Best Monitor For Sim Racing 2022


The best monitor for gaming differs from person to person. Some people prefer a big screen, while others enjoy the crisp and clear quality of HD screens. If you’re trying to choose the perfect monitors, it’s hard to know where you should start. 

Luckily we’re here with some guidelines on how you can make sure your next purchase will be nothing short of extraordinary. If you want to be a competitive sim racer, it is important that your monitor can run graphics at high speeds with no lag. 

Professional drivers are now shifting towards online racing sims because of how hyper-realistic they allow for people to experience driving and racing in real-life scenarios.

You know what they say, “you get what you pay for.” So here is the best monitor for sim racing depending on budget. It can be hard picking a certain type of gaming monitor because there are so many different styles and sizes available. 

After years of research, we have compiled a list of the best gaming monitors for sim racing on a budget. We have compiled these factors in order to narrow it down for you: comparison table below. Fulfilling our criteria here is important when looking at monitors that will help your experience with anything from driving games like Forza Motorsport 7 or Dirt Rally as well as flight simulation video games such as IL-2 Sturmovik 1946. 

Our criteria include overall performance and monitor preference to help you find your perfect match. We’ve also included an informative table that compares our top picks based on these considerations.

Best Monitor For Sim Racing

When choosing a gaming monitor for your home, but the most important is whether it will perform well in sim racing. A refresh rate and compatibility can tell you if that’s the right choice or not. 

There are thousands of monitors on sale at any time, so how do you know which one will suit all your needs? How do you know what game console is best for you? You have to weigh your options and spend time considering all the information. 

The first thing that will help determine which one meets your needs is figuring out how much money can be spent on a gaming system. Once this has been determined, it’s important to consider features of different consoles, like whether or not they offer backward compatibility with older games as well as new ones released in the future. 

Next, think about how long people plan on playing their console each day/week because some might need more power than others due mainly to graphics capability; other considerations are if there are online capabilities (i.e., Netflix) available along with exclusive titles such as Halo 3: ODST-The Complete Collect.

1. AOC C27GI



  • Curved monitor at an affordable price.
  • The thinnest bezels in the industry
  • Three-year warranty (advanced replacement) on dead pixels.3-year warranty (advanced replacement) on dead pixels.
  • Flicker-free and low-blue modes
  • A solidly built product
  • Light level (250 cd/m2)
  • The USB port is not available
  • Inbuilt speakers aren't available


Size: 27’’ | Resolution: 1920 x 1080p | AR: 16:9 | Curvature: 1800r | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz| Input: DP, HDMI, VGA | Response time: 1ms (MPRT) |Frame sync: Free sync

From a 1080p gaming monitor, the AOC C27G1 is one of the most versatile you can find. The AOC C27G1 is one of the few monitors on the market that can work in a single monitor setup and triple monitor setup, but the AOC C27G1 can do that. 

Although we all agree that 27 inches are not as immersive as some of its bigger brothers (or sisters) on the market, this baby wraps around your field of view comfortably like no other. The 1800r gives optimum immersion at less than 2 meters which makes sense for Sim racing rigs where gamers tend to be viewing their screens further away. 

The AOC C27G1 is the perfect choice for a 1080p gaming monitor with maximum versatility. Whether you are looking to use it in single or triple-monitor setups, this device will work well with both arrangements and can be viewed comfortably from less than 2 meters away on most racing rigs.

For those looking for a triple-setup, this frameless design is perfect for fusing together your monitors seamlessly. Not only that, but you'll enjoy 1080p of visual fidelity, which beats out the human eye's ability to distinguish differences in resolution and clarity at anything higher than 1680x1050 pixels per inch. 

That wouldn't be much when it comes down to 3 displays with a total pixel count of 5760 x 1080px. 

One thing our team noticed was that although images were still clear enough on these VA panels, there would be some glare from off angles or reflections due to the glossy finish - so make sure they're placed somewhere where light doesn't reflect too often if using them as an alternative desktop monitor.

The AOC C27G1 monitor is a great option for Sim racers who want to push their system to the limit and also play at 144 Hz. With 1ms MPRT, your frame rate won't be interrupted by any input issues from driver or car lag which can happen on monitors that have higher response times than this one does.

2. Dell S2719DGF



  • (DP overclocked) 155 Hz
  • Adjustable in four directions (height, tilt, pivot, swivel)
  • TN display with good colors
  • Metallic recon-blue finish.
  • Reviews are well received by the reviewer
  • Not great in portrait mode
  • with dark/night settings.


Size: 27’’ | Resolution: 2560 x 1440p |AR: 16:9| Refresh Rate: 155 Hz | Input: DP, 2 x HDMI, VGA | Response time: 1ms (g-t-g) |Frame Sync: Free sync

The Dell S2719DGF delivers a lag-free, crisp gaming experience for any gamer. The QHD display is perfect for anyone who needs to see the smallest of details in their game that would normally be missed on other monitors. 

And with this monitor’s 144 Hz refresh rate (up to 155 Hz overclocked), you can enjoy seamless gameplay without missing out on anything. Gray-to-gray test results show a 1ms response time. 

Now, most gtG tests only measure about 10% - 90%. So we take this “1 ms” with a pinch of salt. Assetto Corsa and iRacing both render visuals perfectly. DP and VGA ports are also included for those not ready to make the leap into 4K gaming yet and who need more screen space on their desktop or laptop. 

One HDMI port is set at 60 Hz, so make sure you use the right slot (the one labeled "60Hz" can be used by normal PC users).

The Dell S2719DGF is the best 1440p monitor for Sim racing. At 24” in length, it offers you an insanely responsive and low-lag performance that will help to keep your game moving at a breakneck pace with crystal clear visuals as well, thanks to its TN display discolors only becoming visible when viewing from steep angles.




  • Certification for DisplayHDR 400
  • ASUS eye-care technology (Low-blue mode, flicker-free, etc.)
  • Connectivity ports on multiple devices
  • The Shadow Boost technology (Brightens dark areas)
  • Aura Lighting by ASUS
  • Standing too tall
  • Large bezels


Size: 27’’ | Res: 3840 x 2160 | AR: 16:9 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz| Response time: 1ms (MPRT) | Input: DP x 2, HDMI x 2, USB | Frame Sync: Adaptive Syncc (G-sync support)

ROG systems from ASUS are synonymous with high-performance and next-level gaming experiences. And it’s not just the graphics card that makes an impact on gameplay – ASUS monitors do, too. 

One of their latest is the XG27UQ which doesn’t disappoint when it comes to contrasts in color depth or sharpness for 4K resolutions (which all gamers should be using nowadays). But don't think this monitor only looks great - you get a ton of premium features like FreeSyncTM Technology, 144Hz Refresh Rate, 2560×1440 WFHD resolution display as well as HDCP Brilliance Intelligence Plus Game Mode designed specifically for sim racing games so if you're looking to make your game room. 

The 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time are more than enough to provide a fast-paced, smooth experience. Display Stream Compression (DSC) ensures that the visuals for gaming are consistently fluid with no lag whatsoever. 

The BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 gaming monitor offers a blazing 144 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Combine that with their Display Stream Compression, which ensures smooth visuals on fast-paced games like Sim racing, and the result is simply breathtaking.

The XG27UQ from ASUS is a 27-inch IPS monitor that has vibrant colors and contrast. Its DisplayHDR 400 certification, adaptive sync, multiple HDMI and DP ports make it perfect for gamers or anyone who needs an excellent desktop display solution.

4. AOC CU34G2X

  • A great value for the money
  • Slim side-bezel gives you a full 34’’ viewing experience.
  • G-Sync compatible and dead pixels are covered for three years.
  • Multiple connectivity ports for HDMI & DP
  • Refresh rates are not consistent at 144 Hz
  • Minor color and contrast issues
  • No USB-C port


Size: 34’’ | Res: 3440 x 1440 | AS: 21:9 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response time: 1ms (MPRT) | Input: DP x 2, HDMI x 2, USB |  Frame Sync: Adaptive sync (G-sync supported)

If you're looking for an ultrawide monitor that delivers the visuals of a premium display at a 

price comparable to TN monitors, then look no further than AOC's CU34G2X. With its 34" screen and QHD resolution, this ultra-wide LED-backlit monitor is perfect for sim racers who want as close to real-life immersion in their gaming experience. 

The 1500r curvature provides optimal viewing angles without compromising on detail or color reproduction, meaning it looks great from any angle. AOC's CU34G2X monitor offers the best of both worlds with a sleek design, QHD resolution, and ultra-widescreen to give you that life-like field. 

With an affordable price for those who can't afford high-priced monitors like Samsung or Asus, it is worth investing in one if racing games are your thing.AOC’s Agon gaming monitor does not hit the 120 Hz refresh rate consistently. 

But anything around 144Hz should be a breeze, and you can even play at 240hz. There is also a 1ms response time, but it's doubtful that rendering is happening at those speeds. The unit comes with three years of AOC's standard warranty for faulty pixels as well as one year of accidental damage protection for an amazing price. 

The AOC AG271QX is not as quick on the draw as we would like to see, but it’s still an excellent monitor for sim racing. It comes with a reasonably fast response time of 1ms and has 120Hz refresh rate capabilities - perfect for those who don't need any more than that.

If you're looking for a monitor that will let your Sim racer experience the most immersive and realistic racing possible, there are some key things to look out for. One of those is an ultrawide screen size so they can really feel like they've been transported into the game's world- which makes sense because it was developed from one. 

The CU34G2X by LG has 34" screens on each side with 1920x1080 resolution - perfect if you want something more than just "wide". Both monitors have IPS panels at 21:9 aspect ratio (perfectly designed to suit widescreen content), stable 5ms response time, 99% sRGB coverage & 178°/178° viewing angles. 

5. Samsung Odyssey G9



  • Ultrawide monitor with the best picture quality
  • Both G-sync and Free sync are supported
  • Immersion at its best
  • The refresh rate of 240 Hz
  • QLED and HDR 1000 deliver Extra-depth and detail.
  • In addition to being heavy, the G9 is also unwieldy.
  • Some 3D games are distorted or warped due to the 32:9 aspect ratio.


Size: 49” | Res: 5120 x 1440 | Refresh rate: 240 Hz | Response time: 1ms (g-t-g) | Input: DP x 1, HDMI x 1, USB x 2 | Frame Sync: Both G-sync and Free sync supported

If you’re looking to take your sim racing experience up a notch, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is one to consider. This beast of a monitor features all 49 inches in wide-screen glory and offers an ideal balance between triple monitors with its 180-degree field view and convenience as just one screen for simpler access to menus. 

People's first impression of this ultrawide display is that it's not something small - but don't let the size intimidate you. With angles like these from 1000r curvature, everyone can enjoy every inch without even needing special glasses or headsets (no more neck strain.). 

With their beastly G9 super ultrawide, Samsung is the latest in a slew of companies to try and offer an ideal balance between triple monitor field-of-view and single screen convenience with their beastly G9 super ultrawide. 

The first thing you notice about the 49” Odyssey display is its extraordinary size, which makes it perfect for taking in every detail from across your Sim racing circuit - whether that's cars speeding past at 200 miles per hour or just how many laps remain on this particular track. 

It may be imposing, but Samsung has shaped each curve perfectly,.” so there are no blind spots when sitting down near either end; only unobstructed views all around as if you were driving yourself.

The Samsung G9 provides gamers with a very immersive and detailed experience. With its 5120 x 1440p resolution, you are able to witness every element of the game in high-definition detail from all angles, thanks to HDR tech that adds extra color and depth for an even better gaming session. 

Gamers will be pleased because they can enjoy Nvidia or AMD graphics without having to choose one over the other as it supports both Premium Pro versions natively on this device.

The G 9 offers a jaw-dropping 240 Hz refresh rate, which is an extremely high frame rate for video games. A powerful processor and GPU are required to take full advantage of the display's potential, but those with less will still see smoother gameplay than before if they upgrade. 

The latest gaming monitor from ASUS features its most cutting-edge technology yet: a stunning 240Hz refresh frequency that provides buttery-smooth gameplay through every round you play in any game imaginable on the market today. 

The only stipulation? You need both enough power coming out of your CPU or GPU so as not to be bottlenecked by it - anything below this frame rate should feel just like silk.

What Monitor Is Best For Sim Racing

A thousand racing sim monitors will be found on the internet. The Internet contains hundreds of contradictory views about a wide range of products. We can assist you in making a better decision with our buyer's guide to avoid getting more confused.

Panel Type

TN or IPS? You have two options to consider when it comes time for your purchase. TN panels provide a speedy, affordable option that's great if you're looking for an inexpensive product with lower latency and high refresh rates. 

However, the viewing angles are more narrow, which means there will be some distortion in color from what is seen on screen by off-center viewers of the monitor.

The other choice would be to go with an expensive but better quality IPS panel where colors stay true regardless of how far away someone sits from the display; however they come with a price tag that few people can afford.

Refresh Rates

You need your monitor to be quick and responsive so you can get the jump on other players. Monitors with a higher refresh rate are more desirable for professional gamers because they provide smoother visuals that make online gaming feel real. 

Most monitors support 240Hz, 144Hz, 120HZ, or 60 Hz, but professionals usually opt for an option like 144Hz, which is most popular among them. In the world of competitive gaming, every millisecond counts. 

This is why professional gamers usually opt for monitors that offer a higher refresh rate like 144Hz instead of 60Hz to have the edge over their opponents by having smoother visuals and more realistic gameplay.

G-Sync and FreeSync

FreeSync and G-sync are two important features that every gamer should have in their gaming setup. These two things help minimize distractions during gameplay by eliminating screen tear problems, minimizing input lags, and keeping the refresh rate customized to your liking. 

FreeSync is a much more affordable option for those who want better performance than G-sync offers but don't need it too often; they're also usually cheaper on average, which makes them an ideal pick if you can only afford one of these expensive options.

For the free-spirited gamer, FreeSync is a better option for people wanting to save on expensive gaming monitors. 

It offers more specialized performance than G-sync and synchronizes your game frame rate so that input lags are minimized with refresh rates customized just as you want them.

Monitor Size and Resolution

Monitors come in various sizes. In general, people find 27"-34" to be the best for gaming. Choosing the right monitor size is crucial if you want to play competitively. Smaller screens are cheaper, whereas bigger screens are more expensive. 

A monitor's resolution is also an important factor to consider when buying a monitor for sim racing. A 4K display is available in 1080p, 1440p, and 1536p resolutions. With higher resolution, your gaming experience will be enhanced, and your overall racing performance will increase. 

The most common monitor has a 24" screen and 1080P resolution, and they are compatible with almost any gaming setup. Gaming monitors with a 27-inch or larger screen size and 4K resolution offer the best hardware features but are less common.

Ultrawide or Widescreen?

Are you a hardcore gamer who demands the best from their equipment? If so, then get ready to go full throttle because our single screen and ultra-widescreen gaming monitors are here for your enjoyment. 

When it comes to racing games like Project Cars 2 or Forza Motorsport 7 with all of its lush environments in high resolution, nothing will make that race more exciting than having an immersive view. 

Choosing between these two screens is important as they both come with different pros and cons based on the setup you have at home. The bigger the monitor size - whether this be 19 inches by 11inches (single) or 27 inches by 16inches (ultra-wide).


The best gaming monitor for you depends on your budget. If you're new to the game, consider a low-budget one that will still get the job done in terms of performance and features. 

High-end monitors are better suited for professionals as they come with more advanced specs which can't be found at lower prices like high refresh rates or 4k resolution technology (which is great if it suits your needs). 

Before picking out what's right for you, make sure to research key factors such as response time, FreeSync/G-sync compatibility, and HDR quality, just to name a few. When deciding on the perfect gaming monitor, consider two factors: budget and features. 

If you are new to gaming or have a low budget when looking for your first game screen, there is no need to splurge out of necessity; however, high-end monitors can be advantageous if you prefer higher quality visuals with quick response times as well as other customizable options such as free sync capabilities. 

You should assess what type of graphics card your PC has before buying a monitor in order to make sure it's compatible.


When it comes to sim racing, which monitor is best?

Sim racing requires a triple screen setup, but it can be quite expensive. Choose a screen larger than 27 inches. If your gaming setup requires an ultra-wide monitor, you can get one. Gaming is usually not recommended for screens smaller than 27 inches. 

Prior to choosing a monitor, you should consider all other factors. In addition to the budget, there are other important factors. If you intend to purchase a monitor, you should see if your budget covers it.

What is the best refresh rate for sim racing?

Professional gamers benefit from 144Hz refresh rates. In order to maintain the quality of gaming graphics, you should opt for 144Hz or higher refresh rates. 

When it comes to fast turning and movements, 144hz performs admirably. While playing popular fast-paced online games, you'll be frustrated by low refresh rates.

What screen size should I get for my sim racing game?

During gaming, the size of your monitor screen will affect the distance between you and the screen. Your gaming setup should also include a cockpit and viewing system. 

To maintain high-level gaming performance with a single screen monitor, you'll need a 34-inch screen. The maximum screen size for triple screens used by gamers is between 27 and 34 inches.

If I want to simulate racing on a TV, can I do so instead of a monitor?

A: Yes, it is. Simulating racing can be done on your existing TV screen. Television screens, however, are not designed with gaming in mind. Movies and other content are suited specifically to TVs. 

With high-speed sim racing, it cannot handle fast-paced movements. Input lag will be significant if you use a TV rather than a monitor for sim racing. You can, however, go for projectors or TVs designed for sim racing. 

It is almost as expensive as a gaming monitor or TV. A gaming monitor will provide seamless gaming performance without the stutter.

What is the best resolution for sim racing?

A: You can buy a 1080p gaming monitor if you are on a tight budget. With a triple gaming monitor setup with 1080p resolution, the sim racing game will look amazing. You won't have a bad experience. 

The visuals will look extremely grainy and ruin your gaming experience if you have just one monitor with 1080p resolution. As a substitute, if you have a large budget and want a high-end gaming experience, you should consider 1440p. 

It is best to have a 4k resolution, but the cost makes it hard to justify. 

Are VR sets suitable for gaming?

Yes, that's right. VR racing sets are available in standard models. An immersive gaming experience will be provided by a good VR headset. A VR headset might be the best option for you if you are on a strict budget.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the right monitor for your sim racing session can make or break it. With so many options out in the market, you might be worried that there's no way to find one perfect enough for your needs and budget. 

But don't worry - we're here to help. What kind of experience do I want? What are my priority and preference? And finally, how much am I willing (and able) to spend on this purchase?