Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under $100 2022


The world of gaming has changed so drastically in recent years, and it’s only going to keep changing. The graphics are better than ever before; today’s games can be as immersive or nonchalant as you like.

Choices abound for casual gamers and more serious ones alike- from consoles with a great controller/keyboard up to the latest wireless headset that will take your experience beyond what any game could have done alone. 

Are you looking for a way to take your gaming experience from mediocre to awesome? The best option will be wireless headsets. They provide the comfort, convenience, and clarity that are hard not found elsewhere.

Wireless gaming headsets are the future of video game playing and they’re more affordable than ever before. 

Consider comfort, sound quality, compatibility with different platforms like PC or PlayStation 4-Switch—and their price point is reasonable-$100+, then a good wireless headset for games should be easy to find on your budget. 

Wireless gaming headsets offer gamers an immersive experience where sounds from in-game action can play out all around them without any distracting wires getting in the way. 

They make it possible to walk away from one’s console while still being able to enjoy the gameplay at its finest because control mechanisms aren’t tethered back by cords that just won’t stop tumbling down into our laps when we try sitting up straight.

Comparative Table of Top Wireless Gaming Headsets

The wireless gaming market is a huge and constantly growing industry. The number of gamers who want to play without being tethered by wires has grown exponentially in the last few years, so it’s no surprise that there are now hundreds upon thousands of different products on offer. 

But with such an overflow of choice, just how do you separate good from the bad? Here are some tips:

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core – Best Overall




The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core is the best choice for your gaming needs. This headset has a virtual 7.1 surround sound and features 2 separate ear cups with 40 mm audio drivers to provide clear, crisp sounds that are accurate at every volume level no matter how loud you play.

The microphone also rotates away into a mute mode so it doesn’t get in the way when not in use which makes this one of our favorite headsets around here.

  • 40 mm audio driver
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Great compatibility
  • 17-hour battery life

  • The microphone may break easily
  • The sound may become faint

2. Turtle Beach Stealth 600



Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is the most well-rounded wireless gaming headset on the market. With 50mm audio drivers, a frequency response of 20 – 20000Hz, and an omnidirectional mic with volume control you can adjust your own voice’s volume in-game without having to fumble around for mute buttons or fiddle over chatters’ voices during intense moments (or if they’re really annoying). 

The Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing setting also keeps things immersive by making a sound that would otherwise be lost stand out thanks to it’s cleverly designed software–think whispering assassins stalking through tall grasses just waiting for their chance at glory.

  • Driving the audio with a 50mm driver
  • VR Sound System – Turtle Beach
  • Microphone with Omni-direction
  • Setting the hearing to Superhuman
  • Design according to prospects
  • Battery life of 15 hours

  • A PS4 model and an Xbox model are available
  • On other platforms, some audio features may not work

3. Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Logitech G533 has a wide range of features that make it even more appealing than its already great audio quality. 

The headset contains Pro-G drivers producing a good sound, an adjustable boom mic for optimal chat settings and on-ear volume controls to easily adjust the level without having to use your computer screen or keyboard.

 This pair also includes DTS 7.1 surround sound which makes every game feel like you’re in the center of all action.

  • Pro-G drivers and surround sound
  • Adjustable boom mic
  • 40 mm driver
  • 15-hour battery life

  • The mic may stop working or cut out


4. SteelSeries Arctis 1


If you’re looking for high-quality audio from your headphones without breaking the bank, then look no further than SteelSeries’ Arctis 1. 

With a detachable noise-canceling mic that uses bidirectional design and on-ear controls to adjust volume levels and mute/unmute sound in real-time, this is excellent gaming set with unmatched comfortability.

  • Drivers of high quality
  • Microphone with noise-cancellation
  • For custom audio, SteelSeries Engine Software is available
  • Battery life of 24+ hours
  • A great match

  • It is difficult to adjust the mic position
  • The mic may have an echo

5. PDP Lvl50 Wireless Headset


The PDP Lvl50 headset is an officially licensed gaming headset with a frequency response of up to 20-20,000 Hz. 

This means that it can produce sounds as low and high pitched as the conditions allow for them in real life, which makes this product perfect for gamers who want their soundscape to be immersive and realistic. 

It also has on-ear volume controls so you don’t have to worry about hurting your hands when adjusting your levels mid-game.

  • 50 mm audio driver
  • 40-foot range
  • 16-hour battery life
  • Very adjustable
  • Lightweight

  • Either PS4 or Xbox model
  • The mic may break or cut out

6. Corsair Void RGB Elite – Premium Pick


The Corsair Void RGB Elite is the top pick on this list and for good reason. 

This high-quality headset has a 50 mm speaker driver to provide immersive audio quality, with an expanded frequency response that detects 2.4 GHz of wireless frequencies which provides crisp sound production when gaming or listening to music.

It also includes 7.1 surround sound technology so gamers can experience the truly intense gameplay from every angle as if they were there in person. 

Furthermore, it has an omnidirectional microphone, 16 hours of battery life, and a range of 40 feet. The mute function is flip-up and the RGB LED light indicator is built-in.

  • 20-30,000 Hz expanded frequency response
  • 50 mm audio driver
  • Multi-channel audio
  • 40-foot range
  • 16 hours of battery life
  • Durable
  • RGB LED mute indicator

  • Surround sound is only available on PC

7. PHOINIKAS Gaming Headset – Budget Pick


The PHOINIKAS Gaming Headset is the perfect budget-friendly option for any gamer. It has a unique style and comes in four different colors so that everyone can be stylish.

This headset will provide you with stable audio, plus it supports NFC Technology to make future setup easier by just touching your smart device screen against the built-in sensor on top of this amazing gaming accessory.

  • Cheap
  • 40 mm aperture driver
  • LED on/off
  • External and Bluetooth mic
  • 40-hour battery life

  • May have issues pairing with various platforms
  • Audio may cut out


8. HUHD Wireless Gaming Headset



It is a great wireless gaming headset for everyone. For starters, it has incredible sound quality and excellent bass sounds that will make you feel like you’re in the game.

You will be able to hear every direction around you, so be on guard from behind as well as to the front of your character’s position too.

It also features a 180-degree microphone with a flip-up mute function which gives an amazing input experience while still allowing clear communication through a voice chat system or just chatting privately without having to take off this device.

  • Great sound quality
  • 180-degree microphone with mute function
  • Durable and comfortable

  • Not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite or Xbox
  • Some issues with charging reliability
  • Lower battery life (6 hours)


9. TOKSEL Wireless Gaming Headphones



The TOKSEL Wireless Gaming Headphones are a great conclusion to the list of gaming gear. This headset has noise-canceling features and 15 hours’ worth of battery life, making it perfect for long game sessions with friends or solo adventures. 

It also connects wirelessly using Bluetooth so you can go wherever without any worries about being near an outlet.

  • Low latency
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth mic
  • Comfortable and flexible design

  • Audio may cut out
  • May have connection issues
  • Not compatible with Xbox One


How To Select The Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under $100

With the selection of budget-friendly wireless gaming headsets shown above, you have a lot of options. Many gaming headsets look the same and may have the same features, but they are not all the same. 

Wireless gaming headsets have a few important features that you should look for. The most important ones are as follows:

Ear Cups

While buying earphones, many factors need to be considered. For example, some people prefer closed-ear designs while others like open ones. It also depends on what you’re looking for in terms of sound isolation and comfortability as well.

 Closed designs help close the audio around your ears with a lot less external noise disturbing them – they come in fabrics such as regular padding or memory foam too which can be beneficial depending on who wears it. 

Whereas an open design is great if you want good air circulation but not so much at blocking out other noises that may distract from listening to music/gaming etc. 

Some headsets have leather cups ideal for canceling excess noise whilst restricting breathability because these materials soak up moisture more quickly.


In terms of sound quality, headphones can be as expensive as your state of mind. So many options and such a wide range in price points, how do you know what is right for you? 

Headphones are designed with three main considerations: comfortability (headbands), noise cancellation features or isolation pads that block out outside sounds while providing clear audio cues from inside the headset earpieces, and portability. 

Be sure not only to test these during store visits but also at home before purchasing them. Recently, there have been new and improved headsets. Headphones are better than ever but there is one especially unique kind that stands out: wireless headphones.

These offer many benefits, such as never having to worry about tangled wires or running out of battery life unexpectedly because they recharge when you aren’t using them. 

You can also buy wired earbuds if you don’t want to go completely without cords though these typically have shorter ranges so it’s best for casual use around your house rather than those trying to work while on the go all day like me,


When choosing a headset, you will have to decide between an external mic or the built-in (Bluetooth) mic. The type of microphone that is installed on your device varies in how adjustable it is. 

Some are not adjusted at all and some move only in one direction while others allow for Omni-directional sound capture. 

You can also find headsets with detachable mics where there’s usually two ways to control them: volume adjustment which would be either dials or switches located around the earpiece itself; input through mute button/switch or flip-up microphones as well.

You have many options for your microphone: external or internal, adjustable mic versus non-adjustable, and how to adjust the volume coming through.

There are also different ways you can mute yourself in a call such as by pressing a button on an earpiece or turning up vernier dials hidden inside each ear cup.

Audio Driver

Your ear canal is the place where the sound enters your headset. Larger drivers result in better sound quality because they produce more energy. It is ideal to have a depth of at least 30 mm, but ideally it should be at least 40-50 mm.

Frequency Response

A broader range of frequencies means that you will be able to hear more than just what’s in front of your face. 

In-game sounds are often masked by other ambient noise, but a higher frequency range ensures that you can enjoy all the sound effects while being immersed in an awesome game. This question is all about the music of your games. 

All headsets have a specific range, typically between 20 and 20,000 Hz (though higher is always better). A higher range means that it will be able to produce a wider array of sounds – even some you can’t hear.

Higher ranges are perfect for those who want an immersive gaming experience as they’ll really feel like their world has come alive with sound.

Surround Sound

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best gaming headset. There has never been more pressure for gamers like myself and you. One factor that we should always keep in mind is surround sound capabilities (either 7.1 or 5.1). 

It’s important because not only does it improve audio quality but also makes gameplay seem even more immersive than before with sounds coming from all directions- making enemy locations easier to gauge too.

Surround sound headsets may be becoming common nowadays as well which can make things much less complicated since they usually have this feature built right into them already however if one doesn’t mention whether theirs supports this then just double check first before investing your money on something without any support. 

Surround sound headphones allow you to hear sounds from all angles and distances. This makes gameplay more immersive because you can tell the location of your enemy better than if they were coming at you head-on, as well as improving audio quality in general. 

Most gaming headsets nowadays have to surround sound capabilities so this should not be a concern for most gamers but it is still important to keep an eye out on what kind of setup their headset has when buying one since there are some that do not come with such incredible features.

Battery Life

Charge times for wireless headsets can vary widely, but most headsets charge within a few hours. 

While the longer battery life is always better, most headsets last about 15 hours on average. The battery life of some headsets can even reach 40 hours or more without requiring recharging.

Build And Durability

Different components are used to build each headset. It’s important to choose materials that will last over time as well as being comfortable. 

Gaming headsets, for example, often feature steel or aluminum headbands which offer durability. In addition, you should choose a mic with sturdy construction.


With the ever-growing gaming community, companies have been releasing more products to satisfy our needs. 

One of these items is wireless headsets that were made specifically for gamers so they can enjoy their favorite games without being disturbed by any outside noises or interruptions from anyone else in the house.

Wireless headphones come outfitted with high-quality speakers as well as audio processing technology to ensure sound is crystal clear just like if it was coming straight from your TV screen.

The headset also comes equipped with noise cancellation features that help block all other sounds around you such as people talking or dogs barking.


Why you need a good gaming headset: surround sound, a diverse range of frequencies, and crystal clear quality. Compare these to your average earbuds and it’s easy to see why we recommend investing in something with higher standards. You’ll feel like you’re inside the game. 

With all the wireless gaming headsets on this list, you get a mix of features related to both audio quality and comfort. 

These products are great because they have such nice features for gamers who want an immersive experience with top-notch sound that will not break your budget. 

You can choose from any one of these excellent products knowing you will be getting what you need without having to spend too much money.