Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 2022

The number of gamers looking for the best studio headphones for gaming is steadily increasing.

It seems like people aren’t willing to compromise with sound quality in exchange for a fancy design anymore, since these days they want their gear that can multitask without any trouble at all.

So when it comes time to buy some new audio equipment (or even just a replacement pair), most audiophiles nowadays are more apt than ever before towards choosing something that’s perfectly designed and will also give them long-lasting sounds as well.

The number of avid gamers who prioritize high-quality content over flashy designs is continuously on the rise – so much so, in fact, that today’s consumers often choose functionality overlooks every single day by opting.

The question is: can a pair of headphones be both neutral and have thick bass! If you are looking for such qualities, then I recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7.

This headphone has been praised by critics as being wonderfully balanced with respect to imaging and soundstage.

These features allow it to perform well in gaming or studio applications that require accurate imaging while also providing an enjoyable listening experience on general use devices like iPads or laptops where the rich low end might be wanted most often.

Best Studio Headphones For Gaming Comparison Table

1. Sennheiser HD800S – Premium Pick

The Sennheiser HD800S is one of the company’s top-selling headphones, and it’s no surprise why.

They provide a large soundstage with a decent bass response that is crafted for gamers who want to hear every directional sound from their games as if they were really there.

When a professional gamer was asked what he thought about the Sennheiser HD800S, he said that they sounded “Godly.” These headphones are highly popular and have one of the largest sound stages ever.

With Sennheiser HD 800s, the ear cups are designed in such a way that drivers can be positioned right next to your ears. It offers a sound quality, unlike anything you’ve heard before, with deep bass and crisp highs.

There’s also a 360-degree surround soundstage – perfect for those blockbuster movies and video games where every detail needs to be heard clearly.

The Sennheiser HD800S is an audiophile’s dream.

The treble sounds crisp and clear without sounding shrill, the mids are never muddied up, there’s plenty of impact from explosions in games or movies for even the most bass-craving gamer to enjoy – but it still doesn’t overpower other frequencies with its low-end punch.

These headphones also sit comfortably on top of your head instead of clamping down as many others do; this design allows you to wear them for hours at a time thanks to their plush padding on both sides where they contact your ears (a blend between metal and plastic).

Have you ever wanted to hear what was going on in another room! The HD800S can do just that. It has cushioned ear cups with microfiber covering, which will keep your ears comfy for hours of listening pleasure.

Under the plush headband lies 56mm transducers plus angled drivers positioned so they mimic speakers rather than headphones!

Also included is an all-new 10 ft long copper cable covered by Kevlar wire, and terminating into a 6.3 mm phono plug – perfect if you use multiple devices or want to connect it straight up from its lovely carrying case via USB port onto your computer monitor.

No matter if you’re a professional sound recordist or a gamer, the HD800S provides a high-quality audio experience.

  • Soundstage with plenty of space
  • Easy to choose locations with surround sound
  • Superb acoustics
  • Microfiber covering and a cushioned earcup for added comfort
  • Designed for continuous use with the right clamping force
  • Transducer 56 mm diameter
  • A driver that simulates a large speaker ahead of the ears by positioning them at an angle
  • Kevlar-wrapped copper cable 10 feet long
  • Inexpensive

2. AKG K702


The AKG K702 is one of the most popular studio headphones on the market. Its sound profile is very neutral, so you will hear how it was intended to be heard by its creators, without any added warmth or bass boost.

If you’re a professional sound engineer, or if your ears are trained to pick up every detail in the music, then AKG is for you. Their products give an accurate reproduction of sounds and tones so that each frequency can be heard with pinpoint precision.

One product worth mentioning is the K702 Studio Headphones- they offer studio quality at consumer prices!

The headphones have wide open backings which give excellent space within tracks while still being able to hear all frequencies equally well (from mids through treble).

You will notice how accurately these over-ear cans reproduce vocals as well; it’s hard not to love them when you see what they do for your favorite singers’ voices.

In comparison to any flashy gaming headphone, the directional imaging is outstanding. Although 7.1 surround sound is hyped by manufacturers, directional listening can pinpoint directions with great accuracy in first-person shooters, and it sounds so immersive that you may forget about the surroundings.

Your favorite tunes can be enjoyed for hours on end with this headphone set. The construction is top-notch, too, as it uses a vintage dual rod design that springs back to shape after use and has leather ear pads that are perfect for all-day wear.

There’s little in terms of padding, though, but you probably won’t even notice it at any rate! It also comes with 3D foam earpads which provide comfort throughout extended usages while clamping force isn’t too much either so adjustments can be made accordingly according to head size.”

The K702 is equipped with a patent-pending Varimotion two-layer diaphragm that enhances performance at different frequencies.

The flat wire coil provides improved sensitivity and response in the treble range while also providing increased impulse accuracy with its 10-foot cable, 6.3mm plug, and 3.5mm adapter pack included for the versatility of use in any home audio setup.

The K702 is designed to provide high fidelity sound from all ranges without an off-putting signature tone or resonance thanks to Nitinol drivers which optimize frequency responses by utilizing Patented Varimotion technology–

A dual-layer membrane found within the headphones tuned specifically towards accurate reproduction across multiple ranges such as basses, mids/trebles & higher octaves ensuring it offers beauty.

  • Headphones with a neutral sound
  • Consumer products with studio-quality graphics
  • Soundstage that is spacious and large
  • A great way to indicate direction
  • Detailing is excellent
  • Earcups made of 3D-foam with a leather headband
  • A design with an open back
  • Most gaming headphones have a colored sound, but these do not. That’s not a con per se. But a lot of end-users get disappointed when they hear a neutral sounding headphone.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – Budget Pick

After much deliberation, the DT990 pro was not included in this list. It is one of my favorite Beyers for studio use and gaming alike; however, it has been joined by two open-back headphones on our list already, so we’ll save that spot for a closed-back option from them next time.

The newest release to be added to their lineup is perfect for both gamers and music enthusiasts who want something versatile with good sound quality: the DT770 Pro.

When you first glance at the DT770, it looks identical to its predecessor. The large acoustic ear cups and metallic headband are reminiscent of a standard studio headphone.

Yet in comparison, there is something more refined about this model as opposed to most other headphones on the market today that has been designed for pure sound accuracy without any adjustment to account for personal taste or preference – but these still provide an excellent balance between both worlds when compared with what previous models like the 990 offered before them.

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of warm, rich bass and clear-cut highs on your headphones without any distortion or tinny sound whatsoever—you have found it.

The Sennheiser HD598s are designed to be versatile with their own built-in amplifier but also clean enough that they can work well as studio monitors when plugged into a PC.

And if anything, this is by far one of the most comfortable pairs we’ve tested. The best part about these cans from Sennheiser!

They offer some serious bang for your buck compared to other brands out there while providing quality performance that rivals more expensive options like Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones. A big plus: These high-definition phones come equipped. 

The DT770 Pro is an excellent set of headphones, but they come with a permanent cable. This means that it is difficult to be mobile and you will need extra cables if the one provided breaks for any reason.

Be aware! The DT 770 Pro sounds great and has very little leakage in either direction unless you want your ears tested or crank up the volume all the way up on them–but there’s only so much distortion before something sounds like it’s going to pop.

The lack of removable cords makes these not ideal for travelers who may run into problems when their cord gets damaged (though this can happen even without detachable cords).

  • Sound quality that rivals professional headphones
  • Affordable headphones
  • Exceptionally good soundstage and imaging
  • Very little leakage
  • Velvet ear pads are perfect for long use
  • Permanently attached cord

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x – Best Overall

The ATH-M50x is Audio Technica’s best-selling headphones with a few cosmetic upgrades.The company has been making them and continuously updating the line since they first burst onto the scene in 1991 as their flagship product after being released to rave reviews from pro audio engineers for its amazing performance, superior noise isolation, portability (ear cups rotate 90 degrees), rugged construction yet lightweight frame, detachable cables that can be replaced if broken or upgraded at any time without purchasing another set of expensive headphones; all coupled with an affordable price tag ($199).

Audio Technica is known for continuing to support these products long past when most other brands would have given up on it due to competition from newer models. You know what they say about comfort.

Well, the ATH-M50X is one of those headphones that doesn’t just put comfort on a pedestal but also nails it!

The reinforced padding ensures you won’t feel any tightness or stiffness while wearing them for extended periods, and thanks to their swiveling design, storage has never been easier either with these beauties.

There have been some upgrades, too – this pair weighs in at 283 grams and features closed-back sound insulation, which means your ears are going to enjoy hours of silence without being disturbed by outside noise.

Plus, don’t worry if you’re worried about compromising quality because the detachable cable assures ultimate audio fidelity no matter where life takes you.

The sounds are balanced and detailed with just the right amount of bass for gamers. You will be able to hear gunshots, punches, or anything else that pops out on this soundstage without distortion in any ranges of frequencies such as midrange and treble.

The balance between vocals/audio tracks is never overpowered by other music so you can listen casually if you want more than being a discerning audiophile who wants every detail from their audio.

The sound is accurate, clear, and easy to hear. That being said, the imaging quality may not be as perfect for some listeners, but they’re still good enough that you’ll know where a specific instrument came from in your music.

If you’re looking for a close-back design with an expansive soundstage, the DT-770 Pro is your best pick. The M50X however is a better choice if you are looking for an audio component with a balanced sound profile and a more consumer-friendly design.

  • Audio Technica’s bestseller
  • Upgraded design: thick-padded headband and plush ear cups
  • Cord( 3.5mm connector) can be removed
  • Noise because of closed-back design
  • Very balanced sonic profile, lots of detail
  • Punchy bass and clear highs
  • Earcups swivel 90-degrees for storage
  • Closed, limited soundstage


Massdrop has been a leader in planar magnetic headphones for years now, constantly innovating and developing new products.

The original Hifiman HE400 was one of the best-selling models when it came out ages ago, but these days Massdrop is all about making good quality headphones at affordable prices like their recent release of the HD6XX line which retails less than $200 with both amazing sound quality and comfort to offer customers an excellent value proposition.

In a great addition to their already popular line, AIAIAI has designed the TMA-2 Modular Headphone with upgraded materials and sound quality.

The sleek headband is now made of stainless steel for durability, whereas before it was plastic which often led to some cracking under pressure like during marathon tourneys or just by wearing them day in and out.

This may not be an issue any more thanks to the new hybrid pads that are covered on both sides with soft velour, so no matter how long you wear them they will stay comfortable!

Lastly, these headphones have been fitted with Focus 50mm drivers that deliver crystal clear highs without any distortion – perfect whether you’re into gaming or listening to your favorite tunes from all genres. 

Planar magnetic headphones provide a more balanced sound with an emphasis on the low end. mids may be lacking slightly when compared to lows or highs.

If you have never listened to a planar magnetic headphone before, it will take some time for your ears to adjust from standard dynamic drivers that protrude out of ear cups onto your head (and create noise pollution around us).

But once they do adapt, people generally find their music is richer in the bass than other types of drivers because surface area matters!

Planars also don’t produce any distortion like traditional drives, so explosions and gunshots really stand out as well – especially if we tweak them via equalizer settings specifically designed for gaming-type applications.

The HIFIMAN HE4XX headphones are a great introduction to the world of Planar magnetic technology.

These high-quality, affordable earphones will enhance your gaming experience and allow you to pinpoint where sounds come from in games with ease – no matter how far away they may be.

These sounds originate from; which can amplify your decision-making process when playing some video game titles or other interactive media as well.

Overall, we’d highly recommend checking out these quality headphones if you’re looking for an immersive audio experience while gaming on any platform including PC, console (Xbox One), or even mobile phones via Bluetooth.

  • Planar magnetic headphones
  • Stainless steel is comfortable; thick pad
  • has Focus-A hybrid earpads that are
  • best for full-day use
  • Mids are good, but lows and highs are a little heavy
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent imaging and a wide sound stage
  • noise isolation is absent
  • Not portable

Choosing The Best Studio Headphones For Gaming

These special-purpose devices offer a very neutral sound signature that lets you enjoy the purest sounds of your music without any unnecessary distractions or enhancements.

Gaming headphones have their own set of features to make sure they perform well in intense gaming sessions:

heavy low end with decent imaging capabilities; a reasonably wide sound stage for an immersive experience; noise isolation to keep out ambient background chatter so it’s just you and the game. Studio Headphones Are Designed For Professional Tasks.

There are many reasons to invest in a good set of gaming headphones.

For one, they sound much better than the standard studio ones you’ve got sitting around your house right now and will give gamers an edge over their competitors during intense sessions where every millisecond counts!

You don’t have to know anything about tuning frequencies or driver unit design; all that’s required is for you to get comfortable with how these headsets feel on your head so that when it comes time for battle, the only thing between victory being yours or not is making sure your headset doesn’t fall off before things really heat up.

Sound Stage And Imaging

A gaming headphone can be enjoyed without a sound stage, but it will lose some of its immersive quality.

Imaging is also important for certain types of games like first-person shooters where the player needs to know what direction sounds are coming from. Open-back headphones have large sound stages which make them feel more intimate and close up compared to closed-back models that produce an artificial type of space around you.

The downside with open-backs is they tend to leak a lot, so other people who aren’t playing might hear your game as well. It is not necessary to have a large sound stage if you wish to play games with immersive effects, but the listening experience will be greatly enhanced.

Imaging, on the other hand, can be useful in FPS shooters and open-back headphones provide capacious sound stages that are closer to live music from bands playing on stage.

The caveat is they leak more audio than fully enclosed models; this may annoy others around you or even your coworkers depending upon where you’re at when using them.

You may be considering which of the many types of headphones to buy. Closed-back ones have a narrower sound stage, but they can offer better imaging and directional cues than open-backs do because they don’t let air seep in as an open back does.

All these listed options are excellent for their ability to produce accurate sounds with good quality imaging capabilities too!

Build Quality And Comfort

When it comes to headphones that can withstand anything, then these are the ones to buy.

Most studio-grade headphones have been designed with high durability in mind and will be able to take on any abuse thrown at them–even if it’s aluminum or stainless steel construction!

Many brands offer replacement parts as well just in case something does happen prematurely so your ears never suffer from downtime ever again.

Gaming headphones need to be comfortable, but there’s no shortcut for this. If the headset is uncomfortable or too heavy, you’ll regret your decision and start looking elsewhere as soon as possible.

To ensure that our top pick is a good fit from day one of ownership; we’ve carefully avoided models with suffocating headbands (unless they’re adjustable), uncomfortably tight ear cups, and chunky over-ear pads – all things which will quickly sour any gaming experience before it even starts.


As a gamer, you want your audio to be on point. Studio headphones can range from $100-2500 and more!

Luckily we’ve found the best studio headphones for gaming at varying price points so that budget-minded shoppers are not left out in the cold with this list of picks: one great option for gamers who seek quality but don’t care about paying too much;

two “nice” options where sound is paramount as well as features like noise cancellation or wireless capabilities – these would suit those interested in what’s possible when it comes to their equipment without compromising an arm and leg; lastly, there’s our top pick which offers amazing sound plus cool extras such as built-in microphones (so others will hear you loud & clear).