Best Monitor Arm For Ultrawide Monitors 2022


Working on a computer all day is sometimes too much. Sitting in front of your computer for hours can lead to back and neck pain, as well as affect how you posture yourself, not only at home but also when working.

One way that might help this issue is by investing in an ultrawide monitor, which will provide more space than traditional monitors–but it’s important to be mindful of the strain these places put onto muscles throughout our body.

Working with computers constantly has its downsides: from hurting backs and necks or affecting postures, they are harmful long-term effects if done excessively over time.

The best solution! Investing into an ultra-wide monitor rather than classic screens, so there’s plenty of room on one screen.

If you’re looking to reduce the stress associated with your daily desk work, a monitor arm might be just what you need.

Ultrawide monitors have been specifically designed for those who want to add comfort while sitting at their desks, and they are also perfect if you struggle to keep clutter off of it.

But deciding between all the different options can still leave some people in an uncertain state about which one is best suited for them – luckily, we’ve got your back!

We compiled helpful tips on how to find out whether or not this type of product will benefit both yourself and anyone else that regularly works nearby as well:

The modern world has been experiencing major changes, one being that many people are choosing larger screen TVs over standard ones because they offer more viewing space and better picture quality at an affordable price point.

You may be interested in this product or if you need to find out which arm would suit your needs, we have reviewed some of our favorite options available so here goes: 

Best Monitor Arm For Ultrawide Monitors Table

Why have a monitor arm for your ultrawide display. Installing a monitor arm is easy and will provide you with peace of mind. The best part is that they don’t take up much space, so if you’re looking for one, get the “The Floor Mounted Ultrawide Monitors” model.

When it comes to monitors, there’s nothing quite like an ultra wide screen viewable in its entirety without scrolling or stretching across two screens!

An extra-wide amount of pixels on hand means more work done before going back and tweaking things here and there (or even finishing them!). With all this real estate at our fingertips come new challenges, too: where shall we put such a large monitor from day to night when not working. 

You have to think about your needs before you buy a monitor arm and make sure that it meets them after knowing that what are the pros and the cons.

How does it work for you while sitting at different distances away from your desk or screen, day in and out during an 8-hour shift. To pick the right monitor arm, you’ll need to make an informed decision.

To buy a product that is suitable for YOU, there should be proper information about the pros and cons of each one as well as their features.

This is not something where money should be saved on quality because this will affect so much of our office life – productivity levels could plummet if we’re straining ourselves with uncomfortable positioning when working!

Read below as I compare top ultrawide monitors arms which can help answer these questions:

1. The Loctek Monitor Mount Heavy Duty Gas Spring is the best overall



Because of its heavy-duty design, the Loctek Monitor Mount D7L is our top pick.

The mount can hold monitors that weigh between 13.2 pounds and 33 pounds–perfect for a range of devices, as well! Its mechanism is very adjustable to suit your needs whether you prefer sitting or standing during the day.

The Loctek Monitor Mount D7L is a new and improved monitor stand with the addition of gas springs for smoother transitions.

The arm joint can be swiveled in any direction, which lets you adjust your position to find an optimal viewing angle. You’re able to tilt it up as far as 21 inches. 

Monitor mount D7L from Loctek is perfect for many monitor types. A 33-pound load can be supported, and its smooth gas springs make it easy to adjust!

Easily swivel your arm joint so that you get the best viewing angle–it also tilts as far as 21 inches high. The monitor’s flexible arm makes it easy to set up and adjust your desk-hugging workstation.

The 90-degree rotation feature can be used for portrait mode or landscape mode, so you’re never left guessing which setting is best.

When a monitor is placed on top of the stand, hex nuts provide tension to keep it in place. But this all depends on how heavy your monitor is and if you want less or more pressure applied onto the arms of the stand depending on which way they are turned.

Turning clockwise will reduce weight distribution while turning anti-clockwise increases weight distribution – just make sure not to overtighten.

The hex nuts are designed to adjust the tension of your monitor’s arms. Turning them clockwise will reduce the pressure, perfect for lightweight monitors, and turning them counter-clockwise will increase it for heavier ones.

  • The surface is scratch-resistant
  • Can hold monitors that weigh between 13.2 lbs and 33 lbs
  • Mechanism is adjustable
  • Gas spring hovering system
  • Height adjustment is seamless
  • 90-degree rotation of the monitor holder
  • Compatible with most desk surfaces
  • Adjustment is challenging
  • It can be difficult to lower the arms while lightweight monitors are being used

2. AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm



The AmazonBasics heavy-duty monitor arm is an innovative product that helps you adjust your position according to your comfort.

The single-arm design for a 34 inches ultrawide monitor has made it one of the best and most reliable arms on the market today, not only because of its sturdy materials but also due to its ergonomic design, which allows you to do many tasks with ease while getting rid of any fatigue or discomfort in just minutes.

AmazonBasics heavy-duty monitor arm is a sleek and attractive stand that offers plenty of adjustability for your ultrawide monitor.

It can support up to 25 pounds, which means you don’t have to worry about the weight affecting its stability. Its one-arm design makes it easy enough on space without compromising on quality or functionality.

With just the slightest touch, you can adjust your monitor into a portrait or landscape mode. The 360-degree rotation of the mounting arm lets it adapt to any situation and make sure that no detail is missed from either side.

The Paragon Mount makes an easy transition for all types of monitors with its smooth rotations in every direction and transitional angles up to 5 degrees forward toward users at only 70 degrees backward on both sides – letting nothing slip by unnoticed.

Monitor’s arms are a fantastic way to save space on your desk. They keep cords and wires out of the view, giving you an open work area that is much more spacious than before!

This monitor’s 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA mounting holes ensure compatibility with most ultrawide monitors, so you can place them anywhere without worry about limited mobility.

In addition to keeping cables organized and visible for easy use later on down the line, monitor arm systems also make it possible for flat-screen televisions up to 77 inches in size (or any other supported height) to be hung from one end while still being accessible at all angles via remote control from another position.

This provides versatility as well as saving valuable tabletop real estate when necessary. The VESA mountable ultrawide monitors are perfect for the monitor arm.

Cable management keeps wires out of sight, and you get plenty of workspace with a desk that is not overcrowded by cables or other objects.

Ultrawide screens can also be mounted to this multi-purpose arm which holds flat-screen TVs up to their size easily and without worry about overloading them at all.

  • The mounting arm is fully adjustable
  • Management system for cables
  • Value for money
  • The model’s finish is powder-coated, which makes it more durable
  • Swivels 180 degrees
  • The unit provides retraction as well as extension facility
  • VESA plate is removable
  • Compact design
  • Highly versatile
  • Monitors with super-ultrawide screens are not suitable
  • It is not working properly

3. Wall Mount for Single Monitor – WALI Gas Spring



As soon as I saw the WALI monitor arm, my mind was made up. There were two things that swayed me to buy this product over any other option: the high-end features and its budget-friendly price tag.

The first thing which grabbed my attention about this wall-mounted monitor arm is how it has some of those nice premium features at a fraction of what they would normally cost you. The capacity for weight on these arms is pretty decent too.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly monitor arm, the WALI single monitor wall mount is perfect. This high-quality item can hold up to 14 pounds and has some great features which make it stand out from other options in its price range.

The installation process is often confusing in the instruction manual, but with a little help from other sources, you can set it up easily.

The VESA plate has heavy-duty attachments, which are also adjustable for your convenience and quick setup time. The installation instructions may not be clear, but with a little help from other sources, you can quickly set up this arm.

The VESA plate in it is heavy-duty and also adjustable; detachable design means that within very little time, you’ll have your whole setup ready to go.

The arm of the robot can be extended up to 13.5 inches, which is retracted for a more compact setup by simply rotating it at 75-degrees upward and 45 degrees downward.

The head of this robotic chair rotates 360-degrees in both directions, so you will always have optimal comfort no matter how your seating needs change over time.

The cable manager on the arm of a monitor conceals wires neatly and leaves your desk looking clean. The screen can be oriented to portrait or landscape based on what you need, so it’s perfect for both work and entertainment purposes

. The cord management system installed in this product is ingenious-it hides cables without having them clutter up space around you.

It also has an adjustable stand that helps make sure any activity from working with spreadsheets to watching movies feels comfortable because they’re able to go back again when not needed.

  • The VESA plate can be detached
  • Monitors up to 27 inches can be held
  • Adjustable tension
  • Both a portrait and a landscape orientation is available
  • It can support a weight of up to 14.3 pounds
  • It can be mounted on brick and wooden walls
  • Easy to install
  • Gas spring mechanism
  • Integrated cable manager
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic design
  • The instruction manual is not clear

4. Ergotech HX Desk Monitor Arm



If you are after a versatile monitor arm to do the heavy lifting for your ultrawide and super-ultrawide monitors, then Ergotech HX Desk Monitor Arm is an excellent choice.

With its weight limit of up to 20 pounds per monitor mount, this unit can accommodate almost any size screen with ease – even those weighing in at 42 pounds! It’s made out of high-quality steel that will keep it from breaking or bending easily over time. 

The best thing about this desk cable management unit is that it’s designed to be placed at the end of your desk or even in the middle so you can get some space on your work surface.

The integrated cables make for a neat and tidy workspace by keeping wires out of the way while still staying close enough together that they’re easy to reach when needed. You’ll also have plenty of room where you need it most – right next to all those important things.

The Satechi desk organizer offers a lot of benefits for your workspace. A great thing about it is that you can take up space on your table with this unit, so there’s room to keep important things like pens and paper instead of those pesky wires.

The new monitor arm is the perfect companion for your desk. It can rotate 360 degrees, tilt 75 degrees and swivel 180 to provide you with a comfortable viewing angle from any position in front of it – no matter how much time you spend at work!

And thanks to its easy-to-adjust design, this stand will always keep up as your needs change over time. The model is designed to fit a variety of needs.

You can adjust the monitor arm so that it has an ergonomic tilt and swivel for your personal comfort, as well as stop rotating if you hit any walls with the cube.

  • Articulating arm has full motion
  • Grommet mount base and C-clamp
  • The cable management system is integrated
  • Premium quality build
  • Highly durable
  • Lifts and extend
  • 30-degree pan
  • Can hold up to 42 pounds weight
  • Added accessories
  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for light monitors

5. Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm



Mount-It is a company that has been producing stunning monitor arms for decades. The Mount-It Premium Single Monitor Arm, in particular, was the best choice I ever made!

It looks so sleek and professional on my desk while also being very sturdy, which makes it perfect for everyday use. It’s easy to install, too – you won’t need any help from an expert like me, haha.

“Expert installation not required.” It is a favorite among customers who are looking for versatility and ease of installation. This single monitor arm can be mounted on the desk or wall, making it perfect for any space.

You can adjust the length of your desk arm or even extend it to fit any size desk. The VESA external adapter comes in four different sizes: 75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm, 200×100 mm and 200×200 mm.

You can make your arm longer or shorter. There are four different types of VESA adapters that give you a variety to choose from in order to fit any desk size and width.

The Mount-It Premium Single Monitor Arm is a sturdy and reliable monitor arm that has features like 180-degree rotation, a gas spring mechanism for height adjustments, and 45 degrees tilt in both directions.

It also provides the user with an easy way to view their screen from different angles without any effort when sharing screens or just trying to find a better viewing perspective of your work (e.g., side by side). It has the perfect arm for your ultrawide monitor.

The gas spring mechanism makes it easy to adjust the height, and there is no noise as you are adjusting in either direction, which means that everyone else can just focus on what they’re doing without being distracted by a noisy office chair or desk!

Mounting this arm will also make screen sharing with friends much easier because of its 180-degree rotation.

The innovative monitor features a cable management system that keeps desk clutter at bay and wires safe. With this feature, you can set the screen in either portrait or landscape angles to make viewing more comfortable for your eyes.

Monitors can be set to either a landscape or portrait angle, which makes viewing more comfortable. Another very interesting feature of the unit is its cable management system that keeps your desk clutter-free and also wires safe.

  • Easily adjustable
  • Tilt helps in reducing glare
  • The build is quite sturdy
  • Desk space is increased due to slick design
  • Affordable
  • Setup is very simple
  • Retracts, extends, and tilts
  • Cable management is integrated
  • Grommet base and desk clamp
  • Not suitable for super ultrawide monitors such as 49 inches
  • Setup is time-consuming

How To Select The Best Monitor Arm For Ultrawide Monitors

A monitor arm allows you to keep your ultrawide monitors elevated so that they are at a comfortable height for extended use. Selecting the right one is crucial and can help make all of your computing needs easier.

Choosing the best quality monitor arm will be important when considering how long it takes before backaches start setting in from sitting too low while working on an expansive screen size computer setup like our Ultrawide Tech 17″ ULTD-1701 A VA Monitor w/iDisplayPort & HDMI (Black).

The importance of selecting just the perfect mount cannot be stressed enough; luckily, with this product, we have gone out of our way to create something truly special here.

If you want to feel less pain and fatigue in your neck, shoulders, or back from sitting for a long time at the computer screen, then it is best that you invest in a monitor arm.

Monitor’s arms are designed to help elevate your ultrawide monitor so that you can comfortably sit before them without any strain whatsoever. Keep this investment in mind as they will give an amazing return of comfort.

Do you want to find the right product for yourself so that it can be used for a long time! You should consider certain features when shopping.

It’s important to find a product that fits your needs. Look for the right monitor arm with features such as height adjustment, weight capacity, and mounting type. Below are some of them:

Size Of The Monitor

Ultrawide monitors are the new standard in computer technology, but people often have a hard time finding monitor arms that can hold them

. Remember to measure your screen size before buying and make sure it will fit on those parts of the arm. The size of your monitor can be one of the most important things that you should consider when choosing a monitor arm.

Though all these products are designed for ultrawide monitors, there may be different sizes offered on these devices. You need to check how big your particular screen is and make sure it will fit with the arms available.

You can even find monitor arms that will accommodate different-sized monitors. This would be a bonus for anyone who happens to have more than one size and doesn’t want the hassle of changing out their arm every time they change screens.

Monitor arms can be versatile and hold different-sized monitors. This means you won’t have to change your monitor arm when changing the size of your display, which is a great bonus for any user.

Gas Spring System Is Adjustable

The gas spring system is one of the most preferred mechanisms for monitoring arms because it allows you to control and adjust your arm better than a mechanical spring.

The stability that can be achieved with this mechanism even when working under heavy loads makes it an excellent option regardless of what type or size monitors are being used. When you purchase a unit that has a gas spring mechanism to ensure there is an Allen wrench in the package. Without it, assembling can be difficult without expert help. The gas spring mechanism ensures your monitor will have proper support and stays safe from damage or falling off its stand.

Gas springs are the best choice for arm monitoring, no matter what type of monitor you use. That’s because they provide stability even under heavy loads and allow easy adjustment to make your work easier.

A gas spring system is an excellent option whether or not your monitors need a lot of support from their mounting systems – it will always ensure that whatever kind (or size) of unit you have installed stays safe and supported while in operation.

One of the best features a monitor can have. Stability is key when working, and this mechanism makes it possible to work under heavy loads with ease! It’s not just for monitors either-the stability helps keep your desk level while moving around too.

Mounting Base

Most monitor arms have a grommet mount and C-clamp. These two types of bases can be mounted on most desktops without changing them often, making it easy to find the perfect viewing height for your workstation.

One thing to remember when you are buying a monitor arm is the kind of mount base that it provides. You should try to find one with both grommet and C-clamp mounts, which will work well for different desk types. As simple as anything.

Monitor arms are a great way to save money and have more space on your desk. You can purchase one that is the right size for you, then easily change it out when needed.

When your desk type changes, you will not have to worry about investing in a new unit. However, when selecting the right mount for yourself, there are variations in thickness that can be checked before choosing one.

Cable Management System

A modern office is a busy place. Always on the go, ferociously typing away at your keyboard or furiously tapping out numbers into equations—we barely have time to breathe in between these tasks!

It’s no wonder that there are so many distractions and clutter around us when we’re trying to work; let alone how much more distracting it would be if our laptops were always resting precariously atop an unsightly pile of cables drooping from under them like some grotesque octopus tentacle slithering its way across one’s desk space.

We’ll never find success with such obstacles constantly vying for attention against all else, but luckily, the most innovative minds among us found solutions long ago: cable management systems.

Along with a tidy desk, the cable system will also save your wires from being damaged. You can perfectly keep the wires arranged and work peacefully–without having to worry about them getting in-between you or any of your other things on top of it!

Alongside this convenience is an additional benefit: these clips that come along are great for keeping everything where they belong (no more worries).

If you want to organize your desk and wires, then all that’s needed is a cable management system from the systems themselves, which can prove quite helpful in keeping it tidy, to clips situated for additional security of cables from being damaged while working.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the best monitor arm for ultrawide monitors can be a real challenge. The good news is that if you know what to look out for, there are plenty of models available on Amazon with different features and prices to choose from – all depending on your needs!

For this, it’s important to first consider how often you’ll use the product as well as any specific requirements such as desired elevation or angle

. You will then need a model which has been ergonomically designed so that your arms aren’t put under too much pressure when using it over long periods of time; after all, sitting in front of an increasingly large screen day-in-day-out without having pain or discomfort would be absolutely terrible.