Race Wheels For PC With Shifter And Crank 2022

Video games have evolved a lot since the Nintendo days.

In these modern times, video game enthusiasts are no longer just children who play for fun but serious hobbyists and fans of this pastime that can be seen at conventions across America.

Where they meet like-minded people from all over the world to buy gaming paraphernalia, share their experiences with others, and compete in tournaments around the country.

The way we play video games has changed drastically even if it appears as though nothing much has happened on its surface level –

You now have an electronic handheld version that used to only come out in more prominent console formats such as Playstation or Xbox 360; more complex storyline graphics rather than simply 8-bit pixelated characters running around the screen trying not to get killed by monsters.

Immersive gameplays are not just for consoles anymore. PCs have a large variety of games that take you into the world in ways never before possible.

As tired as you are of sitting on the sidelines and watching your character fight their way to victory, VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can make it feel like you’re there fighting alongside them.

PC gaming accessories such as racing car controllers allow players to feel the thrill of driving and be immersed in every exciting second.

This is something that used to only happen with consoles, but PC games have grown so much bigger than ever before that it’s made for an immersive experience like never seen before.

PC Gaming has become more popular due to its ability to provide better quality gameplay since users can customize their settings at will, unlike console gamers limited by what they’re given without any control over them whatsoever.

However, the best part about this innovation is how immersive these experiences are becoming because there isn’t anything quite like feeling all the thrills from your controller or steering wheel.

A racing wheel is a must-have for any serious racer and the best way to experience an immersive, interactive race.

But what if you want more than just a basic racing game. If this sounds like you, then two crucial pieces of equipment will bring your games to life: clutch and shifter pedals!

A good set lets players control all aspects of vehicle performance in their favorite PC gaming titles with precision – from acceleration speed, braking power, steering angles – never has playing video games been so much fun!

To make sure we pick out only the very best options on offer today, let’s take a look at five top models that could be perfect for gamers who need both versatility and quality performance while they play. 

With Shifter and Clutch in 2020, the best racing wheel for PC

1. Logitech G920 – Best Overall


Logitech’s G920 racing wheel is a must-have for any gamer who wants to take their gameplay to the next level. The force feedback technology makes you feel like your car has tires.

Logitech’s high-end gaming equipment, including this steering wheel and pedal set up, are designed with gamers in mind so that they can get as close as possible to reality without ever leaving home.

Logitech knows what it takes for an adrenaline junkie – or anyone else playing games for that matter – to be wholly immersed in the virtual world, which is why these controllers have been made from scratch (no pun intended).

This product allows people of all ages and skill levels to experience driving fast. 

The G920 Driving Force wheel is a well-engineered, highly responsive racing sim controller. The fully adjustable steering mechanism and pedal board make for an immersive experience you won’t forget.

The G920 enhances the fun of driving in racing games by providing a comfortable acceleration, gear change, and brake application experience. The wheel sports helical gears like its predecessors but added buttons for more flexibility to help gamers win races.

The buttons are placed so that they allow easy control configuration for distraction-free gameplay.

The left side of the controller is equipped with a D-pad, while typical A, B, X, and Y buttons can be found on the right side to help navigate through games like never before.

There’s also a menu button and an additional stick button, enabling you to configure various game tactics more conveniently than ever.

G920 has a pressure-sensitive nonlinear brake system that provides an accurate and responsive feel.

The 900º lock to lock steering is similar to the standard motion in a road car; for F1 games, it can be configured accordingly with wide paddles situated behind the wheel for ease of use when driving manually.

So whether it’s a racing game or an F1 simulation, driving will seem smoother than responsive steering that can be configured for different gameplay types. 

The shifters and buttons are on the same level, which facilitates a fluent transition between gaming modes.

In addition, the adjustable steering wheel makes it more comfortable for gamers of all sizes to enjoy without any strain, from long hours at your desk or during marathon sessions with friends.

The G920 has an intuitive design that offers stability in racing mode and combat games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

With its polished features like convenient controls and ergonomic adjustments, you will not be disappointed when experiencing this high-tech chair designed by some serious gamer enthusiasts.

  • Force feedback
  • Gearstick functionality
  • Convenient navigation buttons placement
  • Reliable braking system
  • Easy-to-access and use shifter
  • Smooth wheel performance
  • Distractive LED lights
  • Slightly expensive

2. The Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel is a budget-friendly choice.


Thrustmaster T150 is a 2-pedal, 3-wheel racing simulator that makes the gamers feel like they are driving on an actual racetrack.

With its ergonomic design and features such as realistic pedal resistance realism and smooth button response, Thrustmaster T150 will transport you to your favorite race track every time.

The new thrust master t350 wheel has multiple feature inclusion, which can be used for gaming purposes or everyday use, like scrolling through Netflix menus with more ease than ever!

The pedals also have a real-life feeling of being pushed down when pressing them, making it easy to associate what’s happening in-game world versus outside where we’re sitting at home playing video games.

The racing wheel is an excellent investment for any gamer, especially those who enjoy racers. The 1080° rotation ensures that you have the perfect driving experience at every turn and drift.

You can never miss out on precision when challenging friends or players in a thrilling race game because of this reliable accessory.

Race wheels are 28 cm in diameter, which ensures a comfortable grip when playing racing games. So never worry about losing out on precision when challenging friends to thrilling races.

This gaming chair has high-performance, highly responsive force feedback to help you feel every bump in the road. The thrill of driving simulators is yours with this performance-oriented Force Feedback that will have your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. 

It’s the subtle sounds of a vehicle turning on its engine that makes this racing game feel so real.

Of course, the best way to utilize these realistic features is with an intuitive controller system, including belt-pulley technology and an automotive-inspired shifter design for maximum authenticity as you race down the track in your new car.

A silent belt-pulley system gives players a smoother ride with the sounds of their vehicles channeled into intuitive controls. In addition, players will enjoy authenticity from having compatible shifters that mimic those in real life.

The T150 is the perfect companion for any gamer looking to experience a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.

The customizable, high-quality force feedback will help you feel like you’re in your favorite game by transferring real-world sensations into gameplay with an astonishing level of accuracy that’s always limited to what actions are happening on screen so as not to break immersion.

With this console controller, you’ll feel sensations that are astonishingly close to real-world conditions while playing your favorite game. 

  • A great choice for an entry-level racing wheel
  • All pedal units are compatible
  • Easily accessible buttons
  • Budget-friendly
  • 1080° rotation
  • Efficient performance coupled with force feedback
  • Comparatively smaller rim which is partly plastic
  • The pedal build is mediocre but acceptable for beginners

3. Logitech G923


You’ll never want to play with regular controllers again. Logitech G923 makes it easier than ever for you to get the racing simulation experience from your favorite PS3, PS4, or PC games. You can drive like a pro in any of these titles and look good doing so. 

You won’t regret upgrading with this sleek controller that replicates what’s possible on console screens onto an even more immersive display.

As a result, your skills will be sharper not just because they’re being improved but also because the whole setup looks impressive no matter which game mode you choose at your computer desk or lounge room floor-space (assuming there are enough TVs).

Dual-motor force feedback and Drive Force combine for impeccable responsiveness, which can be used to enhance any racing adventure.

Whether you’re using the road or off-road driving configuration will depend on what type of vehicle control is optimized for your personal needs.

In other words, when every friction gets felt in a car due to this technology (such as acceleration), drivers can charge their vehicle’s controls accordingly while still maintaining high-performance levels because they think about every resistance that occurs.

The G923 is an exciting and sophisticated racing wheel that offers the same durability as race cars, a sleek shifter with steel paddles for control, hand-stitched leather to cover it all up.

The helical transmission system reduces distractions by eliminating vibrations, and anti-backlash systems provide tight controls to keep you focused on your driving skills.

In contrast to a handheld console controller, the G29 lacks a button placement that mimics a handheld console controller. Instead, every control is proper where you want it to be, fine-tuning driving controls and preferences.

A D-pad at your left side, typical buttons on your right with paddle shifters across from them for quick access, as well as 24 point selection dials all within arm’s reach so that every function can be accessed in seconds without any hassle or delay.

The Logitech G923 Driving Force is easy to use and has many excellent features. The 900° steering rotation allows you to make realistic turns with precise drag, the wheel stripe always pointing the way!

You can also accelerate, change gears, and utilize a pressure-sensitive brake for your complete gaming experience that will bring a new level of reality into playtime.

The high-performance wheel and the pedal combo are made with precision accuracy, making realistic turns easy. Wheel stripes always point the way to help you navigate easily through any race, while reliable pedals give a crisp response every time for a more intense gaming experience.

  • Leather topped steering
  • Impactful force feedback
  • Improved brake system
  • Durability guaranteed
  • Clamping system for firm mounting
  • Responsive pedals
  • Shifter paddles offer a better feel
  • Convenient button placement
  • Gear drive chatter
  • Turning feels abruptly course at times

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a PC racing wheel with a clutch and a shifter?

The best way to find the perfect racing wheel for your gaming needs is by considering compatibility and features.

Too often, people buy based on price or what they think looks cool without taking into account these other considerations that are more important in choosing a product like this one. Some other essential elements to consider include:

  • Rotation

The rotating angle is the maximum rotation a wheel can undergo before locking up and returning to base.

The higher this number, the better your game precision control and driving experience will be. It doesn’t mean that wheels with less than 900 degrees of rotation lack in anything – some arcade racing games don’t require more than those few rotations anyways!

That’s why PC models come equipped with lockable steering angles- they optimize gameplay for you, so you never need to worry about going over what most gaming needs entail. 

  • A switch/clutch and pedals

Two pedal units and three pedals are standard in pedal units. In addition to acceleration and braking, the pedals also control the clutch.

A gear changer is considered obsolete by most vehicles but relies on an automatic transmission instead.

Even in some racing games with a more immersive experience like Grand Theft Auto V or Need For Speed:

Most Wanted, the player has to use either one hand/foot combo for accelerating+braking or two hands/feet combos (one each) +clutch controls which increases immersion by removing distractions caused by changing gears manually all the time as well as generating engagement that comes from being able to do something other than drive straight ahead without any change in pace during gameplay.

  • Force feedback

The feeling of driving a real car is nothing like the experience when you’re racing on your computer.

The feel and feedback that comes from actual steering in an automobile cannot be replicated by any other means besides force-feedback–in this case, Logitech’s dual-motor can provide it to gamers.

Logitech is the go-to brand for force feedback in PC racing wheels. But, unlike other brands, Logitech’s dual-motor system creates a more authentic feeling that mirrors real-life driving experience with friction and drag on tires. 

Force feedback is a great feature for many racing games, but not everyone needs it. The budget-friendly wheels also offer the trait to give players an authentic feel and experience with their favorite game titles.

However, rumble effects can be done without, if needed, saving some money when purchasing that new controller or wheel.

Are Racing Wheels Easy To Store?

Due to its accessories, the racing wheel is difficult to store when not in use. In addition, the pedal unit and additional shifter require careful handling when transporting them from place to place; they should be stored with care so that an accidental bump doesn’t ruin your investment.

Mounting options like a stand or separate unit typically come with the racing wheel. All moving accessories can easily fit your new perspective when not in use; merely fold and store it away until you need to race again. 

Mounting options for a racing wheel usually include either just the base of the motorized equipment or an additional accessory that provides extra support.

It’s important to know what kind of surface will be available before making this purchase because, without a certain amount of space, any mounting option may have trouble staying put without falling over as soon as someone walks by.

Fortunately, some units are designed specifically for limited spaces, so they remain upright even under pressure from other people nearby. In contrast, others require adjusting once every few days, depending on activity level.

There is always enough space for the racing wheel. This stand-mounted device can be put away in seconds, and it folds up to take even less room on your desk or table. You’re always within reach with this compact model.

Many people find that they have too little space on their desks when using a standard-sized gaming steering wheel because there are no convenient places to store them while playing games.

The clamping system affords users an easy option by securing onto any edge of the surface like tables or desks – leaving plenty more room for other things you need during gameplay without worrying about damaging your equipment from bumps against another object accidentally knocking into it as well if you were standing next to where you set down these devices. 

For PC Racing Wheels, what is the standard range of prices?

$100 to $400: The most budget-friendly PC racing wheels range anywhere from less than $100 to more than $400.

The best models are those that offer the complete package for a reasonable cost, and not just the wheel alone with no other accessories or features included in your purchase price.

Below $100: Racing is an all-around thrill. But before you can get started, some aspects of the kit to consider – such as what price range they best fit into and whether or not it’s just for starters or a more advanced setup.

For beginners looking to start on their racing career without breaking the bank too much, below $100 will give them access to many entry-level wheels that have a natural resistance, which allows drivers with limited experience in races from getting used to how steering spins around based off different conditions like water drenches against tires during rainy days.

Even starter kits come equipped with auto-adjust vibration technology and 180° rotation, so beginner race enthusiasts don’t feel left behind by features other professionals use daily. More advanced racing wheels in the modest price range feature new features that outpace older options. Within this price range, you can get even better replacements for steering wheels by using belt-driven force feedback.

Above $400: At $400+, you can expect to find the best racing wheels―heavy-duty components, high-end gadget accessories, and top-notch feature inclusion are just a few things that distinguish these expensive pieces.

In addition, a versatile gaming experience awaits for those who have deep enough pockets. Along with the convenience of using a controller instead, you can indulge in an unparalleled gaming experience.

Can Racing Wheels be played on gaming consoles and PCs?

For the best racing experience for your console, get a set of requirements that will make sure you’re getting the full range of graphics and speed.

Things like PS3’s or Xbox One may have different specs than PCs, but with these tips on working with what you’ve got, it’ll be easier to take care of this vital aspect in gaming.

Racing wheels are typically used across many consoles, including Playstation 3 (PS3), which also connects to PC systems through USB ports and newer models such as PlayStation 4 (PS4). The graphic intensity varies from system to system.

When buying one, it is necessary to know if they work correctly for games played on both platforms before making any purchases.

Users of PCs:

  • Windows 8.1/10 SP1/SP2/SP3
  • 64-bit version of Windows
  • RAM of 8GB
  • Core i3, i5, i7 and above; AMD Bulldozer and above
  • Intel HD Graphics 4200+ with 8GB of RAM
  • Dedicated video memory of 1GB or more is required for AMD 5xxx series processors and above
  • NVidia 2xx series and above with 1GB+ dedicated video memory
  • Microphone for phone chat
  • 10GB free disk space

For MAC users:

  • Apple’s Boot Camp Utility allows compatibility with iRacing

Is it beneficial to use a PC-based racing wheel with a clutch and shifter?

The experience of riding a PC racing wheel is unique and in itself. But with extensions like a clutch/shifter, the entire gaming engagement becomes even sweeter. 

PC racing wheels are specially designed to keep you engaged, including tactics and customized features that mimic real-life driving.

You get an unrivaled immersive experience by playing with it. In addition to precision through enhanced controls, configuring your settings as needed for a type of gameplay or challenge is also the option.

Commands in the game can be conveniently set up based on what kind of player you want to become: from professional race car driver down to street racer level…or anything else.

In a world where precision is king and battle royale games are the order of the day, it’s no wonder that gamers would want to perfect their techniques using customized control schemes.

As a result, professional players have access to configurations they might not usually use to improve gameplay or explore new avenues for competitive play.

It is the purpose of an extension to improve the gaming experience of players.

In addition to their surroundings, innovative task management, and immersive storytelling, they bring an exhilaration of realism to the table that reflects in every element!

The secondary benefits are an increased level of progressions with enhanced game immersion into your favorite stories while enjoying all-new adventures along this journey too.


In the past, racing games were played using a controller. With cars becoming more complex and detailed with each game release, it’s now possible to play these titles on PC using what is known as a “racing wheel.”

Racing wheels have many features that controllers lack, such as real-time feedback from rumbling or vibration technology while driving.

You’ll be able to feel every turn of your steering wheel thanks to resistance in braking and turning, which will keep you engaged throughout gameplay.