Best Mousepad For CS: GO


There are two things that can make all the difference in a CS: GO match, and they’re not just your skills. The best mousepad for you is one of these, which could mean winning or losing tournament matches.

Professional players spend hours practicing their bomb defusal gameplay techniques to win over those who play casually, but it takes more than skill alone to do this on any given day.

The professional scene has been dominated by men and women with strong gaming abilities since its conception back in 1999 when CounterStrike was first released as an online modification of Half-Life 1 – later being sold off into standalone games across multiple platforms like Xbox One, Android Tablet PC’s etcetera (most notably).

But even then, we know what separates them. 

Most gamers use the best of the best when it comes to their gaming peripherals. The mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad are all important in a game like CS: GO as they can potentially affect your performance on-screen during gameplay.

The most common thing among top-tier players is that they always buy what will get them better results in-game – whether for games such as CS: GO or any other genre under this umbrella term we call ‘gaming.’

Best Mousepad For CS: GO Comparison Table

I am selecting the best mouse pad for you. Firstly, if your desk has a metal surface, it is important that you buy an anti-slip mat as they help provide traction on surfaces and will not move around during intense play sessions.

Secondly, some gamers prefer cloth mats because of their comfort, while others enjoy hard plastic pads, which often come with wrist support built-in or have raised edges preventing hands from sliding off of them.

Choosing the right gaming accessory can be difficult, so we’ve laid out three key considerations to narrow down what makes one product better than another: how much do I want my arm supported! Do I need something easy to slide across a surface like fabric, or am I looking for more stability.

1. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface – Best Overall


Gaming mousepads like this one are popular all over the world. Esports pros have used it for over two decades, and more than 10 million have been sold! What makes it such a favorite among Esports Pros!

Some say that its smooth surface helps to reduce friction with their mice, while others prefer how thin this mat allows them to position themselves on the fly.

Whatever your preference may be, there will surely be one pad just right for you amongst all different sizes offered:

From small mats perfect as mouse pads or side trays up through XL-sized designs well suited for multiple monitors setups where gamers need even more space– like those who are pro-level players competing out at big events.

If you want to find out what makes the SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface such a popular mousepad among esports pros, take some time and explore this article.

We’ve got all sorts of information about its features as well as profiles for pro players who use it like Neo, Guardian, Starix, and Zeus.

If these names don’t ring any bells with you, then check them out in other games that they play professionally – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Overwatch League (OWL), or Dota 2 The International 2018.

Your mouse is the most important device in your arsenal of CS: GO weapons. If you want to be a successful player, it’s going to take more than just brawn and brains – it’ll also require precision accuracy with every move.

The QcK+ by SteelSeries has been designed specifically for gamers who are highly sensitive and lethal on-keyboard, as well as those who like playing full speed without having to lift their arm from the desk at all times during gameplay (wink).

With its micro woven surface that naturally reduces friction when gliding across its perfectly smooth fabric weave, this high sensitivity gaming cloth pad will elevate not only your game but make sure you can play comfortably while staying focused throughout long hours spent training.

This mousepad is great for low-sensitivity gamers who want to make 360s and stay at their desk without lifting the mouse. The QcK’s micro-woven cloth surface also features a non-stick rubber base that stays put, even if you are playing on hardwood floors like I am.

The SteelSeries QcK cloth is one of the best gaming mousepads in the industry. It offers a very smooth surface with frictionless gliding and can be used at low DPI without any problems.

New gamers might have trouble adjusting to it, but they will get better after some time playing on this pad’s surface.

The only problem that we saw was an absence of waterproofing which makes it more difficult for you to clean your mat easily from dander or skin oils;

Therefore, every now and then, you would need to wash/dry out your pad manually or use another option available like a washing machine cleaning cycle (which isn’t as effective)—considering all other benefits offered by this product.

The QcK is a durable mouse pad that has been designed for gamers of all kinds. The classic version features dimensions perfect to fit any compact gaming desk, while the stitched edges are ideal if you’re concerned about frayed fabric and threads coming loose on your favorite surface.

For those looking for an even thicker version, the thick size will add some extra cushioning; it’s still made with high-quality materials in order to provide superior performance – just don’t forget our personal customization options. 

  • Most popular
  • Used by professional gamers for 20 years
  • Used by CS: GO pros like Zeus, Neo, and Guardian
  • love it
  • Frictionless gliding even at low sensitivity
  • 17.72” x 15.75” large sweep surface
  • 6mm thickness
  • Not Waterproof

2. Razer Goliathus Speed (Large)


Razer’s Goliathus Mousepads are perfect for gamers, offering speed and control. The Speed Edition was created specifically with FPS games in mind to offer a smooth glide on low DPI settings without sacrificing sensitivity or precision at higher levels of play.

Control is an option you can choose if you’re looking for more accuracy during slower movements like your strafing while playing CS: GO or Overwatch. Razer has been manufacturing the most cutting-edge peripherals for gaming since 1998.

Just last year, they released their newest Goliathus mousepad series, which offers two models; Speed and Control.

The difference between these is in low DPI settings, where speed will glide faster with less resistance while control is slower but more precise on horizontal movements.

In a world where gamers are all about speed, choosing the right mousepad can be challenging.

Professionals like Shox and Kenny stick to either Razer’s Speed or Control Edition of their mousepads, depending on what type they need at any given time.

For recreational players who don’t have an eSports-level performance expectation from themselves, it makes sense that many choose the control edition because it’s more forgiving than racing for those bumps in gaming terrain with your tires wide open – just ask Hiko!

We personally prefer using Razer’s Speed model as it is designed specifically for agility and responsiveness, which allows you to feel every bump when playing games such as CS: GO but still having enough grip, so our cursor doesn’t slip off-screen if we’re trying something. 

Several professional athletes subscribe to the Speed version of the Razer mousepad, like Shox, Kenny, and Hiko.

The control version is faster, however, and is preferred by many recreational gamers. The way you grip the controller or the way you play the game could play a key role.

Personally, we liked speed over accuracy because our hand movements were more fluid which made for an overall smoother experience in gameplay.

The surface of the mouse pad is unlike anything you have ever felt before. When your hand comes into contact with it, it feels like you are literally gliding over the air; a sensation just as liberating and exciting for gamers as free-falling in an amusement park!

Other pads seem to be made from high-quality materials, but they often make noises when used, which can distract those who need absolute silence while gaming.

This particular mousepad features little resistance on its surface so that there’s no risk of fatigue if your palm or wrist touches the mat at any time during gameplay – perfect for FPS games where precision control is key.

The edges are stitched together nicely and even feature a large green logo printed directly onto them (not raised) which will never interfere.

  • Large woven microfiber gaming mousepad
  • Used by professionals like Shox, Kenny, and Hiko
  • Available in four sizes
  • Resistance-free gliding for FPS games
  • Rubber feet for non-slip performance
  • No wrist or pam fatigue
  • Null

3. Zowie G-SR – Pro Pick



The G-SR is the perfect mousepad for any competitive gamer. It’s used by some of the world’s best players and offers a consistent, low resistance glide that can be achieved on even lower settings than its competitors.

When I first used the GS-R, it was like using a brand new mouse.

There’s an initial break-in period where your control is reduced, but after that, you have total freedom to move around as quickly or slowly as you want without fear of overshooting targets with this mat.

Like any other surface, though, there will come a time when shiny surfaces are more slippery than grippy, so if that sounds appealing, then maybe go for something else instead. 

When we picked up our SteelSeries QcK+ Mouse pad and took off its wrappings, one thing became clear – they’re not kidding about cushioning on these things, no matter how many hours we spent gaming at home or office (or both), my wrist never felt sore.

The Zowie mousepad is so smooth that you can use it with your wrist to move the cursor around, and even if you’re just as rough on a computer desk because of all the dust buildup, for example (the surface texture isn’t rustic), this mat will never feel abrasive or scratchy.

You’ll be able to go hours without skin fatigue which would develop otherwise from using some other type of material like fabric cloths in place of a traditional pad. Space-saving design makes sure there’s plenty of room left over no matter how big your space might be!

There is no need to worry about the roughness of the surface when compared to most materials used as mousepads today.

The Zowie mouse pad has many features that make it a great choice for gamers. The surface texture is smooth, even if you use your wrist to move the mouse and frequently contact the mousepad with minimal fatigue on your skin.

It slows down when there’s a buildup of dead cells or dander but can be fixed by following instructions from Zowie about how to clean their products properly.

The most impressive feature is the Zowie G-SR’s incredible 3mm thickness, which exceeds SteelSeries’ 6 mm. If you play on an uneven surface full of bumps and dips, it might feel like some hard edges stick up from time to time.

One new feature I’m excited about with this headset is its ultra-thin sides at only 3 millimeters thick!

This means they’re unlikely to ever get in your way or interfere when using a hot keypad for chatting as compared to other headsets such as Steel Series’. The sleek design leaves plenty of room for any mouse mat but also ensures there’ll never be anything jutting out into your space too soon.

  • Large, premium gaming mousepad
  • Used by CS: GO professionals
  • 3mm thick
  • Smooth-coated Microfiber
  • Friction-free glides
  • for effortless sweeping
  • Provides some control after the breaking-in period
  • Null

4. Cooler Master MP510

Cooler Master’s MP510 is one of the best gaming mousepads for gamers who seek precision and speed. The pad has a sleek design that won’t take up too much desk space, yet it can still be easily customized with different colors or textures to suit your style.

It also offers great durability while providing superb control over accuracy in games at speeds you wouldn’t expect from such an affordable product.

Many brands are offering professional gamer mouse pads made of Cordura these days – but none are as popular as Cooler Master’s MP510 model, which seems to offer everything right now: this is not just super comfortable due to its size (weighing only 1lb), it provides accurate tracking without compromising on speed. 

CS: GO has precise movements that are accurate, there is very little overshooting, and you can make large horizontal or vertical swipes.

The Cordura textile used for the surface of this mousepad makes it waterproof, which means even if you sweat a lot or coffee spills on it, the liquid will just roll off rather than getting absorbed, saving you time from washing it often.

The MP510 is available in four sizes. We really liked the large size as its surface of 17 1/2″ x 13 3/4 inches was perfect for our gaming desk and style, giving us plenty of room to make use of all three screens without any overlap or wasted space

. The edges are stitched, too, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting another mat just because your old one has a few holes from repeated spills at an event like PAX West, where I had my share!

Plus, there’s this adorable little glow-in-the-dark logo on a corner so you can find what game is being played even after dark when everything else will be blacked out thanks to those magnificent blackout liners. 

  • Cordurama surface
  • Fabric made from densely woven nylon
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable with fast response times.
  • This product comes in four different sizes.
  • The large size is 17 1/2″ x 13 3/4″
  • Footpads made of rubber
  • Stitched, fray-proof edges
  • Low on maintenance
  • Null

Choosing CS: GO Mousepads

Sitting down to play a game on your computer is like slipping into the most comfortable of shoes. Suddenly, everything seems smoother, and you’ve got an extra spring in your step.

But for those gamers who require accuracy from their mousepad (and there are plenty), selecting one that offers both comfort AND control can be tricky business.

The first thing to consider when assessing which surface will work best with our needs is how much room we have allotted for it in our desk setup –

If space is tight, then going too thin may not allow us enough maneuverability; but likewise, more than two feet deep might give off such friction as deter motion altogether and cause some havoc with all-important precision shots.

The Surface Type

The mousepad is a crucial component of any gamer’s arsenal. It not only allows for smoother and more accurate gameplay, but it also comes in many sizes and shapes!

The best surface material should be comfortable enough for long hours of gaming without being too slick (like PVC) or rough on the skin like rubber pads can sometimes tend toward.

Fabric-surface mouse pads offer good control while still allowing you access to quick movements during FPS games because they’re lightweight with very little friction, which makes them perfect for gamers who prefer silent play since their fabric surfaces don’t create much noise at all when used – slipping around as if almost floating atop an invisible cushioning cloud.

Choose the right mousepad for your situation. Nothing is worse than being in pain from a cheap, plastic mat that chafes against your wrist or skin because it’ll distract you and affect how well you play.

A waterproof coating might not really be needed unless it’s easy enough for food to get on the mat, too – if so, opt for one with this feature as these mats are easier to clean!

Make sure whichever pad has great control without affecting the speed of cursor movement when gaming, no matter what surface area size best suits your needs.

If you play professionally, your wrist will be touching the surface for hours. You don’t want anything that’s going to chafe or irritate it!

A waterproof coating is a good idea but not really necessary unless you eat and live at the desk.

All of these mouse pads are comfortable enough to use over time without affecting how fast something moves with them – so go ahead and set up an awesome gaming station in your room now.

The Base

Mouse Pads come in different thicknesses, with 2mm being the thinnest and 6mm being the thickest. If you prefer a more solid feel, then go for a mousepad that is at least 5-6 mm thick to have some cushioning on uneven surfaces.

But if your preferred surface area to play from is flat like most homes or classrooms, then consider getting one of either 3-4 mm if it will mostly be used by yourself or 1 -2 mm when playing indoors with others because they provide even less resistance than thicker ones.

Want a mousepad that covers every angle! Thick or thin, these things will have you covered. From 2mm to 6 mm thick, there’s something for everyone!

The thinner the pad, the lighter it is, and when placed on flat surfaces like desks, they tend not to slide around as much, so if this sounds good, then go with one of those thicknesses.

However, thicker pads offer more support but are heavier; great for folks who play at different places often because they don’t slip off less reliable surfaces. 


The mousepads come in many different sizes to accommodate the needs of a player, and one can order an extended size if they are playing on low DPI.

The average-sized large pad is 17″ x 15″, while medium pads measure 14 “x11”. These numbers give you plenty of room for quick movements as well as 360-degree turns that may be necessary depending on what game mode or level your character is currently engaged with.

You need a mousepad that is the right size for you. If your computer supports low DPI settings, an extended size might be necessary to give yourself plenty of room to maneuver.


SteelSeries is the leading mousepad brand that offers both unstitched and stitched edges.

The company believes that using a stitching process to put these two pieces together creates an anti-fraying barrier around the surface of their pads, making it easier for you to clean them with no worries about fraying edges ever again.

It is not uncommon to find mousepads with unstitched edges.

However, we wouldn’t recommend them because they are more likely than others to fray and get dirty over time. The stitching along the edge prevents this from happening so that you can use your pad for a long time without being concerned about it getting damaged. 

Closing Thoughts

If you’re a CS: GO gamer, then this list is for you! We hope that we’ve provided some great recommendations on the best mousepads to suit your needs.