Best Headset For Rainbow Six Siege 2022


There are plenty of shooters on consoles. It has a strong following and will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users soon, so you’ll need to have everything from equipment to game knowledge ready when it’s released.

The popular online shooter Rainbow Six Siege is available on multiple platforms and will be coming soon to the PlayStation 4 consoles. To get in on this game or better your experience if you are already playing it, there’s one thing that remains consistent: You need to have good equipment. 

Though some of what makes up “good” may differ between a console and PC players (such as mics), all games require having sound-canceling headphones so teammates can hear you while still being able to listen for their surroundings.

With gaming headsets, it is important to know what you are getting into. You can’t just pick any random one and hope for the best. Instead of going blindfolded with no idea which ones offer the most comfort or sound quality, take a look at these five criteria that will help make your decision easier on yourself: Which headset has high ratings in audio performance? 

Does mic clarity matter more than anything else? Are there other features like surround sound headphones worth paying attention to as well? What about compatibility across consoles such as Xbox One S/X, PS4 Pro / Slim.

How many types of connectors does each have available – USB vs. analog etc.? Which company offers customer service ranked highest amongst gamers out there. 

Rainbow Six Siege headset comparison table

A gaming headset is a key component to the audio quality of your immersive game experience. 

Determine what works for you with which games. In order to make our recommendations easier to understand, we have created this comparison table below that gives insight into each product’s features as well as reviews from customers who already use them.

For more in-depth information about these headsets, please scroll down past this chart: 

If I were looking for new headphones or just wanted some casual noise-canceling earbuds, then my first stop would probably be Bose because they’re known by professionals all over for their sound technology but also offer adequate geek gear when needed like Bluetooth abilities since most people.</p>

1. HyperX Cloud Alpha



  • The sound is great
  • Affordability
  • The microphone that can be detached
  • Weighs little

  • The material of the ear cushions is questionable
  • It’s better for smaller and medium-sized heads


Connection: Wired | Sound: Stereo | Jack Size: 3.5mm | Mic: Detachable Noise Cancellation | Earmuffs: Memory Foam + Leatherette | Weight: 12 ounces

One downside of the Cloud Alpha is that it’s slightly on the delicate side. With its thin wireframe and lack of suspension, this headset can snap very easily if you pull too hard or bump into things while wearing it. 

You might like SteelSeries’ H Wireless Gaming Headset instead – it’s tough enough to withstand tough play, and it breathes. The Cloud Alpha is a great headset for gamers who want an ultra-light and comfortable headpiece. 

It’s also solidly built, offering the assurance that it can withstand plenty of use in more intense gaming sessions. But being delicate doesn’t mean it lacks power – with its 40mm drivers, this lightweight pair pumps out surprisingly clear audio to keep you immersed during heated playtimes when Rainbow Six Siege gets too much. 

The headphones are perfect for Rainbow Six Siege because they have a lightweight design that feels good over your head and ears without being bulky but can still hold up to plenty of action. 

The sound quality is quite near-perfect with its stereo bass capabilities which allow you to hear footsteps or other distant sounds clearly–without any issue whatsoever. 

What we really like about it, though, is the high-quality tone of the bass; there’s no distortion as long as you don’t crank it too hard on the volume control. 

We criticize the Cloud Alpha shoes only because they are not made of real leather. We have to wonder how long these cushions will hold up in the future and if there is any risk for wear and tear over time. 

In addition, HyperX also makes a Cloud 2 headset with slightly more comfortable earpads but at some cost: sound quality takes a slight hit as well (we think). 

If you want comfort without sacrificing your audio experience too much then try sticking with our recommended pick -the Rainbow Six Siege edition.

2. Astro A40 + Mixamp Pro




  • Parts that are interchangeable
  • High-quality sound
  • Mini mixer included

  • It would be better if ear cushions were more comfortable
  • Affordable


Connectivity: Wired | Sound: Dolby Surround | Jack Size: 3.5mm Aux In/2 Digital Daisy Chain Ports | Mic: Detachable | Earpieces: Synthetic Leather | Weight: 12.7 ounces

Due to its unique construction, Astro’s A40 sets itself apart from many of its competitors. When you first glance at this headset, you can tell that it is a gaming headset. 

With over-ear cups that have plenty of space for your ears (and even glasses), these headphones feel great when you’re playing Rainbow Six Siege – so that means they do an awesome job delivering sound too. Astro’s A40 Gaming Headset is the ideal accessory if you want to look like a pro while chatting with friends.

The Astro A10 headset is hands down the best that I have ever had. The game and chat audio are separated so well; it’s almost like you can hear what your friends say without them even having to be in a different room. As for footsteps? 

You would think someone was hiding under your bed with how loud they get coming through this thing. It honestly sounds amazing; there really isn’t anything bad about these things at all.

The Astro A40 is an impressive headset that will last a while. Weighing in at 12.7 ounces and made of premium components, these are well worth the investment since they don’t break down easily like other headsets we reviewed. Its only drawbacks are its steep price tag and ear cushions which can leave your ears sore after long periods of use.

These A40 headphones have a lightweight, premium design that makes them durable and comfortable for long-term use. 

They’re also deliciously sleek with an impressive sound quality enabled by Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Technology, which gives you full surround sound capability from your PC or console gaming platform of choice.

3. HyperX Cloud Stinger


  • Easily mutes the mic by swiveling it
  • High-quality construction
  • Affordably priced

  • There is no detachable mic
  • Mics are not monitored


Connection: Wired | Sound: Stereo | Jack Size: 3.5mm | Mic: Swivel-to-mute | Earcups: Memory Foam + Leatherette | Weight: 9.7 ounces

The Cloud Stinger from HyperX is a great headset for gamers on a budget. It provides stellar build quality and sound, making it well worth the price of admission. 

The ear cushions are comfortable and provide decent noise cancellation–though not as good as some more expensive models might offer. Budget-friendly but still able to enjoy high-quality audio, these headphones are for you. 

The Cloud Stinger from HyperX is an affordable headset that delivers great sound quality and durability, all at the cost of minimal features such as active noise cancellation or fancy ear cushions. 

That said, this lack of frills just means more cash in your pocket. After long hours of research, we’ve decided to go with the Cloud Stinger for our gaming needs. 

It offers an extremely low price point and is comfortable while still giving us all the features that make a headset more than just a device you wear on your head in order to hear sound coming from another person’s microphone or video game console speakers.

The only area where it falls short is in its mic attachment; not being able to remove this piece may be frustrating for some gamers who need flexibility between games like Overwatch which require constant communication during gameplay versus those such as Super Smash Bros., where any voice chat would interrupt their enjoyment greatly without headphones or earbuds plugged into either side of their controller (or both). 

It’s not possible to monitor a mic, either. There is good news, however, as the mic has a handy feature that mutes it whenever you flip it up. When the microphone doesn’t need to be detached, this feature is the same as detaching the mic.

5. Logitech G Pro X



  • Noise-canceling microphones are highly recommended.
  • Stereo 2.0 Dolby surround sound is the best in class
  • Microphone detachable

  • Uncomfortable compared to others
  • Heavily loaded


Connectivity: Wireless | Sound: 2.0 Surround | Jack Size: N/A | Mic: Detachable | Ear Cushions: Noise Cancelling Leatherette + Memory Foam | Weight: 13.1 ounces

Logitech designed the G Pro X headset to work well with Rainbow Six Siege, and it is great for eSports players who want a wireless model. 

The weight of this device might be an issue if you like playing games for many hours at once; however, the benefits are that you get more versatility in your gameplay as there are no wires holding you back. 

This Logitech gaming headset features memory foam ear cushions which will make long game sessions much easier on your ears than other models we reviewed. 

Logitech’s G Pro X is a headset that will keep you comfortable while playing Rainbow Six Siege for hours on end. It has memory foam ear cushions and is wireless, making it easier to move around during gameplay without being restricted by cords or wires. 

The weight of this model may be an issue if you play for long periods of time though-make sure to give your ears some breaks.

If you need a wireless gaming headset that will keep up with your high-intensity lifestyle, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is for you. It’s lightweight and comfy enough to wear during long sessions while still being durable enough to withstand accidental drops or bumps. 

The detachable mic offers crystal clear voice chat thanks to advanced noise cancellation technology from Blue Voce. And if it’s sound quality and immersion you’re after, be sure not to miss out on 2 Dolby Surround Sound in this amazing package deal at an affordable price point of just $99. 

The fit is snug but comfortable, so wearing it won’t become a distraction throughout gameplay, which I had when using another mouse by hyper X (Cloud Stinger).

You still get exceptional sound quality in Rainbow Six Siege since there hasn’t been much change. Despite not being the most expensive headset in this guide, the G Pro X is not exactly affordable either.

6. Sennheiser GAME ONE



  • A very good microphone
  • An ear cushion that’s comfy
  • Star-like sounds

  • I would like to hear better bass
  • There is no detachable mic


Adapter: Wired | Sound: Stereo | Jack Size: 3.5mm | Mic: Swivel-to-mute | Headband: Leather | Weight: 10.5 ounces

The Sennheiser GAME ONE headphones, with their stellar sound quality, are no different. With Rainbow Six Siege, we were pleased to find that the unit sounds great; it lacks bass compared to other models tested but is certainly not a deal-breaker and leaves us feeling like this product truly shines in many ways. 

Where its mic really excels so much more than any others reviewed was when swiveling for mute-mode, which has been an absolute joy. 

It also features excellent noise cancellation making sure your ears aren’t getting too hurt by outside interference or game noises while playing games on PC or console systems (or just working).

For many, the search for ultimate sound quality is a never-ending quest. Sennheiser’s GAME ONE headset has all of your bases covered with its unparalleled audio fidelity and comfort even after extended periods of use for those who fall into this category. 

The only caveat to these high standards is that it may not be as durable or versatile in comparison to other headsets on the market due to being lightweight at 10.5 ounces while still providing an unmatched level of comfy ear cushions which will keep you going through hours upon hours without getting any strain from using them. 

These features make this sleek black beauty worth every penny, considering how pleasing they feel just by wearing them alone but also knowing their impeccable sound production levels, making sure everything sounds.

The soft-touch leather ear cushions provide extreme comfort and make for a light, versatile headset. With 10.5 ounces of weight, it’s lightweight enough to play Rainbow Six Siege without any strains on your ears – you know we’ve all been there before. 

The best part is that Sennheisers are usually really pricey, but this one has a great price tag considering what an amazing product you’re getting with the GAME ONE Headset. 

If looking for something more affordable than our other headsets, then head over to GameStop today because they have tons in stock, including the iconic “Game One” by Sennheiser.

How To Choose The Best Headset For Rainbow Six Siege

The following specifications are crucial when searching for a good gaming headset. There are a lot of technical terms above that you may find difficult to understand. In order to better understand this, here are a few key things you’ll need to look for.

Surround Sound

Surround sound is really important for games that want to provide a more immersive feel. Surround sound actually creates the 3D effect of hearing, so you can tell where sounds are coming from in relation to your character’s position on-screen. 

Surround sound is a way to make your gameplay more immersive and dynamic. This feature lets you hear sounds in 3D so that you can tell which direction the noise being made came from.

Audio Driver

Have you ever wondered what makes the sound in a headset? To find out, we must look at its components. The component that creates our audio is called an “audio driver.” Generally speaking, the bigger this part of your device is–the better quality music or game sounds it will be able to produce for you. 

In regards to gaming headsets specifically, 40mm and 50 mm drivers are popular options. Though there’s not too much difference between these two sizes when it comes down to their capabilities, they still provide high-quality entertainment. Gaming headsets, then what size of the sound driver is best? 

You will find either 40mm or 50 mm, audio drivers in most headsets. The difference between these two sizes is barely noticeable though many gamers prefer the larger ones as they can pick up more frequency ranges and provide clearer quality than smaller-sized models would be able to achieve.

Frequency Response

You need a headset that can pick up the frequency of sound from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The wider range is better because it will give you access to more sounds than if your headset had only one or two frequencies too high and low. 

This measurement shows what types of pitch range your headsets are able to detect in relation to a game audio output. 

(i). A larger amount means more information about how these pitches change over time which may be beneficial for many people who make use out of this kind of tech. Your headset is only as good as the range of frequencies it can pick up. 

With a wider frequency range, you’ll get access to more sounds than in smaller ranges. This means that your new headsets should have at least 20-20,000 Hz on their list of specs if you want an immersive gaming experience and not just sound effects for hearing impaired people. 

Microphone Sensitivity

A microphone’s sensitivity is what determines how much volume you need to input in order for other players to hear you. It can be measured by the decibels (dB). Generally, a headset with a higher dB rating has better sound quality and less noise interference than one that measures lower on this scale. 

You should also lookout for an easy option if your mic will be left unattended at times because it would get in the way of those around you when not muted or moved away from them. 

If your microphone is sensitive, you will need to input less volume in order for other players to hear you. This is measured by decibels (dB). 

Generally, it’s nice if your headset has an easy way of muting and moving away so as not to get caught on anything accidentally or unnecessarily.


Headsets are heavy, and you should be aware of this when shopping for one. Though the weight varies depending on how lightweight or durable they want it to be, most headsets weigh less than a pound due to new technology in hardware manufacturers that have made them lighter. 

This is great because if your headset weighs more than 1 lb., chances are it’s too heavy, which can cause neck strain and headaches after long use. 

You probably know by now that there’s been an increase in popularity with VR tech lately, but have you considered what kind of virtual reality headset would work best for YOU?

When considering buying a new device, consider where you’ll be using it: home-based VR gaming requires something different from someone who wants their hands free while driving around town.

Ear Pads

Headphones come in a variety of styles. From the ear pads to the headband, it’s important for you to find headphones that suit your needs and style. 

You can adjust the straps appropriately if they are too tight around your ears or neck, then make sure there is room by adjusting them accordingly.

 Also, ensure that breathable material will prevent overheating while ensuring cushioned comfort with soft materials like mesh and leather (or pleather).


Headset durability is a crucial feature to consider. You want your headset to last as long as possible, but with different materials and construction methods, you can find that some are more durable than others. 

For example, the headband could be constructed of plastic or steel for increased longevity. There are also grades of plastics used in manufacturing that vary greatly depending on their quality; ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) has been shown to have a greater strength against wear and tear than other types like PVC (polyvinyl chloride). 

Your head is a delicate instrument, and if you’re searching for the best headset that will last years with minimal wear and tear, then it’s important to consider these four key points in your search. Firstly, comfort: this one matters most. 

Make sure the band has enough cushioning or padding so that there are no pressure points on your skull, but don’t go too soft – because a good balance of squishiness and stiffness can be just what you need to keep those headphones from slipping off when working out at home or going through airport security. 

Secondly, durability should be durability: steel may sound like an odd material choice considering how light plastic usually tends to fare better over time than its heavier counterpart. 

Corded vs. Wireless

Personal preference is key when figuring out which type of headset to buy, whether you want a wireless or corded one. Wireless headsets are great because they do not have any cords and can be used anywhere with ease. 

However, keep in mind that these types typically come at the cost of battery life, so if your favorite game has long gameplay sessions, then it might be best for you to stick with something more traditional like the corded options instead. 

Although this decision all depends on what material would work better where you play games most often, some people prefer longer length cables than others. 

The pros and cons of wireless headsets are up to you. Most gamers nowadays prefer the convenience that comes with a cordless option, but if this is not your preference, then cabled options might fit better for you. 

Regardless of what type works best for you, make sure it has features such as connection frequency (lookout for 2.4 GHz) or battery life so they can last longer than others on the market today.


Gaming headsets are a great way to enjoy your games with rich, immersive sound. You’ll be able to feel like you can reach out and touch the screen as if it were in front of you. 

There is a variety of different devices available for gamers who want an even more exhilarating experience while gaming- ranging from wired or wireless models that make use of 3.5 mm audio jacks (most consoles will have adapters) and Bluetooth technology so they work seamlessly across platforms, all at affordable prices without breaking your budget. 

Most gaming headsets come equipped with either cable connections or Bluetooth connectivity (wireless). 

This means that regardless of what type of console player chooses, there should always be extension cables ready, especially when buying used equipment.


The headset is the great equalizer of any game. For those who know what is required to be a good gamer-think Rainbow Six Siege–it becomes imperative for them to have exceptional hearing and communication skills in order to win their games. 

These features become key components that will determine whether or not they can hear all sorts of sounds around them, like footsteps on wood floors, creaking hinges from doors opening. 

If you want the best headset, you need one that is visually appealing – think about getting into character with your favorite video game’s hero by wearing something similar to it.–and provides enough comfort, so you’re able to stay in there playing until victory comes (or at least defeat) with features such as Frequency Response.