Top 9 Best Gallon Air Compressors [Updated 2022]

Find the best air compressor at the best price!

With the technology that has evolved over the recent years, the world has, without a shadow of a doubt, produced specific remarkable methods of power generation.

These methods are all equally well planned and managed. Yet, there are several pitfalls to each, which leads to them being inefficient and unreliable for the manufacturing business, failing to produce enough energy to power the production of the desired products.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for a source of power to be efficient and to produce the desired results. For this to happen, it must have the perfect operating function that allows it to work in the best way, generating sufficient power for a variety of tasks.

An air compressor can utilize the most abundant resource known to man, air, to generate the power that is required by a particular job. It is of great importance over other methods that are commonly used, such as fuels like gasoline, petroleum. Hence, power generation naturally depletes to zero.

An air compressor is, therefore, a priceless object to have. However, several simple factors are considered before diving in and making the purchase.

Let us have a look at some.

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Gallon Air Compressors

1. Size Of The Tank

The larger the size, the more the amount of air that can be present within it. However, the larger the container, the less portable it becomes.

2. Motor Power

The more the horsepower, the more the air present at maximum pressure, hence the more the power output generated.

3. SCFM Rating

These take into account the CFM as per standard conditions such as a set temperature of operation, or a set humidity level at which it can function efficiently.

4. Efficiency

To get a hold of the best, efficient, and quiet machine of power as compared to other alternatives, you will surely have to peruse the markets to come upon the right choice.

However, we have eased your troubles by trying several of the best air compressors available in the market right now and reviewing them for you.

Let us have a look at some of their defining features.

9 Best Gallon Air Compressors

1. Porter-Cable C2002​


It is the best option for you if you aim to buy a machine that is not only compact and easy to carry but also one that produces the maximum output and has a good life. It is convenient to use and offers a capacity of 6 gallons. At only 34 lbs, the C2002 is light and comfortable enough to use hands in the vicinity, in the workshop or at home.

It implies it is an incredible choice for a vast number of capacities – from tying down parts to expanding air sleeping cushions.

Made for simple transportability and has a 6-gallon wire winding. The item incorporates a one-year constrained guarantee on compressor segments. This compressor has an acceptance engine that offers a long help life and immaculate execution.

Moreover, the six-gallon C2002 tank ensures cake soundness and incorporates a water channel valve and elastic feet that are not scratched or twisted by wooden surfaces. The compressor likewise includes an improved spread, handle, and comfort spread for ideal assurance and movability.

Very versatile and straightforward to utilize. For comfort, this productive unit works from standard family unit circuits and gives mess-free activity. The C2002 is additionally incredible and practical, on account of its low-current 120 V engine.

The motor turns over effectively in a chilly climate, accompanies an expansion, and has replaceable brushes. With the most extreme pressure of 150 psi, this motor gives you long-range and ideal profitability.

It has a big tank for ideal strength, a channel valve, elastic feet, and 150 psi. Incorporates upkeep free sans oil pump, a low-amp 120V engine that turns over effectively in a chilly climate or with an expansion, and an improved fairing with one hand and a controller spread to secure indispensable segments.

Maybe the most significant component of the C2002 is the without oil pump, which doesn’t deal with any oil slicks or upkeep issues. The pump additionally expands the life of the device and prompts perfect and proficient activity.

  • It is affordable!
  • It is portable.
  • It works efficiently after the break-in period.
  • The manual does not provide a good guideline.

2. Hitachi KNT50AB​


It is particularly useful for work that pertains to finishing and cabinetry. It contains a 6-gallon capacity and comes with safety glasses and pneumatic oil.

These green devices, in this manner, give me the motivation to look somewhere else. The cost is sensible, the parts are accessible, and they have their pieces at home and busy working. The compressor hasn’t given me an explanation yet so that the following buy will be the equivalent.

I’m so happy I purchased this rather than Bostitch BTFP2KIT. It just accompanied 18ga. Brad nailer. I have utilized it to pump truck tires a couple of times with no issues.

My vehicle and truck tire tore. At that point, the pressure drained. At that point, I restored the gadget starting with one spot then onto the next, upside down and by and large investigating it for overall quality; Welding, materials, parts, and assembling.

At last, he purchased remote devices and needed to pick a brand. I practiced environmental awareness, fundamentally at the cost of substitution batteries.

However, I experienced passionate feelings for the Hitachi Wireless range and have not yet needed to supplant the batteries.

  • It contains the right parts.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has excellent functionality.
  • It may stop working after some time.

3. Bostitch BTFP02012


It is one of the easiest to carry out of the selection. The tank capacity is 150 PSI and functions for some time with relative ease. One thing I saw is that the controller on this gadget can’t be exact. For instance, when I utilize the pneumatic/ratchet wrench working at 90 psi, I set the controller to 90 psi.

When I use the pneumatic fastener, the controller drops to 75-80 psi. At that point, when I discharge Trigger, It will rise gradually, however, it will never arrive at 90 psi.

If I open the controller marginally and set it back to 90 psi on the circle and press the trigger once more, it goes down to 75-80 psi. However, it doesn’t return to 90.

If you open it At 100 psi Square, something very similar happens once more. It will diminish during use. However, it won’t return to the predefined psi.

The pie compressors were 1 to 1.5 CV. I was unable to discover the appraised power in the rundown of declarations, the rundown of determinations, or the manual. I don’t have any idea of whether I have an awful controller or not. However, I additionally attempted it with an air conditioner, and I have a similar issue.

At last, I separated and purchased an air compressor. I required it for some time. I would now be able to utilize it to develop things and blow my PCs, swell the tires on my vehicle, and my bicycle, other than that, the compressor primarily functions admirably.

  • It reaches maximum capacity within very little time.
  • It has a good compressor.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is deafening.

4. Porter-Cable CMB15


It contains a reasonable recovery time for compressors. Not just that, but it also includes a 1.5-gallon tank that is extremely portable and light in weight. The elastic foot speaks to a lot of littler impressions than the dynamic impression dictated by the case.

The completely encased plan gives assurance from hot or moving parts. It has a 25-foot spool hose and an 8-piece frill pack that encourages various expansion undertakings. Remember one year guarantee for compressor parts.

Having lived with this compressor for some time now, I have chosen to compose an audit, which I believe is preferable for this item over the more significant part of what I have perused. Most importantly, it functions admirably.

The most extreme tank pressure of 150 psi stores more air in the tank for more extended device activity, and the without oil pump offers extended support and upkeep-free life. The 120V low-current engine effectively turns over in a chilly climate or with a dull to-convey 20 lb expansion.

It has a quiet 79 dB engine for a calmer workplace. The most pressing issue I have with the Porter smaller than the expected link is the equalization. This thing especially needs to fall.

The 1.5-gallon tank is entirely secured and simple to ship. It incorporates a water channel valve and elastic feet.

  • The compressor works perfectly.
  • It mounts on a wall easily.
  • It is compact.
  • It may break with relative ease.



It is a machine that works for a pretty long period with a minimum recovery period. It also has a long life. In the wake of holding up a couple of more minutes, I at long last succeeded.

I likewise attempted online visit support, yet following 45 minutes of pausing, no entertainer reacted. I filled the unit and returned it for a discount. It’s more than I needed to play with a different contraption.

It has defensive elastic spreads to forestall disintegration. It contains a wire twisting appropriate for simple stockpiling, and its weight of 30 pounds makes it simple to ship/store.

The high stream controller and couplers expand the exhibition of the air apparatus, and a long-life sans oil pump works without support. This unit gives a delicate noise level of 75.5 dB for a peaceful workplace.

It would seem that you ought to have the option to fix it by expelling two screws, at that point sliding it down onto the legs of the stand, at that point contorting it to secure it. Sadly, this doesn’t work because the measured square keeps you from turning it far enough, so to get the compressor, it appears as though you need to expel the checks from the tank.

The DEWALT compressor has a proficient engine for a simple beginning in a chilly climate or an expansion application. You requested this thing dependent on item determinations and surveys. Lamentably, it accompanied an assembling imperfection.

This unit has three principal parts: compressor, tank, and gathering of instruments. I attempted to contact Dewalt’s support. However, it was terrible, too.

  • It has several well-made parts.
  • It works efficiently.
  • It is compact.
  • Some fittings are leaky.

6. Makita MAC700


This model has drastically lower noise levels as compared to the rest. It contains parts that require oil lubrication, hence functioning effectively.

The 2.6-gallon tank keeps up a working pressure of 130 psi and gives 40PSI (3.8 CFM) and 90 PSI (3.3 CFM). A little AMP withdrawal lessens the event of intensity blackouts and drops, which can cause early engine disappointment.

The Mac 700 is intended to give low noise, high proficiency, and less support, and offers quality and mechanical outcomes with improved strength under intense site conditions.

The Makita 2.0 HP air compressor (MAC700) has a vast Makita chamber and a cylinder pump for higher creation, less commotion, and better execution on location. The MAC700 offers quality and mechanical outcomes with improved sturdiness for high site conditions.

The spool bar handle gives transportability and extra assurance, helping it withstand harmful situations in hands-on location. Additional features incorporate agreeable oil waste and an oil sight glass, a tank channel valve that replaces the standard pet rock structure for simple upkeep, and finned heat-disseminating release tubes effectively.

The MAC700 has an oil-greased up pump and has a vast, programmed style channel for expanded air retention and more prominent effectiveness.

The Big Bore oil pump is likewise increasingly productive: the MAC700 works colder and at half rpm for the most severe units, which converts into a more drawn out motor and pump life and Less Noise.

The Makita Big Bore pump with cast iron chamber has a higher opening and stroke to build pressure, reestablish quicker and decrease noise.

  • It works well.
  • It does not make much noise.
  • The oil works like a charm.
  • It can rust easily.

7. Senco PC1010


It is incredibly light in weight, hence being easy to carry. It has a 1-gallon capacity and works like a charm for a range of jobs. The compressor is light and very much built. It’s likewise entirely cold, I can even chat on my telephone while it’s on. I usually use it with the nailer or screw fixing gadget.

When working with the compressor, you don’t need to stress over the ear commotion that these devices typically produce.

To keep your day by day exercises from being harmed, the air compressor is for incredibly moderate activity. It’s peaceful to the point that you don’t understand there is a device that plays out a capacity close.

As the compressor is small and light, it is easy to move. With an errand that is hard to achieve, you may need the apparatus to be light and straightforward to utilize. The Senco PC1010 is easy to move at home just as it is to convey and use any place you go.

The compressor plays out all undertakings without interference with one pony at the top and ½ horse during activity. It merits each penny, and if you are searching for a high compressor for the seemingly insignificant details, you can turn out badly here.

The Senco PC1010 Compressor is little, however ground-breaking. Having this item at home makes life more straightforward as it assists load up with airing in bicycle and cruiser tires, functions admirably with Air Brush, and goes about as a successful help for the nailer or stapler.

I love this little compressor. I have been utilizing it for around a half year now. I have an internal trim organization, and the more established I get, the more I appear to do seemingly insignificant details and punch.

This thing is astounding, so it’s accessible to the point that I don’t need to dispose of a significant compressor.

  • It is lightweight.
  • It is compact.
  • It does not produce much sound.
  • It takes longer to recharge.



It is a durable product that maintains its oil-free function to fuel a smooth operation. It is light in weight and portable. The compressors are generally straightforward and have distinguished an issue with the valve or gathering get together.

While I was unscrewing a few screws, two little metal boards fell. See the photos. The zone is incredibly hot, and you will feel the drained metal, and the utilization of auxiliary materials will cause early disappointment.

Honestly, the all-out aggregate use can be two hours. Recently, making a decent attempt, we found that it would not surpass 55 psi. I experienced the controller and its most reduced air cycle to the most noteworthy air controller to ensure something didn’t stall out, still any bliss.

I thought the compressor was futile while I was out of guarantee, so I continued onward and fired destroying it for investigation.

As referenced before, set aside your cash and find different ideas from respectable contenders. This compressor will disillusion and frustrate you. I don’t expect such an awful rate of return, and I anticipate numerous long periods of utilization outside of this compressor.

It worked splendidly, and the size of the contraption was impressive. For as far back as two years, the compressor can expand tires, two containers, and, in some cases, blow dust into the store.

The compressor can be utilized/put away in a vertical/flat situation to give fast and straightforward space around a carport or site.

The 2.5-gallon compressor, 200 PSI max, is perfect for supporting an assortment of pneumatic applications and pneumatic devices. The 3.0SCFM @ 90PSI without oil pump gives a long instrument life and fast recuperation.

  • It is portable.
  • It works well.
  • It charges on time.
  • The internal components are not of good quality.

9. Campbell Hausfeld DC080500


It is a quiet machine that can be used efficiently for several functions. It is durable and portable. The DC080500 has without oil and supports a free pump for agreeable use. The unit is joined with an 8-gallon versatile level tank and is intended for a simple to utilize understanding.

The compressor has a limit of 125 PSI and is perfect for an assortment of activities, including nailing, nails, stapling, fixing, side interest covering, and expansion. The DC080500 being half calmer than comparative gadgets, you can utilize this compressor inside without stressing over commotion!

Campbell Hausfeld’s quiet compressors are to be among the calmest in the business. At only 68 dB, the low sound yield gives a tranquil workplace any place commotion is a significant issue. With a without oil, support free pump intended for solidness, each quiet Campbell Hausfeld compressor is the best.

Campbell Hausfeld makes it simple to complete your undertakings like a master. The historical backdrop of the organization started with the formation of valuable items in 1836 when it assembled horse-drawn trucks and rural gear.

Today, the organization offers a full scope of air compressors, pneumatic devices, and extras, air pumps, nail grapples, staplers, paint sprayers, high-pressure cleaners, Etc. Complete your undertakings quicker and more straightforward with Campbell Hausfeld – the airpower master.

  • It works quite nicely under daily use.
  • It is reliable.
  • It is robust.
  • It may stop functioning after a while.


It is challenging purchasing the best gallon air compressors nowadays, given the amount of fraud that exists. Air compressors are not that well known to the average man, but they are objects of extreme importance to the industry that produces goods.

However, a generator is only one of the primary objects that power a particular purpose or a unit of an industry.

For our take, Porter-Cable C2002 is the best gallon air compressor. But still, if you want something on a low budget, you can also try Campbell Hausfeld.

Therefore, we hope our selection of the best air compressors helps you gain the best experience the market has to offer!

Happy buying!