, and you can use these if you only want to use your feet for keyboard shortcuts;

Others are made much bigger with adjustable rests for the feet so that it fits comfortably to provide a more immersive experience. Consider foot pedals that let you increase the height of your device.

Some are made extremely narrow, and these can hamper how far apart your feet must be in order to play games with them comfortably.

It’s best before buying one of those options, see if there is adequate space between each pedal, so it doesn’t affect which functions will work on a certain game while sitting down or standing up.

You could also find different types: some have two sets of pedals-one for each foot; this increases the range available when playing video games as well as increasing comfort levels because every function works better without having too little room on either side.

How Can I Make Sure That My Foot Pedal Will Let Me Have The Best Gaming Experience?

For the best experience possible, find foot pedals that will let you use your feet in real life. Some of these setups have features like a joystick and other controls to replicate an aircraft or car’s steering wheel – all without touching any buttons on the console itself.

You want to find a foot pedal that replicates the experience of driving in real life. Some pedals will even let you use your feet like they would when handling an aircraft.

With all the new gadgets and games out there, you may be wondering what to get your gamer. First of all, they’ll want a foot pedal that is made specifically for gamers instead of something like an office desk chair’s pedals.

This type of product comes in packages with other gaming appliances, which are also high-quality! This way, if/when you decide to buy them more things later on (ex: screens or consoles), then they’re already invested into one thing so far from the start.

In addition to this, some foot pedals come as a package deal when paired with interactive screens and console accessories; not only will these items stand up well after many hours at game time, but they can serve as steps towards future investments.

Summing It Up

Foot pedals are an excellent addition to your gaming experience. Finding a good one can be hard, which is why we made you this list of the five best and reviewed them! Our overall pick balances multiple needs for gamers.

The premium pick is perfect if you’re serious about games, but not so deep in that money doesn’t matter- it also comes with Bluetooth capability!.

If budgeting is more important than anything else, then our budget choice will work well for you, too (with its 12 programmable buttons).

We have two complementary picks: the first helps get started on foot pedals, while the second offers a simple design without any bells or whistles at all…and they don’t cost as much either.

When you’re looking to buy a foot pedal, there are many factors that can help dictate the type of product. Is one thing worth considering is how much space do I have!

If your gaming room has ample legroom, then go ahead with one of our classic pedals like the Speedster 2 Pedal or the World’s Fastest Gamer 3030 Pedals.

If not, and it feels most comfortable for your hands to be elevated on something while tapping them in front of you, then we recommend going with an adjustable floor-standing model.