Best PS4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter 2022

The choice to use a controller or keyboard and mouse can change your gameplay experience.

With the ability to use both hands on a keyboard, you have access to more buttons which means greater control over actions like jumping high in Super Mario World!

A lot of gamers will argue that having better accuracy with their movements is easier when they’re playing games with keyboards rather than relying solely on controllers for commands.

When it comes down to gameplay being competitively important, some players may find faster reflexes by switching from joystick movement back into button presses through the keys – fast enough so there’s no delay between them at all;

Giving an advantage against other players who are still stuck on analog sticks only (leading gamer companies such as Sony seem willing).

A keyboard and mouse by themselves won’t make you spontaneously better. The only thing a combo will give you is the opportunity to be an even more skilled gamer.

If you intend to play games seriously, you ought to use a keyboard and mouse for the best possible experience. A simple controller won’t do it, but what it will give you is an opportunity to be a more skilled gamer than ever before.

For those gamers who are looking to start a new game, it may not be as easy at plugging in their controller because some games don’t support them and the console might even prohibit keyboard-and-mouse setups.

Luckily for us, there’s an adapter that can solve this problem. Playstation 4 keyboards allow you to type your commands faster than ever before but if you’re using one while also playing with other controllers then things get clunky fast.

Thankfully, PS4 Keyboard Adapters exist so we never have to worry about being slowed down by our typing when gaming again or feeling limited on what types of controls we need since they help make up for any shortcomings from the controller itself.

The program allows you to remap the buttons on your keyboard and mouse with those of a controller.

This means that if there are two similar-looking keys, or an action button missing from your input device, you can use it as one of the many customizable key-binds for games.

The gamepad emulator works by converting inputs such as mouse movements into joystick motions. It also translates input from keyboards like WASD or arrow keys to directional pad moves in gaming applications that only support gamepads instead of mice & keyboards due to their lack thereof natively (e.g., first-person shooters).

Best PS4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter

The world is a different place now that we’re in the digital age. For one thing, people can’t even function without their keyboards and mice!

However, they also have to make sure they are wireless so you don’t get all tangled up when you go for your life-saving phone call or need some food from the kitchen while watching Netflix.

Luckily enough, here at, our goal has always been customer satisfaction which means not only do these adapters come with a 12-month warranty.

But because of how many hours were spent on research and development alongside testing it has led us to conclude that if someone wants good quality equipment then this should be where he/she starts looking first.

With the release of more games on PS4 that are meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse, many gamers have been looking for ways to make their gaming experience even better.

Luckily there has already been an increase in products designed specifically for this purpose! Here is a list of 5 top-selling models you should check out: 

1. XIM’s best keyboard mouse controller adapter ever



We have chosen the XIM APEX because it is one of the most recognized keyboards and mouse converters. Setting up the adapter is so easy that you’ll have it running in less than five minutes.

Connect the console into the wall, then connect one or two devices of choice on either end before pressing “Start.” It’s as simple as connecting a few cables and flipping some switches (except there are no wires involved at all).

Wireless connection technology has transformed the way people use their devices. You can now go from your tablet to smartphone just by touching a button on each device, even if you are in different rooms of your house!

Now with XIM APEX manager software that is available for smartphones and similar wireless-enabled hardware as well as Bluetooth connectivity capabilities it’s never been easier to switch profiles or change settings wherever you may be without ever having to touch a keyboard again.

The cool thing about it is that you can use a smartphone or similar device that utilizes wireless connection capabilities.

You do this by using XIM APEX manager, which allows you to save profiles and change settings accordingly for your preferred gaming experience with a range of keyboard adapters available when it comes down to the best overall PS4 adapter preferences on the market today.

  • It is very easy to set up
  • One-to-one gaming precision
  • Tablet and smartphone configuration
  • Supports Popular Consoles
  • On the expensive side

2. IOGEAR KeyMander Keyboard and Mouse Adapter



The IOGEAR KeyMander is a fairly popular console keyboard and mouse adapter. The design of this product offers durability while being priced affordably, which makes it one of the more favored options among consumers.

This device maintains compatibility with lots of different consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so you can play games conveniently on your TV or monitor as opposed to having to sit in front of either screen every time.

The IOGEAR Key Mander came in second place because it’s an extremely affordable option that also has great reviews from users about its durable quality for holding up over long periods through multiple uses each day when playing video games onto large screens such as televisions or monitors instead of sitting directly in front at all times. 

The PS4 Keyboard and Mouse adapter is a great way to find out if you are really good at first-person shooters.

After plugging in the device, all you have to do is connect your mouse with a USB cable which plugs into one of two ports on the backside of the console. You’ll be able to play games like Destiny 2 and Battlefield 1 much better than controllers could ever hope for.

It may not have the same level of performance as our number one pick, but it is an excellent choice for durability.

With just about all adapters and software included in this package to set up custom profiles and remap buttons, you really can’t go wrong with a purchase on this investment that will last many years.

  • Keyboard and mouse sharing
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Save Profiles
  • Wireless Android support
  • A little pricey
  • Messy cords

3. Xim 4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter



XIM has found its way into our rankings again, coming in at number three. If you are aware of the XIM brand and its products, then it is no surprise to see this adapter come before our top pick – the APEX by XIM.

This gaming adapter is both durable and has a cool shape, so if durability and style are important to you, look no further. As you may expect though the performance isn’t quite as enjoyable as it looks.

Being the successor for our number one pick (the XIM APEX), of course, this won’t be able to compete with an almost lag-free experience like there was on our end too — but that’s not really what people who buy these adapters want anyway!

Instead, they just want something nice looking while still being affordable enough where even first-timers don’t have many risks in trying out keyboard/mouse controls;

Which this product does wonderfully by providing all-around great quality at a low price point without breaking your bank account.

XIM is one of the most popular gaming peripherals on the market. Their newest product, Xim Apex+, was created with console gamers in mind and can be used to remap keyboard keys or set profiles for your preferences.

With an easy-to-use interface that comes bundled with a number of cool features, using this device could make PC gaming easier than ever – especially if you are just getting started.

XIM offers their new hardware called “Apex+” which has been designed specifically for consoles players who want more control over how they play games from home while sitting comfortably on their couch without spending hours memorizing hotkeys as those hardcore PC gamers do.”

  • Decent build quality
  • Very easy to use and setup
  • Showcases pretty good value for money
  • Almost zero lag
  • Performance not 100%



If you’re on a budget but still want great value, the C91 keyboard and mouse adapter is an excellent pick. This product ranks as our favorite when it comes to PS4 keyboards and mice adapters because of its unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

If you don’t have enough money for more expensive gear, then I recommend going with the C91 Keyboard & Mouse Adapter from Logitech. It costs less than $30 which makes sense considering how cheaply made some other options can be.

The sleek design of the Dual PS4 gaming adapter makes it stand out from other adapters. It is perfect for those who want a keyboard that provides ergonomic options and an easy-to-use mouse to go along with their controller, but don’t need fancy features like backlighting or macro buttons.

This low-cost entry-level option will suit gamers just starting in Playstation 4 or as a replacement if you have lost your setup after upgrading. You will find it perfect for gamers on a budget.

It’s small, affordable, and durable with its USB ports that are conveniently located at the back of the device which makes it ideal for both lefties and righties alike.

  • Small form factor
  • Easy to set up
  • Also Nintendo Switch Compatible
  • Inexpensive
  • Lacks any premium feel
  • Build quality

5. IFYOO KMAX1 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter



The IFYOO KMAX1 keyboard and mouse adapter are a cheap but amazing option for those who are looking to create an all-inclusive workstation at home.

This tiny device allows you to easily connect your favorite keyboards, mice, or other controllers into one convenient place so that the wire clutter can be minimized on your desk space.

Plus with its compact size, it’s easy enough just to leave this little guy in any corner of the room without taking up too much valuable real estate as well. 

For those of you who are looking to try a keyboard and mouse, or maybe use it as an alternative for controller-based gaming, then we recommend this one.

The price is great while still providing decent performance because the design isn’t high-end like some other models out there.

You can feel that it’s made from cheaper material though which may be something to keep in mind if durability matters more than anything else for your particular needs. But overall, setting up was easy with 4x USB ports – perfect.

  • Supports a wide range of consoles
  • Convenient setup for users
  • Built to last
  • Excellent price/performance
  • Lacks premium features
  • Good Construction
  • Design

How To Pick A PS4 Keyboard And Mouse Adapter

It is important to know what you want and who it’s for before making any major purchases.

You will be happier with your purchase if you take the time to consider all of these factors first. When purchasing something, especially a new item, it can be hard to make sure that we are getting exactly what we need.

There are many different things that should go through our minds when considering those items.

Whether or not they have features perfect for us (and anyone else in mind), how much value there is in buying this specific version vs some other one on sale somewhere else- but most importantly – do I love them.

It’s so easy during the holiday season and Black Friday sales rush at work as well as online sites.

We’ve outlined the most important factors to consider when purchasing a PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter below.

Console Compatibility

With the rise in popularity of PC gaming, there are many gamers who would like to play their favorite console games with a keyboard and mouse. If you’re one of these people then your first stop should be this guide which is specifically designed for PS4 consoles.

We’ll go over compatibility issues as well as how to find adapters that will work on older models too so don’t worry if it’s an old relic from 2007 or something.

The most important thing when looking into getting a keyboard/mouse adapter for use on your Playstation 4 system is checking whether or not they offer enough versatility in configurations so that they actually function properly.

You may have heard horror stories about buying cheap knock-offs only to discover after plugging them into multiple systems.

If you’re looking to buy a new video game console, it’s not always immediately clear what consoles are compatible with each other.

Manufacturers often label their products as being for specific systems and if you want your purchase to be totally seamless, just look at the back of a box or manual before buying one. 

If I were in the market for either an Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro then my research would most likely start by checking out which games work on both platforms.

There might be some overlap but typically there is enough difference between them that this should help me make up my mind without too much trouble. 

Does It Support All Your Peripherals?

It might seem like it’s a lot to consider when purchasing an Xbox One S, but there are some things you want to think about before finalizing your purchase. First of all, is the ports on the back of the console – how many will be available.

This includes HDMI out for connecting consoles or TVs together as well as USB ports and controllers slots. Next up would be peripherals such as keyboards, mice (if gaming at PC), headphones, etc; make sure that they can connect with your new console!

To avoid any audio problems try picking one which offers enough connectivity options including headphone jack connections if needed so no matter where you find yourself in-game – battling royales ready.

If you plan on winning a battle royale, make sure that your console has enough ports for peripherals like headphones and keyboards. Although it’s not common to find consoles with many ports at all, there are some adapters available if needed.

Before getting into your computer, set up a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. You can use three monitors with one being for your gaming console or TV if it’s an HDMI port that supports video input.

If not, find another adapter (I recommend this one) that has additional USB ports in order to plug in either headphones or any other device like speakers.

You might be wondering why there are so many different options when dealing with hooking up peripherals such as keyboards and mice.

Well depending on what type of hardware you have – whether it’s a desktop-style tower PC setup where everything fits neatly inside internally; or maybe something more portable/mobile laptop style with all sorts of foldable panels coming.

Build Quality & Price

It’s important to research any purchase before you buy it, and this is especially true for a PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter.

These little gadgets aren’t too pricey when they are new but if one were to break or stop working overtime that would be really frustrating because then your money goes straight down the drain as well as all of the other valuable things in life.

In order to avoid such troubles, we put together some recommendations for high-quality adapters which will save you both time and trouble in the future.

When it comes to the clothes you wear, there are few things more important than quality.

It doesn’t matter if what we have recommended is in your budget or not: just remember that for something like clothing, price and style don’t always match up.

What our recommendation lacks as far as affordability goes is made up by its unmatched level of quality; when shopping around at other stores think about where they fall on this spectrum before making a purchase. 

Does It Have Wireless Support?

The best way to organize your computer is with a wireless mouse and keyboard. With the prevalence of technology these days, it can be hard to keep track of all those cords! And tripping over them is just asking for accidents that will land you in traction or off work indefinitely.

Wireless peripherals are hassle-free as they don’t have any pesky wires at all – no tangles either! Plus there’s never worrying about running out of batteries when using this sleek modern equipment since most wireless devices use their own power supply instead of relying on AA/AAA batteries as an old-school remote control would do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not tech-savvy because our experts make getting started easy by providing instructions on how to hook up various things.

Though wireless peripherals may be hard to find, it’s worth the effort. For one thing, this means that you can easily use your computer from anywhere in the house or office without having a cord hanging around and getting in your way.

And if you do have an adapter with good internet connection speeds then there are also no worries about running over those pesky cables all of the time.

Though finding compatible adapters for wireless devices is difficult at best (or downright impossible), investing some extra time hunting down potential leads will pay off handsomely by ensuring easy access to any device on which you need Internet connectivity – even when they’re not near enough for standard plugs-ins. 

What Are The Reviews?

Buying the right PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter can be a tough choice. It may seem like it’s all about personal preference, but there are many factors that go into buying one of these products.

You might say you’re looking for “the best” or just something to get by with on your PC, this is really up to you as every person has their own opinion when they think of what makes an accessory good – some prefer high-end gaming equipment while others want simplicity so they know how everything works together without having to consult help guides online.

The reviews will tell if people have been satisfied with their purchase in terms of quality and functionality overall from different consumers who could’ve had very different needs than yours.

Closing Thoughts

Our detailed guide will help you buy the Best PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapters. Our recommendations may make it easier for you to spend your hard-earned cash in a way that suits what’s best for your needs

After reading our article, do you feel more informed about where to purchase some of these products. Our final roundup of the above recommendations is as follows: