Best USB Hub For PS4 2022

Sony’s PS4 is a fantastic console, but it lacks in some areas. One issue that has been affecting avid gamers with the lack of USB ports and storage space for their consoles.

Luckily, Sony realized this problem and was able to include an additional two USB ports as well as provide more options when selecting which external hard drive or flash drives you to want to use on your PS4 system.

In today’s world, where technology becomes obsolete at such breakneck speeds due to improvements being made every day across all types of fields around us, one can get easily overwhelmed by the idea of what these advances may do for them.

What if there are devices we could have access to now! 

In addition to being versatile, portable, durable, and beneficial in a variety of different situations, from playing with friends to upgrading storage space, the best USB Hub for PS4 can also be versatile.

With new technology that allows data transfer speeds of up to 5Gb/s, you’ll be able to carry movies and games near-instantly across the room with devices using this 3rd generation hub.

Above all, these additions are not costly like other console attachments or modifications which will set you back a lot more cash than they’re worth; instead, they serve their purpose well as utilitarian items in your setup without costing an arm and a leg.

Meaning you can upload or download movies and games near-instantaneously from storage devices – with no investment in expensive upgrades, like with other modules.

Top 9 USB Hub For PS4

The PlayStation 4 offers many USB Hub options for every gamer looking to charge their controllers and other devices.

For a more traditional experience, you can opt for an all-inclusive charging station that will allow you to plug in all your devices simultaneously without wires getting tangled or even being stretched too far across your room space.

If the sleek design of the Sony console is what’s catching your eye, then one of these high-performance plug-n-play hubs might be perfect for whatever it is that needs recharging on any given day. 

You see, not only is the Playstation 4 a great gaming platform, but it also has some of the best USB Hubs that allow you to change all your controllers and other devices with ease.

No matter what kind of Hub you need, there’s one for every budget on our list.

1. Our choice: Anker’s 4-Port Unibody USB Hub 3.0




The Anker 4-port USB 3.0 hub is a perfect accessory for your PS4 console! It features lightning-fast transfer speeds, and it’s an affordable choice that will last you through the years to come without any problems – even if you’re prone to dropping things on hard floors.

The clear frontrunner among compatible USB hubs is none other than this product from Anker: with four additional ports available in addition to those necessary slots needed by most people today, there’s no reason not to get one right now.

The Anker model is a sleek and sophisticated-looking wireless charger that has an attachable cable for increased freedom of movement, as well as Velcro on the bottom to keep it in place.

It comes with three USB ports, so you can easily charge your phone while using another device without any hassle whatsoever.

The elegance and convenience of this little black box are unmatched by anything else currently available. If you’re looking for a hassle-free charging solution, look no further than this magnificent piece from Anker.

  • Aluminum finish and sturdy design
  • Plug-and-play or portable, easy to take anywhere
  • Transfer speed of 5 gigabytes
  • The Velcro attachment allows it to be placed anywhere, even on walls
  • Only four ports

2. Kokovolta Vertical USB 3.0 Hub



The Kokovolta Vertical Data Hub is a sleek, elegant-looking USB hub that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Unlike other models in its class, the entire thing has an aesthetic appeal to it from top to bottom, giving off a far-future and space-age vibe with every inch of design carefully thought out for optimal use.

You don’t have room for any weak spots. When it comes to the visual appeal of your gaming setup, you don’t have room for any weak spots.

The Sceptre E245BV-SR 24-Inch LED Monitor with Speakers is a beautiful addition that will bring out colors and textures in games like never before without sacrificing affordability or style.

With crisp white sheen across its frame, this monitor provides an impressive level of cleanliness while still remaining affordable enough to be worthy of consideration as one great option among many when considering what new rig build can do wonders for both aesthetic appeal and performance alike.

  • Beautiful design and in-house LED lights
  • 5-gigabyte transfer speed
  • It takes up some space
  • 4 USB ports

3. Skywin All-In-One PS4 Stand


If you’ve been looking for an all-inclusive stand that will neatly hold every single attachment and accessory, the Skywin All-In-One Playstation 4 Stand is a must.

With space to charge your controllers while they’re on display in front of you, USB ports for plugging up new games from any console, plus room enough to keep your headset charged and ready at hand with its own dedicated section near the top row – it’s truly getting everything under one roof.

If you love your Playstation, then this stand is for you. This sleek and sturdy design has everything that a hardcore gamer could want in one convenient place.

  • All-in-one functionality
  • Multiple charging stations for various accessories
  • Four onboard USB inputs
  • Not portable; large and bulky
  • Unlike pure USB ports, they are significantly more expensive

4. Gyorgkshi USB 3.0 High-Speed Hub


Want to get the job done on a budget! The Gyorgkshi High-Speed Hub is for you. It’s small and portable, like Anker’s 4-Port USB hub but less expensive than Skywin’s All-in-One model.

Do you think the Gyorgkshi High-Speed Hub is what you need! It has just about everything: it’s slim and portable, durable like any of these other popular USB ports, but at a fraction of the price.

  • Durable design with LED indicator lights
  • Small and portable, plug and play or take it anywhere
  • 5-gigabyte transfer speed
  • Cheap
  • Only 4 USB ports
  • Uninspired frame design

5. Linkstyle USB Hub For PS4



The Link style 5-Port USB hub is one of the best options for those looking to plug in additional devices, such as a wireless mouse or keyboard.

The sleek design and small size make it an easy addition to your console without taking up too much space on top of other things like charging cables.

It features five new ports that are perfect for connecting all sorts of accessories–from speakers and game controllers, and you can charge any device right next to your PS4. The Link style 5-Port USB Hub is perfect for PlayStation 4 owners.

It allows you to give you more options in terms of how many devices are connected at once. The sleek design blends seamlessly with any house décor while also adding a dash of sophistication that gives it an ultra-modern look.

  • Five USB ports
  • Five-gigabyte data transfer
  • Instantly connects to your PS4 via a USB port
  • makes it seem like an extension of the console
  • It only works on the Playstation 4
  • No built-in surge protection

6. Anker 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub



The Anker 7-Port USB hub is a great way to expand your computer’s capabilities by adding more connections for devices.

With this device, you can attach seven components at the same time and use it with an external monitor or projector without having to resort to unplugging anything else first!

The affordable price point of The Anker 7-port USB Hub makes it worth buying if you are in need of some extra ports so that all your equipment will fit nicely on one power strip.

The lightweight and flexible design of the cable makes it a breeze to transport around apartments or any other type of location without too much trouble. The built-in cable is perfect for messy setups, as it comes with enough length to keep the model maneuverable.

  • Durable frame
  • Fairly portable
  • Seven USB ports
  • 5 gigabyte per second transfer
  • Built-in surge protector
  • Larger than most other USB hubs
  • Lackluster design
  • Much more expensive than most smaller models

7. Sabrent 36W 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub – a Premium Pick


One of the most popular brands for USB hubs is Sabrent, and it has a variety of models depending on what exactly your needs are.

You might want something with built-in Bluetooth so you can easily sync up devices like card readers or phones to share data wirelessly.

If this sounds appealing, then check out their 7 Port hub, which comes in at an even more affordable price than other models! It’s nice because if all else fails, I know where my next purchase will be coming from – as long as they have one available when I need it.

Final output: One of our favorite companies here at TechTalkUSA is Sabrent – which offers five great choices in terms of modular chargers.

The Sabrent 7 Port hub is a great option for people who want to take their gaming experience up another level.

It supports Bluetooth and syncing options with card readers, phones, and hard drives–all the while providing an interface that’s compatible with PlayStation consoles as well.

The Razer Core X is a revolutionary way to play your favorite games and enjoy movies. It’s compatible with all the newest technology, like USB 3.0, for fast data transfer speeds of up to 5 gigabytes per second!

The instant you plug in your device, it will be ready-to-go, just as if you were playing on an external monitor or TV screen that was plugged into your computer through HDMI cable–how cool is that!

  • Design with seven ports
  • Durable portability
  • 5 gigabyte per second transmission Syncs with hard drives, smartphones, and card readers
  • Expensive
  • Larger than most other options

8. Sunky PS4 Pro 5 USB Ports Hub


The SUNKY PS4 Pro hub was specifically designed to work with the Playstation 4 Pro, and it slides right in, looking like a natural addition.

It also has 5 USB 3 ports for your convenience while playing on this console only, so versatility is at a bit of risk, but that doesn’t mean you should take out any other devices just because they won’t be compatible!

The design of the SUNKY PlayStation 4 Pro Hub makes it look like an integral part of Sony’s new gaming system.

The sleek black exterior contrasts nicely against its silver frame as well as all available colors from which one can choose-making customization complete!

However, there are some limitations, such as compatibility issues when using non-PS4Pro related products or peripherals.

This also means it’s a little less versatile because most devices are incompatible and don’t fit inside of this model like they would if you were to buy one designed specifically for them- but who needs versatility when your device looks so good.

  • Cost-effective
  • Portable and durable
  • PS4 Pro-specific
  • With five USB 3.0 ports, you can transfer data at 5 Gigabits per second
  • Less s
  • Little versatility in terms of compatible mounts
  • No built-in surge protection
  • torage space

9. The MefeCoorel 6-Port USB 2.0 Hub is a budget pick



With a compact and sleek design that is similar to Kokovolta’s Vertical Data Hub but for half the price, the MefeCoorel USB 2.0 6-Port Hub rounds out our list at the end.

The Hub features six ports to accommodate all your various gadget needs, making it perfect for anyone who has multiple gadgets in need of charging or syncing data.

From its sleek, modern design to its durability and compatibility with newer USB 3.0 devices, the MefeCoorel 6-Port Hub is a great choice for people who have many gadgets they need access to on their laptops or desktops!

The Medeco rural hub has six ports making it easy to plug in all of your favorite wireless mice, keyboards/Bluetooth speakers at once without any hassle.

With high speeds up to 480Mb per second, you are able to transfer data quickly from one device to another within seconds, keeping file sizes small so there will be no lag time when transferring files between your computer and other electronics like cell phones or tablets.

This makes this product perfect if you frequently work with large amounts of photos.

  • The price is very reasonable
  • Easy to setup
  • 6 USB ports
  • Versatile for all devices
  • Slim, lightweight, durable, and portable
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • 480 Mb/s USB 3.0; faster

A Guide To Choosing The Right PS4 USB Hub

The Playstation 4 has a lot of great features that are enhanced by the use of USB hubs. You can connect your controller, charge it with one Hub and then play games while charging at the same time!

Consider these factors before you choose which is right for you: How many ports do I need. What will happen if my PS4 gets shoved into a backpack or dropped on the ground.

Can this be used for other devices, too (iPad) When it comes to finding the best USB hub for your PlayStation 4 console, you need to think about things like what number of ports do you require and how many are too many!

Can you run over it with a backpack or drop it on the ground without it breaking. Can I use this one not only with my Playstation but also other devices as well, such as laptops, tablets, etc!

Are you looking for a USB hub! If so, you have several options to choose from. However, it may be confusing and difficult to find the right one for your needs. The following five factors will assist you in making that decision:

-Where do I need it most (work or home) -What is my budget range-Do I want an AC adapter with this device as well! And if not, what’s its power requirement without connections plugged into it on autopilot mode -How many ports does it have/need respectively desired task(s) at hand, such as two monitors vs. four devices charging simultaneously, etc.

Last but certainly not least, how much space am I willing to sacrifice considering all points above when finding the perfect one:

Number of Ports

The purpose of a USB hub is to allow you to connect more than one device at the same time. While it’s important to have enough ports, too many can make it bulky and harder to travel with.

The best thing about these hubs is their short cables or Velcro underside, so they don’t take up space in your setup again.

A USB hub lets you plug devices into your PS4 using just one cable while still being able to use any other foldable electrical items within close proximity of the console itself without having an extensive connection cord.

Hanging off onto either side like some portable chargers may offer as an alternative solution if not plugged directly into this multi-port jackpot machine already built right in from day one. 

Unless you need to connect more than four devices at a time, then it may be better for your pocketbook and sanity if you invest in an inexpensive standard hub.

If, on the other hand, all you need is a single port or two that most hubs can provide but will never really satisfy because there are just too many cables underneath our desks these days, then maybe investing in one with as many ports as possible would make sense.

When considering whether to buy something like this (or any peripheral device) – consider how much space do I have available under my desk. How often does someone else use my computer so they could also plug their stuff into what’s already plugged in over here!


When purchasing an old laptop- but the first thing on my mind is if it’s durable. USB hubs can be tough, and since we use them every day, they’re bound to fall over sooner or later, so you’ll want one with stand-up in case this happens.

The best Hub for durability would have reviews stating how well it’s stood up to falls from different heights (like Playstation height).

When looking for the durability of a certain USB hub, it is best to look into reviews from past customers who have used that specific product. Durability can be deceiving when trying out Playstation height and throwing these hubs around in your backpack because they are tough enough to survive. 

You might think of your Hub as the backbone for everything you do, but it’s not just physical durability that makes a good one.

Many hubs feature surge protectors to safeguard against overvoltage and other shocking events; this is an important investment in any case because breakages happen all too often.

Once you know what features are on offer with whichever model appeals most to you, make sure it has full compatibility before buying.


In order to be successful as a gamer, you need the right accessories when you are gaming. Among these items include chairs and desks for comfort as well as USB hubs so that your game controllers do not get lost in the shuffle of cords.

The different types of USB hubs vary from small ones with only one or two ports up to large hubs with eight! No matter how serious you are about gaming, be sure to spend within your budget because the price can range anywhere from five dollars all the way up past $100+.

If this sounds like too much money, there are plenty more affordable options out there that will still allow you to enjoy what makes any console great – playing games.

For instance, if you’re worried about the cost of a USB hub, there are plenty that comes at an affordable price. For example, if all you need is one or two ports for your gaming setup and you don’t want to spend over $25 on it, then this product will suit your needs just fine.


If you’re a serious gamer, then it is worth considering how your console and accessories are organized.

Not only will this help with the setup in general, but it also makes things easier to find when they inevitably get lost under piles of games or controllers!

One good way to do this is by using video game hubs that can be found on Amazon for low prices, such as 3-in-1 HDMI Switch Splitter Hub Adapter USB Port, which has both long cables and one shorter cable so that everything fits neatly around your TV stand while still being easily accessible if needed.

Video Game HUBs (or ports) are an inexpensive solution for solving problems like not having enough space because all those wires just take up too much room near our consoles.

With the vast majority of these hubs, play is as easy as plugging in and playing. Others are a little more difficult to set up without having enough space and a lengthy cable. The Skywin All-In-One is so big that it takes up a lot of room, and you’ll need to cable your console down.


It is a common misconception that bigger USB hubs are better. In reality, the size of your Hub will depend on how many ports you need and what features those ports come with.

The larger the Hub gets in terms of price and physical dimensions, it becomes more difficult to place within an arrangement around other peripherals or computer hardware – if not impossible for some setups.

The largest issue related to large USB hubs occurs when they do not offer enough space between devices without being too bulky themselves; any model priced over $30 should be able to fit into most arrangements just fine as long as its individual components remain smaller than 12 inches each by 3 inches high (or less).

If you are constantly on the go, then there is no better option than a small plug-n-play hub like an Anker 4 Port Unibody.

These tiny hubs can fit in your palm, and their portability makes them perfect for taking with you anywhere – even if it’s just down to the office or up into your bedroom.

If space isn’t really something that bothers you, but you want as many ports as possible, these larger installations might be more suited to accommodate all of those devices at once.

They’re also great because they don’t take any extra room away from other electronics, which means less stress when packing bags before leaving home.


Some USB hubs are designed for your Playstation consoles, such as the SUNKY or Link style. In the case of a hub installed permanently on your Playstation- that’s fine!

But if you’re looking to use it with more devices, find one of these design-friendly options:

The GEMBIRD Tema and GearIT HUB 73437 4 Port Hub can be connected in tandem for eight ports total; while the Sabrent 2×4 External Hard Drive Docking Station is specifically made to connect up to two hard drives into an external device (for those PlayStation games).

You want a hub that will stay connected with your Playstation, but you also need to be able to use it on other devices. Consider the SUNKY or Link style when looking for one of these hubs.

There are different hubs on the market that offer a variety of features, such as Bluetooth and syncing. One example is Sabrent’s 7-Port Hub, with built-in card reader slots for SD cards or other flash drives.

A simple hub like AmazonBasics may not be as flashy, but it does its job well by offering basic services to connect USB devices without any hassle!

The first thing you need when connecting a lot of external hardware into your computer is an easy connection point–and this usually means using something called a “Hub.”

There are two types: those more complex and costly, which have extra features (like Synchronization), and those simpler ones that do what they’re designed to do at about half the price range.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s market is full of new features for your Playstation console, but USB hubs stand out with their functionality and convenience.

When you connect a couple of hard drives, you can double the storage capacity on your PlayStation as well as be able to store all types of different data on it too.

Nobody likes waiting, and with modern technology, data transfer is near-instantaneous. USBs are the best way to get your information from one place to another in a flash, so there’s no reason not to buy the fastest models at 5 gigabytes per second.