Best Microphone For Discord 2022



Over the years, the game development industry has advanced greatly. We’ve progressed from just being at-home gamers to playing with other people online, and that’s changed how we play even more than actual game mechanics themselves. 


But now companies like Discord are making sure you’re never left out of any gaming conversation because they know better than anyone what it takes for good communication skills in video games: having an excellent microphone. 


During my research about microphones, it’s this—a USB mic works best when you want high-quality audio but don’t need physical portability, whereas a headset works great as your main go-to device on the computer or console.


Best Microphone For Discord


There are thousands of microphone options available on the market. You should look for the best audio quality at a reasonable price. From $20 to several hundred dollars, microphones range in price. 


In addition, you should make sure that your microphone is user-friendly enough that you know how to use it properly. Here are the top Discord microphones. While retaining the speaker’s natural voice, this system produces rich, clear sound


1. Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic – runner-up



The Blue Snowball iCE mic is an economical microphone that has been certified by Discord for use with their app. 


It features a fun vintage look, and its plug-and-play design means you don’t have to worry about installing drivers or anything like that. The 40 – 18 kHz frequency response gives crystal clear sound quality in both pro and gaming applications.


  • An affordable price
  • Stylish vintage look and small enough to fit anywhere
  • Controls for volume and mute are located on the microphone
  • Setup is simple
  • Includes an adjustable boom style arm on a flat base stand
  • High-quality sound with zero latency


  • The sound quality has become muddy over time, according to users.


2. HyperX Quantcast





Have you been looking for a microphone that is not only good quality but also specifically designed to reduce background noise? Well, look no further than the C922 professional podcasting mic from Blue. 


This beautiful piece of equipment offers such high-quality voice clarity due to its anti-vibration shock mount and pop filter features which will make your sound as straightforward as possible. 


An anti-vibration shock mount is included with this top-of-the-line microphone. Movement noises can be reduced with the mount, and it has a built-in pop filter that minimizes popping or muffled noises for clear voice quality.


  • Reduce background noise with a vibration-resistant shock mount
  • A pop-filter is built-in
  • The four polar patterns
  • Tap to muffle and LED indicator
  • The MicroUSB
  • Bluetooth or apps are not needed for the one-button design


  • Expensive


3. Blue Yeti USB Mic





Your voice is your best accessory. The Blue Yeti USB microphone will cost you a bit of cash, but it’s worth every cent. It’s not the cheapest out there (and that can be frustrating), but we guarantee this one has been tested and chosen by professional audio engineers as THE BEST on the market when it comes to USB microphones. 


This baby offers so many different sound patterns in such an advanced way – whether recording vocals or instruments-that no other mic could do better. The Blue Yeti USB microphone is the perfect tool for those looking to take their audio skills seriously. 


It’s a well-designed, versatile device that can be used in any professional setting and will meet all of your needs no matter what you’re shooting or recording. 


The best way to ensure high-quality video, voice recordings, podcasts, etc., when it comes down to picking out gear like this (or any other type), could make or break an entire project.


  • The audio quality is very good, with a very natural sound
  • A 3-capsule array allows you to record almost any situation
  • Selection of cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo patterns
  • Headphones with zero-latency and gain control
  • An SNR of 100dB
  • Reduces background noise


  • On the expensive side



4. Microphone with Metal Condenser – Budget Pick




Discover the perfect USB microphone for Discord users with a limited budget. The Fifine Metal Condenser Microphone has all of what you need, including plug and plays capabilities as well as an easy installation process.


 You’ll also have complete control over the volume on this unit itself so that you can adjust it to whatever setting is necessary for any given situation.


  • Excellent natural sound quality
  • A tripod with a stable base
  • With an external volume knob, you can adjust the volume at will
  • Noise reduction
  • Inexpensive





5. XLR Condenser Microphone




The XM-900 offers smooth, natural sound quality with consistent performance and high sensitivity. The 16mm condenser capsule provides a wide-ranging frequency response of 20 – 18,000Hz, while its plated membrane facilitates an excellent transient response to help capture every nuance in your recordings. 


This microphone requires 48V phantom power for the operation, which is not included but can be purchased separately from RadioShack or other electronic stores. This microphone is ideal for gamers who love to be on the go. 


Made out of all-steel construction and sturdy as a rock, the farm stand can fold up into an easily carryable size, so you won’t have any trouble fitting it in your bag or purse before hitting the road. You’ll need to hook this one up with its power source, though – don’t forget that last detail because just like everything else today, there’s always something more you’re going to want to get what we’ve already got here at such an affordable price.


  • Features an extra pop filter, shock mount, and windscreen
  • High-quality, natural sound
  • Cancels background sound
  • All steel construction stand
  • Wide-ranging frequency response






6. Shure MV5 Microphone



The Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone is the perfect solution for recording audio in a small space. Its compact size and custom-tuned capsule provide superior quality, making it easy to get started with. 


With iOS compatibility as well as USB connectivity, you can begin recording right away without having any technical knowledge or experience – three DSP preset modes give you an instant sound that will complement your voice perfectly.


  • The audio is great.
  • Easily placed anywhere since it is small and portable
  • Price is fair and reasonable
  • Easy setup
  • Includes an app





7. Rode NT-USB – Premium Pick




For those who want to be heard while on their Discord server but have limited space, this smaller microphone is a great pick. The Rode NT-USB will ensure that your voice can still be picked up and understood over other noises in the background. 


With a higher price point for better quality sound than some of its competition, it’s worth investing in if you’re serious about getting into streaming or podcasting as well. 


The next small mic with excellent features we recommend would be the Rode NT USB (US) which has an impressive price tag when compared to many others out there.


  • Portable and can be placed almost anywhere
  • Features cardioid condenser polar pattern
  • It comes with pop shield and desktop stand
  • Includes built-in headphone jack
  • Exchangeable tip


  • It is rather expensive

8. AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone



If you need a mic that can fit your budget, the AmazonBasics Mini Condenser is the mic to buy. It may not have all of those fancy features, and it might be small, but it gets its job done well nonetheless. 


You will get sound quality that’s up there with some of our more expensive models while saving money at the same time.


  • Easily fits anywhere
  • The tripod stand is included
  • If the battery is fully charged, the device will last for 24 hours
  • Rubber tip with a superfine finish
  • The lag is minima

  • It’s overly sensitive, according to some users
  • Some users reported connectivity problems.


9. Paladin 3.5MM PC Microphone

Don’t spend too much on a high-quality microphone, especially not if you’re recording in your bedroom. Paladou’s inexpensive mic will give you 100Hz – 16kHz sound with noise reduction technology that is clear and studio-quality without breaking the bank. 

The Palau microphone is a well-priced and high-quality option for those looking to get into recording without breaking the bank. It is not studio quality, but with its frequency response of 100Hz – 16kHz, this mic provides clear, high fidelity sound while reducing noise.

Clear, warm sound is one of the most sought-after elements in a microphone. This condenser mic produces that and more with its high sensitivity element at an incredibly low price tag. 

It does tend to howl when placed too close to walls or power sources, though so ensure you keep it away from these pesky factors for best results.

  • Quite affordable
  • Sound quality is good with high definition
  • Positioning gooseneck with adjustable height
  • An easy way to set up

  • Users complained that they had to put their mouths very close to the microphone to be heard

10. ZekPro USB Computer Microphone


The ZekPro USB Computer Microphone is a budget-friendly choice for those who are looking to improve their sound quality. It features advanced noise cancellation technology and has an easy setup that does not require any drivers. 

This microphone will help you avoid echoes or background noises, so your voice always sounds clear, beginning to end.

  • A reasonable price
  • Clearer sound with advanced noise cancellation technology
  • LED indicator and mute button to mute and unmute with a single click indicator and mute button for one-click muting and unmuting
  • Installation is easy, and no drivers are required
  • The bag is included
  • It doesn’t occupy much space and is compact in size

  • The microphone had to be extremely close to the user for it to be heard.


What Mic To Use For Discord

Discord is the hot new communication app for gamers and online communities. They have two great certified microphones, one at a lower price point and the other at a higher price point, which are both best sellers on their site. 

The choice of microphone depends on your budget and need; when you order from Discord, they will ask about how much space you have available to recommend an appropriate mic to meet those needs. Which type of microphone should I buy? 

Consider what kind of features would be beneficial in relation to your work environment: if it’s tight quarters, then go with one small microphone, but if there’s room, choose among many options like XLR mics or computerized condensers depending upon personal preference.

With all the fuss about Discord recently, I would think that every gamer should be on it. Not only is there an app for mobile devices but also a desktop version. 

They even have voice chats with video calls if you want to give your friends some face time while playing. With so many new features and events going on at any given moment, as well as groups where people can play games together or just hang out online, this site has become my favorite place to unwind after work since it’s open 24/7 (which makes working from home much easier).

One of the most important things when using anything electronic nowadays are security measures in case someone hacks into your account–as long as they know what username you’re registered under then hackers.

Sound Quality

A microphone is a necessity for any gamer, but the decision on which one to buy can be overwhelming. It’s important not only to think about your budget and what you need it for but how much space in front of a monitor or laptop do you have available? 

Microphones are expensive, so if there isn’t enough room on my desk, I’m better off buying something cheaper like Discord. Sound quality should match your budget and meet your needs–but before you invest all this money into getting top-notch gear, make sure it fits with wherever else will go. 

Sometimes we don’t realize just how high-tech microphones often come packaged with other features meant specifically for recording audio professionally. In addition, if you are able to afford these, some of the higher-end microphones make great investments. 

Recording for other purposes is never guaranteed, so buying the top-of-the-line model will save you money later when the need arises.

Ease Of Use

Put down the mouse and come to life with our vast selection of gaming microphones. If you’re a novice, then it’s best that you avoid any heavy-duty technology on your first go at sound capture: we have top-quality plug and play gadgets made for gamers who are new to mic management or aren’t tech-savvy. 

We carry products from great manufacturers like Razer®, but if they won’t suit your needs (or budget), there is always Sennheiser® waiting in the wings.

 Many pro gamers use fancy, high-end mics while playing their games online – which can be very expensive by all accounts – however, some headsets also come equipped with software support so as not to leave those without technical knowledge out of luck.


Whether you are a professional who needs to make sure there is no dead air on the show or an amateur with personal projects, it can be difficult to find microphone placement without any background noise. 

It’s important that your mic doesn’t pick up too much-unwanted sound and broadcast those sounds into your recording as well. 

So before getting started, decide where in relation to yourself will work best for directing your voice toward the right place – close enough, so you don’t have issues but far away enough not to hear anything else distracting from what’s being recorded.

Closing Thoughts

Discord is a voice chat service that has been around for a while now, but what microphone should you get to make the best use of this app? There are many microphones available on the market with different price points and features. 

The question becomes which one will work best given your space constraints as well as how much cash you’re willing to spend. 

The most expensive mics in our list won’t be necessary if all you want is just talk through Discord while gaming- unless they have some other function or application outside of simply chatting online like recording vocals professionally.