Best Mousepad For League Of Legends 2022

What is the most valuable peripheral in gaming? Your comfort. It can be hard to keep up with your winning streak or a hot run through a promotion series if you’re uncomfortable. This is why it’s crucial that the surface you’re playing on also has enough padding and space for use without getting in the way of gameplay. 

But not all mousepads are created equal – some might say their best League Of Legends mousepad was just like any other until they found ours. mjuv9=9

Best Mousepad For League Of Legends

With mousepads, there are only a few select companies that go big in the development process. As a result, we have listed our top picks based on their price, quality, and usability.

A wide range of features and rates you may find useful when you play long-term. Find out more by continuing to read.

The world of mousepads is about to get a whole lot bigger. A massive portion of the market is dominated by a few giant companies that go big when it comes to development and design, but they all have their strengths in terms of pricing, quality, and usability. Read on for our top choices.

1. Razer Sphex V2

The Sphex v2 is a large and versatile mousepad that can accommodate all of your swiping needs!



The Razer Sphex v2 has been specifically designed to allow you the freedom to swipe as much as you want without losing any surface area, meaning no more accidental falls or interruptions from running out of room on-screen while playing games.

Razer’s mousepads are notoriously known for their quality and performance, but the small price tag comes with a few downsides. It is made out of polycarbonate, which makes it wear down faster than other models.

You can also feel the difference between running over intricate flame colors on this model versus others in Razer’s lineup with smoother textures.

  • Very Thin
  • Unobtrusive
  • Large surface area
  • No lighting.
  • Extremely cheap
  • Over-the-top Aesthetics

2. SteelSeries QcK 


The SteelSeries QcK brings affordability to a well-known manufacturer. This mousepad holds itself at about 133.56 square inches, enough room to give you some movement without having it too big of an area that your arm can’t reach the edges on either side.

The pad is also relatively thin, which makes for minor wear and tear when using it with your mouse and gives them more space, so they don’t get worn out from leaning against such a large surface all day long.

The only real downsides to this mat are the price, material, and straightforward design.

The SteelSeries logo on one corner hints at its low durability, while other features like a rubber base make it suitable for play. The pad is also affordable, making it an ideal starter gaming surface that should be considered when buying your next mousepad.

  • Very Thin
  • Smooth Frictionless surface.
  • Decent Size
  • Budget Model
  • Lower-end Materials
  • Bland Aesthetics

3. Razer Goliathus Chroma:




Gamers everywhere know that Razer is the company to go for when it comes to gaming equipment. The Goliathus Chroma mousepad, with its funky design and chromatic capabilities, has been a hit among gamers of all levels.

Another great piece of tech from our favorite consumer electronics brand in the world: Razer! A perfect gift for your gamer friend who doesn’t have much desk space left over after setting up their display system – or any other type of game they might want to play on PC – this stylish mouse pad does not disappoint when it comes time for some sweet RGB action at home alone or with friends online.

The Razer Mamba Hyperflux is a new gaming mouse with an innovative design. With its ultra-low profile, this device’s sleek and ergonomic body allows for maximum comfort during gameplay sessions.

Featuring one fewer button than most other mice on the market – just two buttons plus side switches to tilt left or right.

It provides quick access to your favorite functions without sacrificing any precision control over in-game movements thanks to 14000 DPI optical sensor technology that can accurately track even slight movement adjustments at up 1000Hz polling rate accuracy which also helps deliver more precise actions such as neutralizing enemy snipers by lining them out through their scope from long distances away.

The matte black finish gives you a superior grip while playing against sweaty palms. 

  • Razer Chroma-Enabled
  • Optimized for Gaming
  • Well-priced
  • No USB pass-through
  • No Other Aesthetics

4. MSI Sistorm:

The last one on our list is the MSI Sistorm. With its firm, metal surface to withstand even the angriest of gamers, this mousepad has explicitly been designed for those who love gaming and need a product that can move with them.

You’ll have to get creative if you want a mousepad for the MSI GE series motherboard. Unfortunately, you won’t find any of these in your local retailer, and even on their website, it’s hard to navigate through all the products being offered.

That might be worth it, though, because this company provides some neat features that make up for its shortcomings, like four rubber stoppers which can cause discomfort when running over them, or an L-shaped design which will take time to get used to.

It may not seem like much, but those details are what set apart great computer equipment from mediocre ones.

  • Surfaces that are thin
  • Aluminum is a durable material
  • Surface with two sides
  • It’s expensive
  • A difficult find.
  • Design that is rigid and odd

How To Choose The Right Mousepad For League Of Legends

If the surface you choose to control your computer with has a lot of meaning for you, then so should your choice of mousepad.

Mousepads can be made out of various materials and come in different sizes depending on what kind of desk space or comfort level is most important to you and how mobile they need to be due to travel requirements that some gamers may face – accessorizing isn’t just about style!

As stated earlier, there are many qualities one must consider when choosing their mouse pad; however, it’s necessary for each gamer to need something slightly different based on personal preference and competitive venue location requirements like accessibility and transportation. Sometimes, the size or material used doesn’t matter too much, but portability does.


If someone likes to use the mouse for long periods, then investing in quality and comfortable mouse pad should be at the top of your list.

Mouse Pads come in all shapes and sizes with a material determining feel- from soft foam pads that provide ultimate comfort or hard plastic mice that are durable and easy on hands/wrists if used for hours each day.

For people who move around a lot, get the softest material possible to avoid carpet burn. Otherwise, if you stay put most of the time in one place, then opt for a thicker and stricter mousepad that can withstand your long hours behind it.

Think about how often you game – do you play erratically, or are there specific places where movement is needed?

If so, look into getting something softer like cloth rather than hard plastic, which will cause more friction against your computer’s surface as well as eventually lead to some skin irritation with all those bumps on them from moving quickly back and forth over short distances repeatedly when they shouldn’t be used this way at least not too much anyway.


It would be best if you thought about how your mousepad will look. You can elevate a mediocre setup with the right looks, which is why it’s essential for people who have an average or below-average computer desk but still want their space in order should get one of these.

Mousepads are all about aesthetics. You can either go with a plain, uninteresting pad that blends in, or you could upgrade your look to something unique and eye-catching.

When it comes to mousepads, the more you try and add on design-wise, the worse your texture will get by adding too much. Not only that- designs with a lot of colors may fade out quicker than if they were black or grey in general.

Instead of having an overall flashy logo across one side (or all 4), have a basic outline like most professional organizations do: either just their name with no other detail or a small logo at about 3 o’clock measuring 5mm x 7 mm.

For example; this way not everything becomes overbearing visually but still has some dimensionality to it while also being able to last longer without fading away as quickly due to its simplicity.

When you try to make mousepads more appealing with design elements, the worse they get. The only way for a long-lasting product is by simplifying it down with just a logo or marking in one corner of your mat and keeping everything else blank, black or grey.


Size does not make or break a mousepad, but it is worth considering. In addition to the amount of room available for work, size also determines the space you have for your hand movement.

The size can range from covering the entirety of your desk to nothing more than one foot wide;

Both are useful in their own right when making use of different setups such as those at home versus on-the-go needs like traveling purposes where carrying around a sizeable awkward mat may be cumbersome.

While having a smaller carpet that takes up less space would serve its purpose better by being easy enough to carry out during trips without taking too much extra luggage for just this material item alone which makes sense given our travels involve lots of walking so we need something lightweight rather. 



What material goes best with you? When it comes to mousepads, the choice of what kind is up to your personal preference. It’s only a matter of how long-lasting they’ll last, and they feel on your wrist when working for hours at a time.

There are many different materials you could choose from when choosing a mousepad. It’s true that some will last longer than others, but it depends on what type of surface and feel is most important to you personally.

We recommend lower-spec materials such as cloth or micro-texture shells for those who want the best balance between quality and longevity.

There is a wide variety of mousepads on the market, with different materials and surfaces. Some last longer than others – but it all depends on what you’re looking for in terms of surface type or feel. If your goal is to find one that will work well in any situation.

So, we recommend using something low-spec like cloth or microfiber material.


When deciding on a mousepad, quality is always the most crucial factor. And while it’s easy to go for something cheap and dinky just because of its price tag, you’ll never be satisfied with your decision in the long run.

It may only cost $10 now, but after one use, that rubber base will do nothing more than slide across your desk as soon as there’s even an ounce of feedback from your hand or fingers.

Just like any other peripheral device – spending money on a mouse pad can leave some scratching their heads about what to get exactly – whether it’s overpriced or underpriced, depending on how much they’re looking to spend right away before considering anything else.

Mice pads are an essential part of your computer. They’re used to help keep the mouse rolling freely and safely, but most people don’t think about how important they are.

There is a vast range in prices for these simple pieces of equipment because there isn’t just one “best” option out there- it’s all up to preference.

Sometimes you can get away with cheaper models on some websites, so if saving money matters more than anything else, then this might be right for you!

But beware that not every cheap pad will work well with any type or shape of a mouse; make sure yours works before buying something too low quality at such a great price point.


You have many factors to consider when choosing the best gaming laptop, but there is one factor that will determine the gaming experience: portability.

A promising sign you have found the suitable machine for transporting around and using on the go can be determined by looking at weight versus performance; if two laptops seem similar in all other ways, this factor should help you decide which would work better needs.

At first glance, many gamers might not think about how easy their game system is to carry with them wherever they go once they’ve already chosen an excellent model based strictly on its power capabilities and screen size – but trust me – having something portable makes everything easier.

The most notable thing about a mouse pad is the ease with which it can be rolled up. If you roll your mousepad out flat on top of another object (such as an envelope, for example), then pull up and see how easy it would be to grasp around both things simultaneously with one hand!

This makes carrying them much more manageable than rolling them into tight square shapes like other items such as clothes or small electronics that are not explicitly made for transportation purposes.