Best SSD For PS4 Pro 2022


With an SSD, you can update your console in terms of overall gaming performance. PS4 Pro starts at 500 GB which, frankly speaking, isn’t going to cut it for most people if they are not willing to make some changes.

An upgrade like that will take your internal and external storage capacity all the way up from 500GBs of raw power with a 1TB hard drive (internal) plus an additional 120GB or 240-500 gigabyte SATA II 3Gbps 7200 RPM Solid State Drive (external), so now you have both space AND speed. 

Storage-wise, there is a simple solution. Adding an SSD to your setup will take care of all of the problems that arise with HDDs and add a tremendous boost in overall performance on top! This is an easy way to update any console without having any repercussions.

The PS4 Pro’s internal hard drive can be replaced for some endless perks.

Installing an SSD will make your console feel faster and load apps more quickly, which is great if you want to game on the go or stay entertained when traveling! It also helps with other tasks like video streaming services that require a fast connection.

The benefits of upgrading your PS4 Pro’s internal hard drive are numerous –

They drastically obliterate long boot times, make games start up quicker than ever before, speed up loading speeds in every app imaginable from high-resolution gaming experiences to even something as mundane as watching Netflix or Hulu while you’re out of town (and need WiFi).

In addition to being reliable, the best PS4 Pro SSDs can change your experience with your console. Installing an SSD for a PlayStation 4 is worth it because not only do they improve performance but also add longevity and reliability to any system that lacks these attributes.

Not only are solid-state drives (SSDs) efficient in terms of speed improvements; they also offer extended life-spans on consoles unequipped with them as well as higher levels of stability when performing tasks such as gaming or streaming videos from their device’s hard drive.

Furthermore, installing one will help you take full advantage of all features offered by Sony, including Remote Play without latency issues which may impede gameplay quality due to lag time between input commands and output responses seen during competitive games.

Best SSD For PS4 Pro 

The PS4 Pro, once installed with the proper SSD, is unmatched.

Although there are multiple contenders for external hard drives out in the market today – like WD’s My Passport and Western Digital 4TB Black Edition Hard Drive (WDBBKD0040BBK-NESN) –

Their length of time on store shelves cannot match that of Sony’s PlayStation Plus 1 Year Membership Card which can provide a year’s worth of access to all downloadable content available through October 2020.

If you want to store a lot of games and apps, your console needs more storage space. This is one thing that sets consoles apart from each other- how much they offer in terms of memory size for their respective systems.

Newer models are getting bigger on the inside with an increase in physical hard drive capacity or even cloud saves as options, but it’s up to you what suits you best!

There are also differences between design features like protection against dust particles and water resistance levels which should be taken into consideration if a clumsy pet owner will use them often around kids who love playing with electronics.

The following are five of the best SSDs for PS4 Pro gaming:

1. Samsung 860 QVO SSD – Best Overall



An affordable yet powerful SSD, then the Samsung 860 QVO is a perfect fit. With its relatively low price and decent performance, it has proven to be one of the best options on this list so far.

On top of that, this drive can also serve as your PS4 Pro’s primary storage system if needed.

If we were going solely by cost-to-performance ratio alone – which most people do when considering their next purchase – then The Samsung 960 EVO would probably come out on top in terms of “bang for the buck.”

In addition to reliability: with only 1% reported failures (vs. ten times more common failure rates), The Seagate Firecuda 2 TB SS. You’re probably not looking to buy the most expensive SSD on the market, but you still want quality.

The Samsung 860 QVO is a fantastic balance of performance and price that won’t break your bank account. It’s also widely known for its reliability, so it can keep up with all those hefty games without any problem.

Playing your favorite games on an Xbox One or PS4 with the speed of a gaming desk. That’s possible now.

This new technology is called solid-state drives (SSDs) and can be installed in these consoles. These SSDs open up storage space for video game saves, downloadable content, screenshots, and more!

They are cheaper than other hard drive options, too, so it’s worth considering before investing money into another console upgrade like buying a larger HDD.

The 860 QVO is a smaller and much cheaper alternative to the 860 PRO but compromises on performance in favor of affordability.

The new Samsung SSD has all your storage needs covered- even if it means sacrificing some power for the price.

The 850 Series offers two different drives with varying prices from around $100-$1100 dollars depending on capacity preference;

While not an option for everyone looking to upgrade their PC or use it as a laptop disk drive, this could be the perfect solution when space is at a premium like video editing workstations that need fast data transfer speed without having too many high-quality images stored locally.

For a reliable, fast, durable, and spacious storage option for your laptop- the Samsung SSD is an excellent choice. With its three-year warranty, it keeps you on top of any mechanical failures that might happen in case they do occur.

For those looking to make their laptops run at peak performance with high durability, then look no further than this 1TB solid-state drive from Samsung. 

  • Encryption Supported
  • Great R/W Speed
  • Overall Great Performance
  • None

2. External SSD Best for PS4 Pro – SanDisk Extreme Portable



This SSD is not your typical storage device. It has three layers of protection to ensure that it can withstand the most extreme conditions, including exposure to water, dust, and dirt without any damage.

You don’t just have peace of mind when you are out on an adventure; this drive will be there for you too!

For those who like their electronics with a bit more safety than usual, then look no further for your next data backup plan because these drives have got what they need – stay safe while exploring unknown lands all around the world.

This new generation of portable solid-state disks (SSDs) protect against accidents like shock and water exposure—it’s perfect if you’re someone who likes taking risks outdoorsy types.

The SSD of the future is here! The Samsung 850 EVO 1TB M.2 Internal SSD with a 5-year warranty will keep you going, no matter what journey lies ahead.

This model has an incredible storage capacity to fit your needs, and it performs exceptionally well, too – even when data load speeds are high, like in 4K video editing or gameplay on intense graphics settings. What more could one ask for!

The new generation of technology that’s about to change everything is finally available now: the Samsung 850EVO1TBEVM 2.5″ SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD).

With its advanced level of protection and durability, this device can withstand anything from accidental drops up to heights as great as 3 feet.

The Kingston DataTraveler is one of the most versatile flash drives you can purchase. Using their USB Type C connector, this drive will work with any phone or tablet that has a type-C port and also includes adapters, so it’s compatible with USB ports on current PCs as well!

The Kingston Digital Traveler lets you take all your data anywhere without worry by using its fast transfer speeds up to 550MB/s (it tops out at 600MB)!

This handy little device comes with an adapter for both standard size plugs and Type-C cables, which works universally across different devices, whether they’re phones, tablets, laptops, desktops – nothing matters.

When this awesome piece of tech connects everything together in seconds seamlessly. It even supports Windows 7.

  • Works with USB Type-A or Type-C
  • Ip55 Support
  • Trim design
  • Includes a keychain loop and carabiner
  • High USB Performance
  • Extremely durable
  • Compact Design
  • No seal over the USB port

3. SSD WD My Passport



WD’s SSD is arguably the best in its portable drive family. It features encryption as an option and plenty of speed to make it versatile, so you can work on your files wherever life takes you!

The price for this SSD won’t break your bank either – get one today before they sell out (or while stocks last).

This WD SSD is one of the best portable drives on the market. It’s versatile, fast, and features encryption as an option – a rarity in this world! The price for such great quality doesn’t break your bank either.

The WD My Passport SSD is a great deal for any customer wanting more storage and compatibility.

At first glance, the prices are higher than some competitive models, but when you compare it to what this product has over other similar products on the market in terms of both pricing as well as size, you can see why customers would make that purchase decision.

The price comparison should lead people right away to buy this new Western Digital model, which offers much better bang-for-your-buck with not only bigger capacity options at an affordable rate.

But also ease of use by being compatible with all major operating systems, unlike its competitors who lock certain files types out based on your OS choice – talk about frustrating.

You don’t need to buy two different SSDs if you have this one that can be used for both your PS4 Pro and PC.

Just reformat it as many times as needed between the devices, which is also handy because of all the features offered by formatting, like adding a special touch or extra flexibility with its unique design.

You can reformat this drive to be compatible with your PC or PS4 Pro as many times as you want, without buying a new one.

The Beyond Domino is one of the most durable portable drives on the market.

It has been drop-tested up to 6 feet and survived 1,500 g-force shocks without a scratch! This means this SSD can go with you anywhere–to school or work, camping trips, etc.–as long as it’s in your pocket because its size makes it perfect for taking along with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

The best part of all! Don’t worry about dropping everything from losing your phone (or worse) while out adventuring like usual; just make sure that tough little devil stays safe at home where he belongs.

Since anything worth doing these days seems better when done wirelessly, why not transfer files between devices quickly.

  • Good value
  • Amicable read/write speeds
  • PCs can use it
  • Provides password protection
  • The PC can be reformatted many times over to the PS4 Pro
  • Feels cheaply made

4. Seagate FireCuda 2.5 2TB SSHD



Technically and aesthetically, Seagate is a solid-state hybrid drive.

Unlike many other SSDs on the market, this has a NAND flash that functions as a cache to better suit its 8GB of storage space while still being much smaller than desktop variants with larger capacities.

Seagate may be technically classified as an SSHD or “solid-state hybrid” disk in comparison to others because it uses both conventional spinning disks for data access and caching alongside nonvolatile memory like DRAM (dynamic random-access memory) linked by a controller chip.

It stores your information until you need it again later; but functionally speaking there’s really not much difference between them at all – they’re just different implementations of the same idea: using media more efficiently.

Seagate is one of the world’s largest producers of storage devices and has recently come out with a new revolutionary product that will change how we store our information.

The Seagate Adaptive Memory Technology automatically stores your most-used files so they are faster for you to access, but also allows us as the direct consumer control over which files should be saved ahead of time in order to save space on their drives.

Seagate’s innovative new Adaptive Memory Technology can save you a lot of time looking for your favorite movies or songs.

The Seagate FireCuda does have some unique features that make it more than just a storage device. One such feature is the cache, which can improve loading times for certain games and speed up your computer by caching frequently used files in its NAND memory.

There is an interesting way to stay on top of new game releases with the Seagate Firecuda. No installation is required!

Through their onboard SSD’s built-in powerful NAND (Secure Digital Array) chip, you can begin playing as soon as the title is downloaded. The only downside.

It will cost quite a bit, but if saving money isn’t worth having performance, then this might not be right for you.

This new PS4 SSD drive is the way to go if you want a memory card that will give your console more storage space. It’s also perfect for those who just need an SSD and don’t have much money, as its price won’t break the bank.

This device has read/write speeds faster than HDD, which means it can store data quickly without any lag in gameplay whatsoever.

Some people might not know what this is or how great of a product it would be for them- so here are some reasons why getting one could really help make your gaming experience better:

The first reason being that these devices come with gigabytes upon gigabytes of storage capacity at lower prices, meaning they’re cheaper but still able to do everything hard.

The Western Digital My Passport 2TB is the perfect SDD for anyone who needs a lot of storage but does not want to break the bank.

It has an excellent balance between performance and price that makes this HDD well worth its weight in gold (or copper).

  • 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options
  • Flash-accelerated technology
  • Adaptive Memory Technology
  • Expensive

5. Samsung T5 Portable SSD



The Samsung T5 Portable SSD is the best portable storage device on the market, with its latest in NAND flash technology and a sleek design that would fit comfortably into your pocket.

This compact drive can withstand drops of up to 2 meters (6 feet) without damage – a great choice for travelers or just need a reliable backup solution!

The 540 MB/s speeds make it possible not only to read files quickly but also to write them back more efficiently than ever before. With all these features combined, there’s no doubt this product will keep you running smoothly while saving space at home too.

Extra fees are not wanted by anyone.

If you are looking for a high-quality, cost-effective SSD, then the Samsung T5 should be your choice because it has an as-media MSATA-to USB bridge controller and is compatible with Android devices.

When it comes to the Samsung SSD T5, there is only one thing that really matters: size. The 250GB drive will cost you around $130, while a 2TB model can set you back as much as $600.

This SSD is great for people who need to store a lot of data.

Samsung has a high transfer rate and includes three years’ worth of warranty, so you can be sure that your Samsung will last long enough to fulfill all your needs before any potential breakdowns or malfunctions happen.

Being covered by this amazing device as well as its quality components which produce fast results every day without slowing down – we assure you it’s an investment worth making!

This SSD is perfect for anyone who wants their computer storage space big enough to fit anything they need on there, from important files needed for work deadlines coming up soon, saved movies downloaded off Netflix.

  • Versatile – can use this SSD on a PC too
  • Reliable
  • Sleek
  • Compact Design
  • Up to 540 MB/s Read/Write
  • Incredibly fast
  • Expensive

How To Choose The Right SSD Drive For Your PS4 Pro

You know you want to store more of your favorite games and home videos, but do you know how. There are a few ways that can help increase storage on the PS4 console. One way is by plugging an external hard drive into it.

However, not all hard drives will work with this model, so be sure to research before purchase.

If you’ve ever used a PlayStation 4 as one of your main consoles, then there was probably some time spent worrying about downloading too much memory for certain things like Blu-Ray installation or apps just because downloaded video game files take up space fast.

But don’t worry – there’s hope! Increasing Sony Playstation 4 Pro’s internal storage capacity has never been easier, thanks in part due to having access.

Before you buy a PS4 Pro SSD, consider the following features:

Type Of Drive

The current market for external hard drives is divided between two major types: HDD and SSD. HDDs use a spinning disc, so the faster it spins, the harder your drive works.

This can slow down your computer system if you have an older one, as well as make noise that distracts others in shared spaces like libraries or study rooms on campus.

SSD’s contain new technology with no moving parts, which makes them run much more quickly than any other type of external hard drive out there because they do not produce heat and last longer due to their reliability factor!

They also weigh less, making them perfect for students who are always on the go from class to break time at work when doing homework assignments or catching up before bed.

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a computer component that has no moving parts, whereas, with traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), the spinning discs are prone to failures.

SSDS has been found in many computers because they tend to be faster than HDDs and keep data more secure from cyberattacks due to their lack of exposed metal surfaces that can collect malware or viruses.

Computer components like SSDs used by companies should not only look out for features when buying but also price points as well since these devices cost considerably more per gigabyte compared to HDD.

SSDs are the way of the future, with their lower prices and better performance than HDDs. They have fewer malfunctions and longer warranty periods which make it easy to be a little less cautious when using them because you know they can easily get fixed or replaced if something goes wrong.

Solid-state drives (SSD’s) provide more power over traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). Not only do SSD’s offer much faster data transfer speeds as well as lower energy consumption, but there are also no moving parts that could break down – meaning higher reliability.


Some people prefer to store their console and games in a stand, or they want something pretty. There are many consoles available that you can choose from when it comes to size, shape, style, and price point, but if space is an issue, then look for one with a vertical design to fit on a desk or shelf.

LED lights are a great way to jazz up your gaming experience. The problem is that some people find them distracting or even annoying, and if you’re one of these gamers, then it may not be the best idea for you to get an LED-lit drive.

If LEDs don’t bother you, though, try getting something with colorful designs on the drives. Another thing many players like about having colorfully lit hard drives is that they make finding disks easier when playing in low-light settings, such as at night while camping out under the stars (it also looks really cool). 


For people who own a PS4 Pro, it is important to make sure that the external hard drive you are using for your console meets certain specifications.

For example, only one external hard drive can be connected at any given time, and if you go with smaller storage versus larger sizing, then there should always be 250GB of space on the device. With the release of the PS4 Pro, finding an external hard drive that meets your needs can be a difficult task.

The PS4 Pro has some strict standards for hard drives. You can’t have a drive that is less than the size of 8TB, and you need to make sure it matches your system already or put it on another computer so you can format it.


You’ll need a fast external hard drive. Why! The primary reason is that it can access information faster than an internal one will – sometimes running at 7200 RPM vs. 5400 RPM!

You might be wondering if this means there’s going to be more heat generated by these drives — and yes, they do run hotter because their spinning disks are made up of different materials.

Closing Thoughts

We will discuss two types of storage options: SSDs and HDDs. The first advantage of an SSD is its speed; the timespan between hitting a button for your computer to act on that action is shortened due to how quickly your data can transfer from the disk drive into active memory.

The other advantages SSDS have over HDDs include boot time – generally being quicker than their hard drive counterparts- as well as lower replacement history with higher reliability ratings.

Unfortunately, even though these positives outweigh any downsides they might possess, one downside still stands out above all else in terms of the price tag: when you buy an SSD, it costs significantly more than buying a regular Hard Drive, which means purchasing them could potentially put some people off.

You need to decide what you are looking for in your system before deciding on a hard drive. If it’s just 500GB of storage, then an SSD probably isn’t worth the investment because there is hardly any change between them on boot times and gameplay quality.

However, if you want better performance now or later with faster load time than an HDD won’t cut it anymore, upgrading to the PS4 Pro would be incredibly helpful.