Best Kontrol Freek For PS4 2022

The best Kontrol Freek For PS4 will give you increased precision, leverage on your sticks, and a surer hold of the controller.

You can play confidently, knowing that if anything happens to one side of the controller, it won’t affect gameplay as much because both hands are secured by this accessory.

If you’re looking for an in-depth upgrade from a standard gamepad without breaking your budget, then look no further than The Best Kontrol Freek For PS4, which provides more traction between hand movements while also securing all four fingers with two attachments each!

With these accessories at home or work, any mishap is less likely to have consequences due to their design – built, so they don’t interfere with either thumbstick movement.

For those who have trouble gripping the control stick, Playstation 4 controllers offer a unique design that makes it easier to play.

With its symmetrical pattern and placement of buttons on either side, so your thumb doesn’t need to move very far in order for you to get a better grip.

The Playstation 4 controllers, with their symmetrical pattern of control sticks at either end, can help minimize the distance that your thumb needs to move in order to grip on.

The short thumbsticks on the Xbox 360 controller leave a lot to be desired.

They are smooth and difficult to grip, unlike Kontrolfreek’s attachments that offer an easy-grip rubberized design with increased control and precision; they also both reachable as well as sweat-resistant, which is important when playing intense situations such as FPS games or heated matches between two teams looking for victory over one another.

The Xbox 360 Controller has been around since 2005 alongside some slight changes made along the way but nothing major until 2013’s release of what many consider their favorite console: The One (formerly known by its codename “Durango).

It was here that Microsoft released new additions, including redesigned analog sticks.

Best Kontrol Freek For PS4

1. KontrolFreek Atomic Performance Thumbsticks

Kontrol Freek is a company that has been around since 2009. They specialize in video game controllers, but their Medium-Length Atomic Performance Thumbstick attachments are just what the doctor ordered for your PS4 controller!

At 6.6 millimeters long, they’re neither too short nor too long to be unusable or ineffective on most gamers’ thumbs, making them versatile enough to suit any type of gaming genre – from action and adventure games all the way through shooters and RPGs alike. 

The current trend in gaming accessories is concave designs, but the length of your thumbsticks makes it challenging to use them.

First off, there’s that hard rubber edge pressing into your hand while you’re trying not to slip, and second, with a raised angle from being too long on such a contoured surface, it doesn’t feel great either way.

Concave surfaces are all over when looking at video game controllers these days. But this design does have some drawbacks because as we age, our hands shrink, which means those sticks get longer – making playing uncomfortable for many users who prefer more traditional handles like me.

Now that you have a grip, your thumbs are free to do as they please.

I can’t tell if this is an accident or some kind of ingenious design feature, but it’s genius!

The thumbsticks on the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick and Throttle Controller all seem to be shaped with just enough curve at one end, so when I’m not using them for gaming purposes, my hands don’t slip off like before because instead of having their concave side facing me where there would typically only be space for two fingers (or in other cases none).

Now I get three fingers per hand which makes gripping these sticks much easier than ever before. It sounds strange saying, “it feels better,” but let’s face it.

It’s easy to take your PS4 gaming on the go with these Bluetooth controllers, which are durable and portable. With different colors available, you can choose whichever fits best for your needs.

The new Bluetooth controller by Sony is a great way of taking PlayStation 4 games wherever you want without sacrificing precision or having an uncomfortable thumb position.

They’re lightweight but still have some weight behind them instead of feeling cheap like cheaper alternatives out there while being small enough that they won’t weigh down in pocket space when not in use –

Perfect for those gamers who always seem to be running around town and their home PlayStation game consoles at all hours. 

  • Versatile thumbsticks well suited for any game
  • Easy to reach for all hand sizes
  • The convex shape depicts easy and painless use
  • Not well suited to all types of games and play styles
  • It doesn’t offer as much precision as a longer model

2. KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy



One of the most important aspects of shooters is accuracy and precision. Kontrolfreek’s Mixed-Length FPS Freek Galaxy Performance Thumbstick offers that, as well as a comfortable grip with its rubberized exterior.

This product can also be used on any controller for PS4 or XBOX One platforms to give you an edge over the opponents when it comes to combat gameplay.

The KontrolFreeks are one of the best products around if you love shooting games – they’re designed specifically for such titles out there, so by using them, both comfort and accuracy are much easier to attain than before while still enjoying great performance throughout different genres like fighting games too.

The Kontrolfreek PS4 controller is a top-of-the-line gamepad that offers comfort and increased accuracy.

The right stick is long, while the left one can be shortened, so users are free to move around with ease. It’s small enough for travel without taking up too much space in your bag but tough enough to withstand any kind of abuse you throw at it.

The latest edition from industry-leading manufacturer KontrolFreek comes packed full of features designed specifically for PlayStation 4 owners:

Including an adjustable length on both sides – which makes them perfectly fit all sizes hands – as well as high definition thumbsticks which offer greatly improved aiming accuracy over other sticks out there today.

  • Designed to fit the control schemes of FPS games
  • Delivers pinpoint accuracy with a long stick model
  • Precision is increased with the concave design
  • A smaller hand may have difficulty reaching the buttons
  • Concave shape may present difficulties in terms of comfort
  • Incompatible with all types of games

3. KontrolFreek FPS Freek Edge



The FPS Freek Edge model solves the thumbstick problem for gamers with a rubberized grip and well-placed hand grips to help you maintain control.

While concave thumbsticks offer more pinpoint accuracy than most models on the market today, they often perform less well due to the precise positioning of your thumbs or hands that is required in order not to lose precision.

The FPS Freeks Edge offers an ergonomic design (including finger grooves), as well as expandable palm, rests so players can easily hold onto their controller during long gaming sessions without fear of it slipping from their grasp;

While also offering better versatility for those who prefer using both left and right thumbs when aiming down sights in shooters like Call Of Duty. 

The Edge’s 11-millimeter extension for your right stick and 5.5-millimeter attachment on the left side lets you make precise movements up-close or at a distance, so whether you want to aim with pinpoint accuracy from afar or get in close to deal some damage, there is always an option that will suit your playstyle. 

The longer sticks provided by the Edge allow players of all skill levels (from novice shooters like me) have more control over their shots because they can set themselves back farther without sacrificing range;

It’s also great for those who are looking forward to 20 years into gaming as well – when VR becomes mainstream and augmented reality technology exists everywhere.

  • Ideal for playing FPS games, offers amazing precision with a long stick model, easy to use due to convex design
  • Not easy to reach for smaller hands Not as accurate and precision than a concave model
  • Not suitable for all kinds of games

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to use and set up these devices, Can they be transported?

How many times have you been playing a game that requires precision and accuracy only to find your thumb slipping off the controller because of sweaty palms, Kontrol Freek

Thumbstick attachments are here to make sure these types of moments never happen again. Snap them in and out; Kontrolfreek makes installation easy with their pliable yet sturdy rubber and plastic design on the thumbstick.

The small size means they can be taken practically anywhere for those who love gaming! They also come in handy when going from one console or computer setup to another, as the thumbstick on all Playstation controllers is the same size, just switch it up. Setup time couldn’t get any easier than this; simply take each stick out. 

In terms of thumbstick shape, what should I look for, and why?

The Kontrolfreek Pro offers two major designs on their thumbsticks: convex and concave. Convex sticks are rounded at the end, offering increased mobility and ease of access but also making it harder to retain a grip with your fingers.

Sweat or lack of material for gripping will make them slippery and hard to use while playing games that require precise movements like shooters,

This is why many gamers prefer the more secure design found in Concave grips where they can rest their thumbs without fear of slipping even if they’re sweating profusely since there’s plenty of room for finger placement too. 

Concave grips are often considered to be the best type of controller attachment for any gamer. They provide more grip and accuracy, as well as a narrower thumbstick that is easier to control on such minute movements as those seen in racing games or first-person shooters.

However, concaves do have their own drawbacks when it comes down to personal preference- some gamers find them uncomfortable with long thumbs sticks due to their unnatural positioning along the outside edge, which can cause discomfort after prolonged periods of gameplay!

Overall though, these attachments offer excellent precision while also minimizing slippage from your fingers thanks not only its divot but high-level gripping power too.

My Playstation controller doesn’t have a thumbstick long enough. How long should I get?

For many players, precision movement and aiming with a PS4 controller is all about being able to control the angular deflection.

This means that what angle you can put your thumbsticks at will determine how quickly or slowly the character moves in any given direction.

In games where quick, precise movements are important such as action-adventure titles, for example – it might be difficult to move precisely because of the short length of these sticks, which makes controlling angles during gameplay more challenging than other genres like racing, for instance.

In the end, precision movement and aiming with a PS4 controller comes down to angle displacement; this has everything to do with what angle you can place your thumbs on analog pads: A thirty-degree tilt would signify slow motion towards the stated direction.

With the release of Xbox One, Kontrolfreek’s thumbsticks are now a bit more specialized. Their sister company has designed two different models for Microsoft and Sony consoles, respectively:

The FPS Freek is longer with an angled top side that makes it easier to get a tight grip while playing first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield;

Whereas the Rival provides just enough length to give you better control when navigating in third-person action titles like Assassin’s Creed III or Uncharted 3 – plus they’re also great for everyday use. Kontrol Freek doesn’t want anyone left out from experiencing their precision sticks because there can be some variability between how people play using controllers. 

In order to reach different lengths of sticks, players typically must use attachments that are either longer or shorter than the default.

A player with long fingers would probably prefer a taller stick, while someone with short ones might want something more compact.

However, when these two types of controllers combine into one design, it can create an asymmetrical look and feel for gameplay which is less ideal because you’ll be fighting against your own controller as well as the other person’s in-game character.

While there may not seem like much difference between using a slightly larger control pad versus one that’s only half its size on average but noticeably smaller at certain points (like closer towards where thumbs rest), this slight change actually makes up about 10% overall length.

Q: Should I get two of the same thumbstick attachment for my controller or mix and match?

One might say that the Playstation 4 controller is a mirror of its predecessors in design, with symmetry and versatility being two defining features. The left thumbstick allows for movement while aiming at enemies from afar using your right stick.

These functions necessitate different designs on certain games where one side’s grip may be more multifunctional than another’s, which can lead to people preferring either an equally symmetrical or asymmetrical pair of sticks designed specifically for their favorite game.

While some controllers have unique variations between each other when it comes to both function as well as grips tailored towards specific genres, Sony made sure not only did this standard model stay true to what worked before but also had enough flexibility so players could utilize it in any type.

Q: How expensive are Kontrolfreek’s thumbsticks?

It’s worth the investment; Kontrol Freek For PS4 is a good purchase for any Playstation player – even on a budget. The longer thumbsticks are usually just negligibly more expensive but worth it in the long run! They last much longer than your controller, and they’re versatile, lightweight, easy to store or take with you when traveling.

Q: How can I figure out which thumbsticks work best for me? 

KontrolFreek’s buyer’s guide is the perfect resource for those who want a personalized recommendation to their own playing style.

There are many options available, so if you’re not sure which one will suit your needs best, go onto Kontrolfreek’s website and have them walk you through selecting the right controller by asking questions about your hand size, preferred game type (interactive or arcade), playstyle preference (hands-on/off) as well as what specific console you’ll be using it with.

If none of these choices seem like they would work out for any reason, don’t worry! Go online and visit kFreeks’ interactive guide, where they ask various questions about all sorts of things.