Best Headset For League Of Legends 2022

Sound is one of the most potent aspects of gaming. The ambient noise and sound effects are often what make a game come to life, but they can also be used as cues for player actions or strategies to win.

For example, many players rely on being able to hear other people playing their games so that they know when it’s appropriate time to go back into battle because there have been no sounds from them for a while;

This tactic may not always work due to course depending upon whether you’re fighting against someone who likes silent gameplay tactics. 

Other times though, we need ambiance with our action: think about racing video games where an engine purring by your ear means getting closer and closer towards victory lane.

Choosing the right headset for gaming can be a daunting task. After all, you want high-quality sound and stability without sacrificing your comfort or affordability. Please sound off in our picks for gamers with League Of Legends to find out which will work best for you.

The best League of Legends headset is a mix of sound quality and stability, but not at the expense of its integrity. Here are our top choices for gaming headsets that will make your experience better than ever before.

1. Corsair HS35 – Budget Choice

The Corsair HS35 is a great buy for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money on their gaming gear. It isn’t the best sound quality, but we all know you can never have high-end speakers and be budget-conscious at the same time.

The Corsair HS35 by design has many of its features set up in such a way as to strike an ideal balance between price and performance.

The highs are clear albeit not very sharp; lows are deep yet lack some power; mids come through primarily smooth with only small amounts of distortion–the list could go on forever when talking about this device’s pros/cons. Ultimately, it matters if you’re looking for top-notch. 

The Plantronics RIG 4VR headset is a mixed bag. The sound quality for gaming audio is excellent, and the side volume adjustment makes it easy to hear sounds in games with higher volumes than those on your computer or mobile device’s speakers.

However, it lacks several features that may not be an ideal choice of headsets: It lacks features like a microphone boom arm so you can talk online without taking off your headphones; it has only one speaker and ear cup that fit snugly around both ears which some users find uncomfortable over long periods;

Design-wise, its extremely simplistic vibe won’t appeal to most gamers who want something flashy instead.

The HS35 Corsair is the perfect headset for new gamers that are just starting their journey. The stereo sound it outputs makes this headset an excellent choice, and its price tag will not break your bank account.

The best part about the Corsair HS35 Gaming Headset is that there’s no need to worry about compatibility with any of your other devices because this one only produces a two-channel audio signal – making it easy on both you and our ears!

This fantastic beast from high above us even has some very cool features such as in-line controls so the volume can be adjusted without fiddling around behind yourself or tangling up wires. 

  • Excellent Value For Price
  • Well-maintained Sound
  • Clear, Nice Microphone Quality
  • Lacks extra aesthetics and features
  • Only utilizes Stereo Sound

2. HyperX Cloud Orbit S – Premium Choice

HyperX has emerged as a significant player in terms of providing high-quality gear that even professionals appreciate. In this regard, the Cloud Orbit S does not differ.

It provides users with high-level audio quality without sacrificing durability, making it perfect for use while video games or listening to music on your phone all day long.

The Audeze Waves NX 3D Sound Tech allows you to truly submerge yourself in the game with an audio experience that is more realistic than ever before. With this headset, your head movements are tracked for better sound quality and immersive gameplay.

The microphone also features a pop filter so you can enjoy clear calls while gaming without interruption or unwanted background noise. The Audeze Waves NX 3d sound tech allows for a more realistic audio experience.

The microphone and cord can be adjusted, making sure your calls in-game are clean and crisp.

For those who want quality headphones at an affordable price, the HyperX Cloud Core is perfect.

The design may be over-the-top or too flashy for some people’s preferences, and comfort levels dwindle after long hours of use, but it offers unmatched sound quality to any other brands outside of their line.

  • Hyper-Clear Sound
  • Comfortable and Clean Build
  • 3D Head Tracking
  • Extremely Pricey
  • Complicated Software Needed

3. HyperX CloudX Flight – Our Pick


HyperX Cloud Flight is a headset that provides top-quality performance with the balance of both worlds, not sacrificing one for another.

This elegant and smart-looking product has more flair than its cousins in HyperX’s orbit series; however, it lacks any strength or impactful function due to this change.

Following along the lines of their popular headsets, such as those found in the Orbit S line and Stinger Lineups, Hyperx brings us an all-new addition: the Cloud X flight.

It is a little less intense than you might find within Clouds other products from Hyper’s lineup (such as high-performing ones like the Clouds Orbit range) but still providing a top-tier gaming experience while adding some flair to your life – It won’t be hard.

The Nexxtech headset is built with up-to-date features like memory foam that contours to your individual needs. The headband ensures long-lasting comfort even during prolonged sessions and can keep up with marathon gaming events too.

The HyperX Cloud II is an excellent headset for PC gamers, but there are some downsides. The price may be too much to afford, and the cables can break easily.

It also has limited compatibility with only being able to work on PCs, so don’t expect any sound from Riot Games’ Wild Rifts if you purchase this set of headphones!

However, it’s still worth getting as long as you’re willing to pay more than your average pair of earbuds because its quality will make up for that extra cost in time spent gaming without having our ears hurt at all. 

  • Amazing Design
  • Built to Last
  • Great Aesthetics and Lighting
  • Pricey
  • Slightly Exposed Build
  • Less Accessible Than other HyperX Models

4. Sennheiser GSP 370


Sennheiser set out to create a gaming headset that would provide the best listening experience of any. With their GSP 370, they’ve succeeded in delivering just what gamers need- powerful bass and crystal clear highs with an emphasis on pinpointing voice chat audio from other players or game commentary.

Sennheiser is not exactly known for being a high-profile player in the world of gaming headsets, typically making headphones more tailored towards business professionals than hardcore gamers looking for top-of-the-line performance around every corner when it comes to sound quality within games.

Their newest release – SENNHEISER Gaming Headset GSP370 (a mouthful!) takes this theory into question by providing features that will impress everyone.

Sennheiser is not exactly a household name in the gaming world, but their GSP 370 headset proves that they are still an incredible contender.

They specialize more in headphones and headsets for those who listen to music casually or for business calls. Yet, these professional-quality cans provide gamers with crisp sound while staying comfortable.

The Sennheiser brand may be unfamiliar among hardcore PC gamer’s peripherals list of must-haves; however, this doesn’t mean you should skip out on picking up one of their high-quality offerings like the GSP370 headphone/headset combo just because it might seem too good to be true.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 is the perfect headset for gamers and travelers who want to experience their favorite titles in comfort without sacrificing battery life.

The design of the Sennheiser GSP 370 ensures it will keep your head cool even when gaming for hours at a time, providing you with an enjoyable listening or viewing session that won’t end abruptly due to low power levels on one’s headphones.

The transmitter also has a built-in microphone, so you can chat using voice communication while playing games online as well.

If you’re looking for a great headset, the Sennheiser GSP 370 is what you need.

Not only does it have a crisp and clear sound with deep bass that will increase the immersion of your gaming experience, but its comfortable design takes care of all those pressure points on your head, so even long sessions are possible without discomfort or pain in any way.

And if these features weren’t enough to sell this product, imagine being able to use them wirelessly because they work both wired AND wireless – no matter where life takes you. 

  • Rivals HyperX in terms of Sound Quality
  • Incredible Battery Life
  • Simple yet aesthetically pleasing design
  • Expensive
  • No Wired Options
  • Bulky Microphone

5. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition


The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is an affordable headset that improves the original by providing a more comfortable fit and better sound.

The new, improved product was designed with comfort in mind to make it easier for gamers to spend hours playing without experiencing soreness or discomfort of any kind. The audio quality has also been vastly enhanced compared to older models, so you can enjoy gaming even if your team isn’t winning.

The Kraken TE is an exceptional headphone that provides excellent customization. Quite a few sounds can be heard, and you want the sound quality appropriate for whatever scenario you’re in. However, this can happen when swapping platforms frequently; it’s challenging to set up proper audio every time. 

For me, the two most important characteristics of headphones are comfort and durability- just because they have good sound and don’t mean much if I’m not comfortable wearing them or break quickly after purchase!

The whole point of buying new things like these is that we don’t get bored listening to our old audiobooks repeatedly.

Kraken Tournament Edition by Razer is a powerful headset that features comfort and power. With the built-in microphone plus adjustment speakers on this device for individualizing volume levels to your liking, you will never have trouble with not being heard or hearing everything too loud again.

With a built-in stand-alone microphone and headset sound adjustor, the Kraken TE allows you to customize your volume levels easily.

Even though it’s a little pricey, there’s nothing more appropriate for its quality. With its comfortability and sleek design with power capabilities, this animal can always be considered as well.

  • Powerful, All-Around Quality
  • Adjustable Volume Output and Input
  • Made for Marathon Gaming Sessions
  • Slight Distortion with Sound
  • A bit over-the-top Aesthetics

6. ARCTIS 9X by SteelSeries


The SteelSeries brand is known among gamers for knowing what they are looking for. Games are a big part of SteelSeries’ business, which is why they know what gamers want.

Having been around for many years, they have a variety of games to appeal to every kind of gamer, regardless of genre preferences or skill level.

From keyboards and headsets designed specifically for professional gaming tournaments down to primary controllers perfect for novice players, SteelSeries has you covered. 

SteelSeries is always looking out for its customers by providing excellent products tailored precisely towards your wants as a customer and ensuring that they’re able to provide quality equipment across each different spectrum so there’ll never be anything missing from your collection again. 

Riot Games announced multiple new games on the horizon, but with a headset that can’t provide the quality sound, you might as well stay home. The Arctis 9X is a great headset that can work on PC, mobile, Xbox, and PlayStation

. It provides a lightweight nylon ear cushion, so it doesn’t matter how long you plan to play. The sound quality of the surround sound will blow your mind.

This is the best headset you could have if your goal is to look like a professional gamer from head to toe. The downside. It’s pricey, and it screams “gamer.”

If anything, keep this at home or in public with nonmoving gaming setups so that you don’t risk damaging any of its components. But if showing off how much money we spend on games isn’t an issue for you, then this will be worth every penny. So the price and gaudiness are the drawbacks of this headset.

If you can put up with these things, then go for it! The components inside might be a little fragile too, so I would avoid using them on your office desk or in public transportation if at all possible.

  • Works across multiple platforms.
  • Highest Quality Comfort aesthetics
  • Great sound no matter the game
  • Lackluster Headband
  • Slightly fragile if not Careful
  • Quite pricey for the Qualities

7. Turtle Beach Recon 200


When you’re looking for a good headset, it’s crucial to find one that is durable and resilient. Turtle Beach has been designing headsets since the beginning of video games to know what makes a great product.

For example, their Recon 200 model offers high-quality sound with full compatibility across many devices–from consoles like Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to your mobile device.

Although some other companies dominate the list, Turtle Beach ensures quality in every detail while remaining affordable because they have decades of experience making equipment for first-person shooter games such as “Call Of Duty,” known for being intense requiring quick responses.

The lightweight design also allows gamers from all walks of life to play comfortably without any strain on their neck muscles during extended hours. 

The Astro A10 headset doesn’t have the same surround sound quality that other headsets tend to, but it makes up for this with a versatile mic. You can flip your mic piece to mute yourself when you want privacy or need some time away from others.

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 is a headset that’s good in more ways than one. For starters, it has excellent sound quality and clear mic transmission for the price you’re paying; your employees will be able to hear what you have to say with clarity.

It also features an easy-to-use volume adjustment wheel on the right earphone cup, which makes adjusting audio levels convenient during gameplay sessions or when listening to music while gaming online – plus,

There are other perks such as separate chat volumes so whichever input might require louder noise can get all of its attention from players without interrupting anything else going on around them.

The downsides are relatively superficial, but they do exist nonetheless: The design leaves a lot desired.

  • Exceptional Price/Quality Balance
  • Strong, Resonating Bass Quality
  • Dependable Mic system
  • Stiff, Uncomfortable for Long Play Sessions
  • Fairly Simple Design
  • No Other Quality-of-Life Properties

8. Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer is renowned for its keyboards and mice, but they have always left a little something to be desired in the headset department. Nari Ultimate is able to satisfy that desire with intelligent new features such as four-digit RGB lighting zones and aluminum alloy construction.

With updated design elements like black metal headband bars and silver accents, Razer’s headsets are finally catching up aesthetically to what we’ve come accustomed to from them elsewhere on our computer desks.

Which makes it all too easy (and tempting) not only to keep using this headset at home or work with your favorite pair of cans plugged into its 3mm audio port–but also to take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity, so you don’t need an extra cable dangling around while gaming on your laptop.

The ROCCAT Taito headset is unlike any other on this list. While most headsets are meant for a specific audience and purpose, the Roccat Taito set was created with versatility as its goal.

The durable build can handle even rough travel conditions while also being simple enough to allow gamers of all levels to use it without frustration- something many higher-end models seem incapable of doing these days.

However, where some top-quality components come at an affordable price point on our lower-tiered headphones, they often do not exist within gaming sets that cost just as much (or more), which may be disappointing if you were looking forward to having your cake and eating too.

The Razer Kraken Pro V2 is the headset you need if you’re looking for an upgrade. This new edition offers a better feel and sound quality than its predecessor, meaning this bad boy will be with your gaming set up from now on.

The newest model of their famous line of headsets gives gamers everything they could want in one package:

Premium physical design that enhances comfort during long play sessions, full 7.1 audio support to provide players pinpoint directional cues throughout virtual environments, excellent noise isolation, so outside sounds don’t get inside (or vice versa), and a retractable mic ideal when chatting while playing or just listening to music at home.

  • Detachable Microphone
  • High-end Audio Speakers
  • Balanced Sound Quality with Beautiful Comfort
  • Limited Wireless Compatibility
  • No Noise-Cancelling Feature
  • Extremely Pricey

9. Logitech G Pro


Logitech’s headsets are known for their stability and simplicity. Their design philosophy is that the product should do what it needs to, without making a fuss about how flashy or expensive they can make it seem.

The Logitech G Pro headset does this with its durability of use and affordability in price point, as well as accessibility in features like connectivity between PC/Mac devices (without requiring any software), no battery pack required- so you’re only paying for sound. 

The affordable Logitech G Pro headset is the perfect way to get your work done without all of that flashy nonsense. Its simple, durable design combined with its reasonable price is just what you need if you’re not seeking anything too extravagant.

The G Pro is a simple design without any bells and whistles. It’s more about the sound than it looks, so you won’t need to worry about breaking them with rough treatment or travel. The G Pro’s sleek, minimalist style is both a blessing and a curse.

While the design does allow for an easy setup with minimal flair or glitz, it also makes this headset prone to breaking easily when handled carelessly. Price-wise, this is one of the more affordable options for these properties. It costs much less than many other homes for sale in the area.

  • Design that is clean, simple, and bold
  • Earcups that are comfortable and breathe well
  • Bass-heavy without any adjustable modes
  • An ounce of fragility.
  • Wi-Fi is not available.

A Guide To Choosing The Best League Of Legends Headset

When it comes to choosing a pair of headsets, your options are endless. Different games require different things from their audio design, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone’s ears or needs.

Most people think they know what headset will work best for them when diving into the world of gaming.

Still, as soon as you try out that game on another console with an entirely new setup, you realize just how critical this decision can be since each gamer has differences in sight and sound sensitivity.

It becomes even more complicated if we throw in hardware limitations, too; some consoles aren’t capable enough to produce crisp sounds while others have less than ideal output jacks, which could result in low-quality headphones regardless of input volume levels. 

For League of Legends, there are different auditory clues that you will need to know about to choose the correct gaming headset. This includes how many channels each type of earpiece has and if it is noise-canceling or not.

For those who play League Of Legends specifically, I’ll tell you a little bit more about what kinds of components your next pair should have so that they work for this specific game.

For one thing, most people prefer between three and five unique sound sources at once because some games include multiple conversations happening simultaneously on top of environmental sounds like wind blowing through trees which can help with player immersion into their surroundings while playing as champions from different parts all around Runeterra (this may vary depending on distance).

Wired Versus Wireless

What’s with all these wireless headsets. What are the benefits of going from wired to Bluetooth-enabled equipment, and how does it make gaming more accessible in non-accessible locations.

The transition from a corded headset to one that is wirelessly enabled has become very common as technology moves forward. Wireless headphones allow for games on portable equipment without sacrificing functionality when used over Bluetooth connections – this means they can be played anywhere.

The best way to enjoy your headset is wireless. Why! It’s simple: no wires. You can move around freely, and the audio quality will be just as good on a wireless setup as wired. If you are a professional gamer, wired peripherals will always be the way to go.

However, for casual gamers who do not need information being transmitted back and forth with their headset to play games equally as professionals. In most cases, it doesn’t matter whether or not they use wireless headsets instead.

Wired is a better option if you like to play with stability and don’t have too much room in your gaming space.

Wireless works best for those who want quick access and are more apt to move around the house or take their setup on the go, which may be difficult when wired configurations must remain stationary.

Both options should be taken into account before purchase. They provide different experiences that will work for certain players over others, depending on what kind of game experience they’re looking for.

Audio quality

When choosing a headset, it’s essential to know that there are different types of sound quality.

Depending on the style you choose, they’ll give your ears optimal settings for a specific set of sounds; some will help create surround-sound effects while others allow crisp and clean audio with less noise interference.

The game League of Legends does not rely heavily on sound. This lack of reliance can be attributed to the fact it’s an over-the-shoulder third-person MOBA, meaning where you hear sounds coming from should generally be easy enough for you to tell since they’ll always happen within your field of vision when playing.

League Of Legends doesn’t rely much on audio cues being able to judge what’s happening in any given moment because this particular genre and perspective mean everything will already have been explained to you through visuals alone – which are more important than anything else when it comes down to League anyway.

When you’re playing a first-person shooter, where the battlefield is stretched out before your eyes and there is an endless number of enemies, directional sound becomes even more critical.

This means that when looking for an ideal headset to get into these intense gameplay moments, it’s imperative to look for excellent quality audio and clarity to distinguish all those individual sounds coming towards your ears – bullets whizzing by or footsteps creeping up behind.


These days, you can buy the latest gaming technology with accessories that would make any gamer drool. With all these advancements currently, it’s hard to believe a headset is needed at all.

Almost everyone will be impressed with the accessories that come in a headset. There are so many options, and you can make your unique design for gaming! Is it indispensable. Nope.

The generally added accessories intend to be extra RGB lights, elegant lettering, materials, or over-the-top bulking when it comes to gaming.

But none of this is necessary! Instead, look for accessory enhancements that will maximize your experience when playing game after game without pause. For those who prefer the physical side of gaming with a headset, several features can improve your experience.

For instance, look for earpieces and frames that will not feel hard after many hours of gameplay; or cushions to reduce pressure on your head from wearing it too long. You may also find noise-canceling technology helpful depending on where your game is: in competitive settings or when surrounded by life’s chaos at home.

Game headphones should be comfortable enough, so players do not have any discomfort while using them—especially considering how much time they might spend playing during competitions or just sitting around doing nothing but concentrating (or zoning out) watching Netflix all day every day.

A perfect example is one made with an adjustable

Build Quality

Your headset can go through a lot of things. It’s essential to make sure that it’ll handle the stress to not need one with high-quality materials and crucial features like noise cancellation. The right choice will help your headphones last longer for every moment in between those long periods when you don’t use them. 

For League of Legends gamers, a balanced combination between sturdy and delicate is needed.

The heavier duty headsets are great for input, but they can drop quality with output. As such, it’s best to find an appropriate balance to have both aspects well taken care of to be able to play without any worries when overall sound levels go up or down as you’re playing your favorite game.

When it comes to gaming headsets for PC games like League Of Legends (or anything else), we need to find a balance between durable and delicate – after all, not every person wants their headset breaking from one wrong move!

Heavy-duty ones work well at taking things in; however, if that same heavyweight makes them less flexible, then using something lighter.

It is vital to purchase a headset that can last for those prone to getting upset quickly or raging. To ensure your product’s best quality and most extended lifespan, you should invest in something more sturdy.