Best Tablet For Osu 2022

The addictive game Osu! has boomed in popularity thanks to its vibrant display and sound effects.

The game is more than just fun, and it’s super addictive with plenty of color combinations that put your senses on overload from the bright screen colors and booming beats coming through speakers.

This game is very addictive because the community surrounding it is always competitive, and you have total control over what’s happening on your screen.

Having a touchscreen is an integral part of Osu gaming because it enhances how quickly someone can play, and when you’re playing against other people, this feature makes a huge difference.

The traditional mouse and keyboard may be the most convenient way to play, but it is not at par with more complex songs that require uber precision and perfect timing control. This is where tablets come in handy as they allow for more accurate gameplay than a typical input device such as a computer or laptop could ever provide you with.

Best Tablet For Osu

Someone’s trash can be another’s treasure, according to the saying. I think this could hold true for the Osu game and its tablet market as well!

If you haven’t tried it yet, it can be an incredibly addicting free-to-play rhythm video game where players tap circles to hit their notes in time with the music while avoiding other obstacles on screen (i.e., clashing).

You might not think that it is much, but trust me when I tell you that playing will suck up all your spare hours once you get hooked! If anything else, every day after work becomes a solitary journey back home just so we can reach our own personal goal: hitting ten million points without missing any note combos or breaking combo chains.

Following is a list of some great tablets that are compatible with the Osu app:

Why to Use A Tablet?

Osu gameplay has the user experience of a touchscreen tablet with simple pen-controlled graphics to make for an immersive and realistic gaming environment.

When you play the popular game Osu!, your moves are tracked with a pen that is connected to your computer. This gives you absolute tracking over a mouse’s relative movement, as it connects directly on the monitor screen and not via touchpad as tablets do.

The most accurate and precise form of tablet input is absolute tracking. Absolute tracking means that every point on the sensor corresponds to a specific x/y coordinate.

So if you take your pen off the sensitive area and place it elsewhere at any orientation, its corresponding cursor will automatically jump there for perfect accuracy without lag time or delay.

The best type of input for tablets is those which offer absolute positioning because they allow precision control with zero latency (delay).

Tracking data doesn’t need to be in real-time like mouse movements; instead, everything happens as soon as you move! That’s why vector graphics software programs use this kind of touchscreen technology by default, while many other apps don’t even bother with an option.

Many would argue that the mouse is more difficult to use than a computer keyboard. The cursor on the screen has to be dragged from point A all the way over to C. This makes for slow and ineffective gameplay in Osu. 

A lot of people prefer using their keyboards rather than mice when playing online games like those found at osu!.

With relative tracking, players can’t simply click anywhere they want-they have to move between different points first before clicking or dragging something there: this was not what many gamers were used to with traditional desktops and laptops back then;

It’s also considerably slower considering how much time you’ll need just getting across your entire monitor if you’re holding down CTRL+TAB while moving an inch every second. Slow and ineffective, the mouse’s relative tracking has many shortcomings when it comes to advanced gameplay for Osu. 

A typical dilettante is satisfied with the tablet’s LPI, i.e., resolution. They often overlook other features like RPS and pressure sensitivity that are important to advanced players but not required for a beginner’s level of play.

If you’re looking for a tablet that can sense even the slightest movement, then your best choice would be one with 100 LPI. A resolution of 50 LPI will still do but may not pick up smaller movements as well.

Laptops are good to use when they have higher resolutions, so it makes them more sensitive and responsive to small motions like mouse clicks or cursor shifts.

With high enough resolution on tablets, you’ll notice an exorbitant difference in gameplay; anything less than 100 is likely too low-resolution for this purpose and won’t give full satisfaction from life’s little pleasures such as clicking on textboxes – always make sure you invest wisely.

Advanced players rarely use touchscreen tablets due to the lack of control and coordination between hand motions for scrolling, clicking, zooming in/out.

Touchscreen tablet use is limited among more skilled users because they provide less dexterity than keyboard-based interfaces combined with a touchscreen device.

1. The HUION H420 OSU Tablet is a budget-friendly option



With its Osu-friendly tablet, Huion has become a rage. This not only seals the deal for beginners but also offers competitive pricing and high compatibility with other graphics programs such as Photoshop or Gimp.

As with most computing devices, this device runs much better when connected via USB cable instead of wireless connection due to slower response time and laggy gameplay experience on low-end tablets like Huion GT – K58.

Huion’s popular lineup includes their new W10H series, which made waves among gaming communities by being one of the few affordable OSU compatible tablets available on the market today without sacrificing quality features widely used by advanced players – including 2048 pressure levels (8192 max).

The pen is battery-operated, which means it’s more lightweight and doesn’t lag behind the gameplay.

The only downside to this is you will need to purchase batteries in order for your game experience to not be interrupted by a low charge. With the Huion tablet, it’s easy to Osu when you want and gets back into your game!

The three buttons are conveniently located on top of the device. They’re comfortable for those long gaming hours. Plus, they save room by eliminating unnecessary clutter like a keyboard clicker or mouse pad – not to mention what this does for budgeting. 

The HUION graphics Tablet has three mechanical buttons that can be used as an “Osu” button which saves money from buying expensive keyboards with similar features and also eliminates any needlessly cluttering up space in your already crowded area while playing games at home.

  • Ideal active screen size for beginners
  • With the right drivers, it works well
  • Three mechanical buttons that can be used as clickers in Osu
  • The best value for money
  • Made of plastic
  • Heavy, battery-operated pen
  • Not suitable for intermediate to advanced players

2. XP-Pen 430S – Best Overall



The XP-Pen 430S is a tablet worth more attention than what it has been given. It even managed to outshine the Huion H420 Osu, which was already popular in its own right.

The only reason why this happened might be due to a lack of marketing on behalf of XP-PEN. This tablet is the perfect starter kit for any novice player.

The 4 x 3″ active area makes it easier to control your character, and with its higher report rate, you’ll be in total command of every game situation as soon as they arise! Best yet.\

It’s cheaper than a burger from McDonald’s – what more could anyone ask for out of their gaming device.

This one sports a 4×3″ inch active surface that provides players an easy-to-control interface during gameplay.

With its high report rates, this little guy can handle just about anything you throw at him; he’ll take on all challengers without missing a beat or breaking into a sweat (even if his price tag doesn’t make him seem like much). 

  • Battery-less, lighter pen
  • Light Weight
  • Good response rate
  • Not seen

3. GAOMON Osu Graphics Tablet Pad



The GAOMON Osu Tablet is specifically designed for playing a popular music-based game.

Though it measures 6 x 6 inches, most of this space remains unused due to its square aspect ratio, which requires you to use your arm and fingers in awkward ways while performing difficult maneuvers on a small screen. 

Many people like to play while they’re on the move, so Osu requires a sturdy hand over its tablet. In general cases, no problems should arise because of this, but some players would like an alternative playing position that is not at their desk with flexible rubber tablets they can use anywhere.

The Gaomon Osu Pad comes with a battery-operated pen, which is slightly heavy but not too much of an inconvenience.

The variety of tip adjustments that come included in the box provides more control and precision on your drawings than you would get with other devices such as tablets or phones. Gaomon Pad is a fairly new tablet gamepad that comes with its own wireless pen.

It’s not too heavy, considering it has its own battery and the weight of an average ballpoint pen inside the device itself. The pad also comes equipped with different kinds of tips to provide increased control over your gaming experience. 

  • The great response rate for the price
  • Bigger active area
  • Variable stylus tips
  • Extremely grippy due to the rubber body
  • Flexibility requires a flat surface
  • Awkward aspect ratio
  • Battery operated heavy stylus

4. Vikki S640 Drawing Tablet



The Wacom Bamboo tablet is a favorite among many artists and gamers. In the past, these tablets have been discontinued by manufacturers because of their high quality.

However, this one has proven to be worth every penny with its responsive pen input that can even show you how hard it’s pressing down on paper for those more advanced players.

Despite it being a bit heavy, the pen has rubber grips for an easy grip. The weight distribution makes drawing and writing very precise, with no slippage or too much pressure needed to write smoothly.

This would make this pen perfect for all types of gameplay, from high difficulty FPS sessions where precision matters most to long hours in RPG games that require lots of note-taking during battle scenes.

  • High-performance rate
  • Good built
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for all kinds of players
  • Slippery pen

5. Wacom Wireless Drawing Tablet – Premium Pick



The best tablet for Osu is the One Pen Tablet. With a response rate of up to 200 Hz and extremely low latency, this one offers you unmatched precision when playing!

Coupled with its resolution of 120 LPI that allows it to be super responsive without any input lag, your gaming experience on this device will feel like nothing else!

The build quality we’ve given into these devices is second-to-none, too: they’re made from high-quality plastic, which gives them a luxurious feeling every time you use one during gameplay.

The One Pen Tablets have been built exclusively by us at Wacom over many years in order to offer gamers the most precise control possible while providing unparalleled enjoyment through their smooth responsiveness and opulence.

It is a well-known fact that Osu’s top tablets are undeniably the best; however, if you’re looking for something cheaper and more practical, then these might be your perfect fit. There isn’t really anything cheaper out there that performs as well and will give a better experience than this one can provide.

  • Build quality is good
  • Response rate at the top
  • Pen good for passive writing
  • Performance is enhanced without the need for drivers
  • The price is high

OSU Tablets: How To Choose The Right One

Tracking Absolute

With a tablet, it goes without saying that absolute tracking is one of the most important features. For games like “Minecraft” or competitive multiplayer shooters, it becomes not only crucial but also essential to have responsive and precise control over the game at all times.

The ability to quickly shift seamlessly between any point on your screen is what separates an amateur player from a pro gamer in this genre of gaming. When it comes to playing the game Osu, there are many ways of tracking your movements.

Absolute tracking can be achieved with other controllers like a MIDI board, joystick, and touchscreen.

Gaming tablets have shown themselves to be an excellent way for gamers who enjoy this particular type of gameplay because they give you complete control over where your fingers go on screen and how fast or slow certain moves happen in-game. 

As much as people love games such as Tetris or Minecraft – some would say that nothing compares to the feeling of making their own music with buttons, knobs, sliders, etc., at least not until now:

Thanks to gaming tablet technology have made being able to create beats live without limitations is possible again which is why they’re quickly becoming popular. 

Resolution/Lines Per Inch

The more lines per inch, the easier it is to get a response on your screen when you move across it.

This means that smaller and lighter styluses can still do well against larger ones, making for an even playing field regardless of what size hand or penmanship style you prefer!

Immediately following absolute tracking is LPI (Lines Per Inch).

The simplest way to understand LPI is to realize that when a stylus moves over the active area of a tablet with contact with one line, close contact with all other nearby lines sends motion feedback from those movements back through them into cursor movement on the monitor so tight packing makes sensitivity extremely responsive which has potent benefits.

The LPI that you’re looking for will depend on how advanced of a player you are. For general purposes, tablets with 100-or-higher resolution should do much better than any other monitor or mouse available.

The smaller the screen size, the more accurate you can be with your tapping. This is because a larger tablet may have a higher resolution, which requires an expensive computer to run it smoothly. With the right tablet, you can work on your Osu skills even better.

The smaller gross screen size means a more precise hit zone for big points, and less expensive screens give you an easier price tag to pay. 

How Fast The Pen/Stylus Responds

Some of the first gaming styluses were battery-operated, and while they may have been a nuisance when it came to running out of power during an intense Osu session, many people still found them useful.

However, with newer tablets on the market that use USB-style cables for connecting peripheral devices like keyboards and mice, more manufacturers are opting for this simpler connection style in order to cut down their manufacturing costs by not having any additional components or circuitry required. 

Choosing a stylus with a high response time will ensure that you perform at the absolute epitome of perfection is by choosing a stylus with a high response time.

With this, you will have complete control over the game by ensuring accurate cursor positioning, giving you more options in gameplay like drawing thin lines and making precise selections on the screen.

Gaming is more than just pressing buttons, it’s about precision. And the only way to get that level of accuracy when you’re on the go or in a hurry is with a stylus.

You can choose the stylus-based on your needs and budget, but as long as there are enough pixels for them to register against, any stylus will do the trick. 

An accessory you must have for your gaming experience is a stylus. Not only does it allow more precision, but they come in replaceable tips that vary in size depending on how precise and thin or thick you want the tip to be.

Styluses are only limited by your imagination. Different size tips and different shapes can make a huge difference in how you play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are clickers integrated into a tablet or a keyboard as a clicker substitute?

The time it takes to click a button on an Osu tablet is heavily compromised when you have one hand pointing and clicking while the other hand presses down. This can lead not only to inaccurate timing, but also unpleasant finger strains in your hands due to their different positions.

The factors that contribute most significantly towards creating an ideal set of piano fingers are usually developed at a very early age by practicing with both hands simultaneously- making use of two indexes or thumbs for example-.

Unfortunately, this process often becomes difficult if not impossible as players enter high school, college-, or even graduate-level courses because they will either need one arm pressing keys and another arm standing back up straight again.

The clicker is a great addition to any computer desk, not only because it relieves the pressure from your fingers when you’re trying to furiously scroll down on Osu!

Maps for hours and hours at a time. The clicker gives control over both scrolling and clicking functions with ease, which makes playing Osu even more enjoyable.

Q: Is it because touchscreen tablets are not as efficient as graphic boards?

With touchscreen tablets, one hand has to do two things at once – click and scroll. This multifunction gaming makes Osu a much more difficult game to play but it’s not an enjoyable increase in difficulty. If you’re a music lover, Osu is the perfect video game for you.

The sounds produced by physical clickers of your keyboard or tablet adds to the addictive and fun experience that it provides.

Q: Can other kinds of devices/controllers be used for an Osu gameplay experience?

The perfect Osu experience is a balancing act between the tablet and keyboard. In order to provide an optimal environment for playing, there are many controls that work just fine in certain circumstances but not others.

For example, only one hand may be free while holding down keys on a laptop or desktop computer with two hands; however, using both hands is possible when tapping lightly on your phone’s screen because it can sense how hard you’re pressing without requiring any touch input at all.

When people first use a controller, they may be overwhelmed by the number of options. But don’t worry! One thing that you can do to choose your perfect controller is considered what type of music and video games you play most often.

If it’s mostly Rock Band or Guitar Hero, then a guitar-shaped MIDI board might work better for you than an electronic drum set would.

In addition, you will need to consider the amount of money you are willing to spend, as this will determine which controllers cost more overall. When playing Osu, you only need two things: something to track your cursor through, and something to click. The quality of gameplay can not be verified.

Q: What is the importance of pressure sensitivity for Osu gaming on a tablet?

Pressure sensitivity is not needed in Osu because you’re already using a clicker for the function. An in-built pressure-sensitive tablet isn’t ideal either as it would be superfluous to have two input devices where one will suffice.

One hand should focus on only one task and device at any given time, which means that scrolling can still be done with your fingers instead of having an additional tool – like a pen or stylus. Basic gaming tablets are enough for Osu.

You will not find any benefits to investing in a pressure-sensitive tablet, they just cost too much and provide no real advantages over basic models that everyone can afford without breaking the bank or restricting your quality of life outside of entertainment pursuits.

And you don’t need anything more advanced than what already exists on standard devices when it comes strictly to playing games like Osu. 

Ending Thoughts

Osu is a game that requires no high-tech tablets. For beginners to intermediate players, there are many inexpensive options available at most electronic stores and online markets such as Amazon or Newegg for purchase.

Tablets are a new type of computer that is good for drawing and writing on. It’s important to make sure your tablet has the right elements, like having enough resolution so it doesn’t lag when you’re working with small details or an accurate stylus that feels comfortable in your hand while also being built well enough to handle pressure from use without breaking.