Best Gaming Headset For Big Heads 2022


For many gamers, a headset is more immersive than speakers on your TV or monitor. Headsets provide high-quality sound and microphones for communicating with teammates.

However, not every person will be able to use the same headsets comfortably since each individual has different head size requirements.

In addition to providing greater audio immersion, headsets allow team members to communicate in real-time. Many people prefer using headsets instead of speakers, but every head is different in size, so not every headset will fit perfectly.

The best gaming headsets for big heads have the features that all of the best gaming headsets have coupled with spacious ear cups.

As a result, you’ll be able to ensure long gameplay without feeling discomfort. Features such as an audio driver can help to make sure there is no lag time in between actions taken on game consoles or computers by keeping up a constant sound stream from what’s happening during play.

Components like headbands are also important because they keep these devices securely fastened around one’s neck while leaving his/her hands-free at their sides so he/she may move about more freely when playing games.

An Overview

  1. Gaming Headsets for Big Heads: Our Top 5 Picks
  2. RUNMUS Gaming Headset: Best Overall
  4. Budget Pick: NUBWO Gaming Headset
  5. BANGOR G9000
  6. HyperX Cloud II

In addition to audio quality, the gaming headset’s other characteristics influence how the experience is perceived. Here is a quick comparison table showing our picks for the best gaming headset for big heads

1. RUNMUS Gaming Headset – Best Overall


It is hard to find one that fits you. A company called RUNMUS has designed the perfect headset for gamers with big heads like my friends and me!

The best part about it! Red, blue, or grey are the available colors. We decided to go with black because our favorite color was sold out when we ordered ours (though I’m sure any would have been just fine).

On top of all this awesomeness, these headphones come at an affordable price, so we can finally afford them now without having to take on extra shifts every night before work; they’re definitely worth their weight in gold.

Your best choice for a gaming headset that is guaranteed to stay on your head is the RUNMUS Gaming Headset.

It has an adjustable, padded, and retractable headband, so you can get just the right fit with its ergonomically designed ear cups.

Get in touch with your inner gamer by choosing from three colors: red, blue, or grey. The cost of this quality product won’t break the bank either – it’s affordable no matter what color you choose.

The microphone is sensitive at -38 dB. The headset has a flip switch to make the mute function easy and can also be rotated upward for exactly where you need it in your ear.

This product comes with LED lights that provide an awesome visual effect, but the durable cable length of about 7 feet ensures this product will not force you up against TVs or monitors as often since they are just too tight on space these days

! Although heavier than other headsets, weighing 12 ounces vs. 8-11 ounces like most others on average, it’s still comfortable enough to wear without any discomfort over long periods of time, even if used continuously throughout the day (8 hours).

This professional-grade headset is ideal for any gamer who wants to have a clear and crisp voice chat experience. It has an anti-static microphone with noise cancellation that makes it easy to take calls anywhere in the room or even from across town!

The adjustable mic can be rotated up just like your own head, so you don’t need to keep bending over awkwardly as if someone had shoved their hand down your throat.

Plus, this sleek black gaming helmet will make all of us look cool while we unleash our inner Pokémon master skills on them unsuspecting noobs at school (or work). 

  • Padded and retractable headband
  • Soft, breathable ear pads
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • 50 mm neodymium audio driver
  • -38 dB microphone sensitivity
  • LED lights
  • A little heavier than other gaming headsets
  • Corded

2. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

The BENOOO G9000 offers excellent sound quality and a comfortable design.

There are two different versions of this headset that you can get: the newer version, which comes in red, and the previous blue model.

This headset features soft protein memory foam earpads as well as a padded and adjustable headband to fit all shapes–a multi-point beam at 60mm intervals alleviates pressure on one spot.

There is a lot that this headset has to offer. It includes an omnidirectional noise-canceling mic with a sensitivity of -38 +/- 3 dB and compatibility for most platforms being just two features the G9000 offers its users.

The microphone itself is flexible, which gives it great flexibility in different situations, as well as making sure there are no breaks or cracks when disconnecting from devices like laptops or mobile phones.

This is because they can be placed back into their original shape after use instead of feeling warped by pulling them apart too much; the mute key also ensures you don’t have any unwanted interruptions during your conference call while adjusting volume levels on both sides, so others hear exactly what you want them to.

  • Surround sound subwoofer
  • 40 mm magnetic neodymium driver
  • 15-20,000 Hz frequency response
  • -38 dB (+/- 3 dB) microphone sensitivity
  • Mute key and rotary volume control
  • Soft protein memory foam ear pads
  • Adjustable and padded headband
  • LED lights
  • Heavy
  • Corded
  • Lights need a USB plug

3. HyperX Cloud II


A very popular, higher-end gaming headset.

It comes in red and gunmetal grey with two sets of interchangeable ear pads to suit your comfort level: the leatherette memory foam cushions for those who need extra sound insulation or velour for lighter-weight durability.

The solid aluminum frame makes this wireless headband durable, so you can game for long hours without any discomfort as it adjusts around your skull.

It’s a pretty standard gaming headset.

The microphone has noise-canceling capabilities and can be detached when not in use; the volume control is easily accessible on an inline cord that sits just below your mouth, so you never have to take off your headphones for adjustments during gameplay.

It also works with most consoles! One minor drawback: some gamers might find it frustratingly short at only 3 feet long–, but this means fewer cable tangles too.

  • Aluminum frame
  • Interchangeable ear pads
  • Lightweight
  • 53 mm audio driver
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • 15-25,000 Hz frequency response
  • -39 +/- 3 dB microphone sensitivity
  • Detachable microphone
  • Expensive
  • Shorter cord
  • The headband not fully adjustable but is flexible

4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Premium Pick


When it comes to gaming, audio is just as important—if not more so—as visuals. SteelSeries understands this better than most and has created the Arctis Pro wireless headset for gamers who demand nothing less than ultra-high quality sound at all times.

This premium device sports a polished steel-and-aluminum alloy construction that promises durability, while an AirWeave fabric covering ensures you’re comfortable even during long hours of playtime with its cushioned ear cups which are designed to stay cool in any setting (even when your palms get sweaty).

The self-adjusting headband flexes according to your head size, ensuring that no matter how large or small you may be, there’s always some degree of comfort included here.

The Arctis Pro from SteelSeries is a top-quality headset that’s perfect for gamers of all sizes, and it even comes with some added features to make the experience more comfortable.

The self-adjusting headband flexes so you can find your optimal fit; then, when you’re done gaming or taking calls on Skype, just flip up the ear cups into an easy carrying case. 

The Shure SE425 semi-open earphones give you access to every frequency on the higher end of sound that cannot be heard by your human ears.

The microphone is noise-canceling and has a sensitivity rating of -38 dB, so it’s perfect for any situation where there may be background commotion. You won’t have to worry about pesky disturbances getting in between you and your music.

The Shure SE425 Semi-Open Earphones are excellent devices with which one can hear frequencies high up on the spectrum that would otherwise not register without hearing aids or headphones designed with these sounds specifically in mind.

These advanced pieces also boast microphones capable of blocking out noisy backgrounds as well as having built-in sensors for sensing changes such as volume levels.

SteelSeries is known for its high-quality headsets, and this one does not disappoint.

It offers advanced features such as the ChatMix feature, which helps you mix game audio with chat audio on the go, a fully customizable sound experience that lets users adjust EQ settings or even set up side tones to help block out background noise in order to focus more clearly during intense gaming sessions, 16.8 million colors to choose from.

So it will match your favorite games’ graphics well without being too flashy like other headphones are prone to be simply because their moving parts can’t blend into any color scheme seamlessly – SteelSeries has perfected that art.

SteelSeries continues its tradition of providing gamers with top-notch products through the Siberia 840 USB headset. 

  • Steel and aluminum build
  • Soft, cooling ear cups
  • V2.0 surround sound
  • 10-40,000 Hz frequency response
  • -38 dB microphone sensitivity
  • Fully customizable audio and RGB lighting settings
  • Expensive
  • Short cord (3 feet)

5. NUBWO Gaming Headset – Budget Pick

The NUBWO Gaming Headset is the cheapest headset on this list. It has a durable frame that can twist without breaking, and it’s able to extend up to 180 degrees, meaning you’ll be sure your gaming experience will never be interrupted by long cords again!

The headband is designed in an ergonomic way, so you won’t feel any discomfort or pain while wearing them for hours of playtime with friends.

These headphones have soft ear cups covered in leatherette fabric that contours around your ears–perfect for those times when people are talking right next to each other but don’t want anyone else listening in. 

This headset is compatible with most consoles, but it’s a little heavier than the others on this list. That said, because of its design (suspended headband), you’ll be relieved from pain and pressure in your ears while playing games for hours at a time!

It has an extended cord that measures 5 feet long – so no worries about having to always plug in or unplug when switching between devices.

This headset by Turtle Beach weighs less than one pound but still provides excellent sound quality like all other headsets made by them do.

This device includes many features such as compatibility with any console available today, which means there are very few limitations, even considering how heavy they can sometimes be.

  • Cheap
  • Very flexible and durable
  • 3D stereo sound
  • 50 mm audio driver
  • 20-20,000 Hz frequency response
  • -38 dB microphone sensitivity
  • 360-degree microphone
  • Heavier than others
  • There can be a lot of volume

Choosing A Gaming Headset For A Big Head

Headphones come in a variety of widths, but if you have an especially large head, then your options are limited.

Fortunately for these people, there is still some hope!

Larger heads generally need more audio enhancements to ensure that they hear every word and also require features like cushioned ear cups or extra padding at the top of the headset as it will rest on their forehead when wearing glasses.

Finding a good headphone can be challenging enough with all its different sizes and shapes, but what about those who happen to have larger than average-sized heads!

No one thinks about it, but when you have a larger head than the average person, your standard headphones might not cut it.

You need to be able to hear all of the sounds in video games and movies without feeling like someone has wrapped their hands around your skull, squeezing tightly.

If this is true for you, then there are some key features that will make shopping much less stressful such as comfort padding on both ear cups with an adjustable fit band for those nights where things just won’t stop happening while sitting down or even better if they also happen at work so don’t let anyone take away from what’s important.


Headset comfort is paramount. Wearing a headset that sits on your head should be adjustable or flexible and padded for extra cushioning against pressure which can cause discomfort and headaches.

Headband design matters, too, because a suspended or multi-point band might do the trick if you’re having issues with these symptoms as well!

Plus, it’s good to get one made from quality materials like aluminum, steel, ABS plastic – something lightweight so as not to put any unnecessary strain on your neck muscles when wearing them over long periods of time; we know how important their flexibility is in order out here at Sunny Day Techs HQ. 

Ear Cups

There are two options for a design? The type that is right for you will depend on a number of factors, including comfort and noise reduction.

Closed designs will usually offer more in both categories when compared with their counterparts, but they may not work well if your living situation isn’t conducive to them being used by others around you like sleeping family members who share a room with you at night time.

Because these headphones block out extra sound from coming through while gaming on your laptop during the day so keep this in mind before making any hasty decisions about using them yourself.

No matter what genre of gaming you enjoy, there are a variety of ear cups and styles available. Closed design is the popular choice among gamers due to its sound blocking properties that allow for better concentration on gameplay.

You will also find different materials used to cover them, such as leatherette or mesh, which can be breathable depending on your needs. So keep in mind these features when shopping around so as not to miss out. 

Microphone Style

If you are shopping for a microphone, you need to pay attention to a couple of specs. First, you’ll want one that is adjustable as this will make your use of the mic easier and more flexible in various scenarios like having different head shapes or headset sizes

. For the best microphone experience, it’s crucial you get one that is adjustable. You want a flexible mic so that no matter what shape your head is or how big it might be, there will always be an easy and comfortable fit.

Microphone Sensitivity

Having a microphone is not only important for online gamers; it’s also crucial to have one if you’re looking into joining the voiceover industry.

You need good audio quality, and there are many aspects that go into this – first of all, make sure your headset has noise-canceling capabilities as well as sensitivity measurement in decibels (dB).

This means that when you speak louder than usual or scream at a certain volume level on your mic, what others hear will be clear without any distortion from surrounding noises!

A great way to improve both of those qualities would be by getting an Omni-directional microphone because they pick up sound equally no matter where the user stands relative to their computer screen.

You might not be a gamer, but if you are, then having the perfect microphone is essential. This device should have noise cancellation technology that blocks out any sound irrelevant to direction (bi-directional or Omnidirectional).

You will also need to get an appropriate sensitivity measure that measures your voice in decibels so it can produce good output for other team members as well.

To make this passage more engaging and interesting would require someone with technical knowledge on microphones which could provide detail about how they work and what makes them important while utilizing examples from their personal experience.

Surround Sound

It’s hard to really get immersed in a video game without surround sound. Don’t believe us! Try playing your favorite sounds with the volume off – you won’t know what direction they’re coming from, making it difficult for your brain to pinpoint where those eerie noises are even coming from.

Playing this game will be a highly immersive experience and the audio quality is exceptional. Regardless of where your surroundings come from, every detail will seem as if you were right there with them.

Audio Driver

The driver is the vital part of your headset that feeds sound to you. Your headphones need a good, clear audio signal, so when it comes time for an upgrade, make sure they have big drivers with wide frequency ranges, or else you’ll miss out on hearing things like high-pitched sounds and low bass notes.

The ear cup needs a strong audio source in order to feed what’s happening around us into our ears clearly enough for easy listening – which means bigger isn’t always better!

Large drivers will be able to provide clearer quality but also let listeners hear more details than their smaller counterparts would allow them too such as higher frequencies and lower-bass tones within songs.

Generally, gaming headset drivers are either 40 mm or 50 mm, but larger ones are available. A 40mm driver is the bare minimum you need. But most people probably won’t be able to tell if it is a 32mm audio driver instead of one that’s 48-50mms in size, so don’t let this stop your search for an awesome headset.

Most modern, high-quality headphones typically use some combination of three different sizes: small (32 millimeters), medium (40 millimeters), and large speakers/drivers(48-50 millimeters).

However, many gamers prefer smaller headsets because they are less expensive and easier to carry around than full-sized models.

Frequency Response

The performance of your headset is based on the range of frequencies that it picks up in your favorite games

. A bigger range ensures you’ll hear more than what most low-frequency headsets can pick up, so at least look for one with 20 to 20k Hz.

The headset’s frequency response is all about hearing as much game audio as possible—and if you have been playing on an old set and are ready to upgrade, this measurement will help make sure you get value from your investment.

Corded vs. Wireless

This list includes only wired headsets, but for most gamers, this is fine. When you decide on buying one: cord length and reliability.

The cords can be long, which may get in your way or break easily, so it might work better with a wireless option depending on what you need from them.

If wiring isn’t an issue, then there are a lot of factors that come into play, like the materials used to make these cables (some more durable than others) as well as how many channels they have;

We recommend 5-channel because four channels won’t do much good when playing games online where audio cues will help increase gameplay efficiency.


The importance of your headset is compatible with the console you use is crucial. Not all headsets are created to work for every system, so make sure that yours does before purchasing it! Headsets come in two types: wired and wireless.

The majority have 3.5 mm audio jacks, which means they can be used on any system at home or away; however, there is a catch – if one doesn’t provide an adapter pack, then compatibility will not extend as far as expected due to different connector ports found within consoles (iPad).

Wireless headsets typically connect using USB, but some need adapters, while others may not be compatible without them depending on how new the game console’s model is (New Xbox One S models).

As a gamer, there are some things you need before even opening the box. Your choice of the console is necessary, but that’s not all!

You’ll also need a headset compatible with your system if possible, and one in good working condition for it will always make an impact on gameplay quality.


Choosing the best headset for your game is more than just picking out features. You need to consider what you will be playing and how that makes a difference in some of these characteristics like comfort, quality, durability, or microphone volume.

For example, if it’s an online video game, then having a great mic can really help with communication even though there are other key points as well, such as sound quality and adjustability, which gamers who have big heads might find important too when looking at their headsets options before they get into their next round.

Having the perfect headset isn’t all about sticking to specific details either; players should also think about where they’re gaming from because this changes things greatly.